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  1. OliverGN

    I7 7700k in z370

    They told me that they had sold Kaby lake CPUs with z370 boards to other customers without any complaints
  2. Since my Prime z270-A broken, the store replaced it with a ROG STRIX z370-G. I was told my I7 7700k would work fine with the z370 chipset. It doesn't make any sense to me since the z370 isn't backwards compatible and the 7700k is a kaby lake cpu What will happen if I put the I7 7700k into the mobo? They're both LGA 1151 so it should fit, but would it short or anything? I have been without a pc for about a month due to problems with the RMA, so I'm just afraid that I might end up without a pc for even more time.