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  1. I'm not much into macros, and the corsair scimitar doesn't seem like something I would be able to use at all, I mostly need the new mouse to be comfortable for long sessions, so I think I'll go with the master
  2. Hey, I'm looking into getting a better productivity mouse (Admin and programming). I'm currently on Razer Deathadder while I love it for gaming, it's not nearly as good (or mainly comfortable) for anything else. I'm looking into Mx Master 3, but as I always do before buying anything I don't know myself wanted to check here with you guys. Any other mice I should look into, or just stick with Logitech?
  3. I wouldn't go under gold, probably 500W and I guess B550 that I'll decide when he asks for the build when he gets to buying and building it... Thanks for the help
  4. I have a pretty good experience with seasonic (currently all three PC's in my home are running off of them) so probably going with that. With MB I'm deciding if I can get away with B450, but as he's planning on building it by himself so I don't really want him to need to flash a bios or need to borrow my Ryzen that's running my htpc, I think I have to go with B550 but haven't decided which one yet
  5. Apparently some gaming (modern remasters) is also in consideration in the future, so I think I'll go with 1650 (maybe super) if I find one with 4 ports that's cheaper then 1660's
  6. He runs 6 monitors at work and I'm pretty sure they run something else then directly remote desktop for access
  7. Budget (including currency): Mostly looking for parts check / if parts are fit for task Country: Czech Republic Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: I'm trying to make a list for a relative who is looking for work from home pc (switching from laptop). He's looking for a pc able to run 2-4 1080p monitors or one ultrawide/large 4k display. Mostly running either remote desktop or ms office (with a lot of large excel tables and/or many files open). It should also be a little future proof for these tasks. I was thinking about Ryzen 3600 + gtx 1660 + 500gb sata ssd and 32 gb of Ram (just in case). But as price is also a little bit of concern I'm not sure if I'm not building an overkill for that as I haven't really cared about desktop hardware since I build my gaming PC few years back. Thanks a lot
  8. Is there still that much of a difference? I know the E440 is super bad compared to other thinkpads, but is the difference between E and T series still as large?
  9. I'm also in a country where lenovo doesn't provide a custom config and the one I want isn't available, but I got one of the corporate lenovo providers to request one for me and they said the can do it - And while I would really love to get more for my money, I don't think that option will be there for me
  10. Hey, just wanted to check in with you guys here on the forum, because so far it has always paid off for me. I'm currently running Lenovo Thinkpad E440 (i5-4210M, 8GB RAM, Nvidia 740M, 1TB Sata SSD) that is almost literally falling apart. So I was looking into upgrading to something else. Currently mostly inclined towards T495 (Ryzen Pro 3500U, 16GB Ram, Vega 8), as it has pretty much everything I need or want - it's lighter, 14 inch multi-touch, the trackpoint, IR webcam for windows hello plus the fingerprint. All I'm really unsure about is the performance comparison. What is currently limiting me on my current machine is the cpu performance and the ram, both of which I know will get a large upgrade here. But I have no idea what my graphics performance will be like. I have been looking on benchmarks but honestly I'm not sure what to 100% make from them. While the machine will mostly be used for programming it will also get used for some playing on the road in which case it's either Stellaris, Elite Dangerous, Factorio, Civ 6 etc. (nothing from the last 10 years where I would need more then 30fps at 1080p) Will the vega 8 run them at manageable framerate or should I look at something with dedicated graphics? Sorry for the super long post, but want to be careful before spending all that money
  11. It should work in dual channel as far as I read It's only space saving measure (takes less space on the board compared to a full slot)
  12. Hey, just wanted to check in, before I do something I'm not 100% percent sure about - I am buying a new notebook and plan on upgrading the RAM right after buying it. It has 8GB soldered on, but one empty SO-DIMM slot. I am deciding between buying 8 or 16GB for it. Especially because it runs AMD ryzen 3500U and just the vega 8 graphics. Is there any disadvantage for buying the 16gb? The price difference is small enough for me to be able to write it down to future-proofing but I'm afraid whether or not it will work just as well Thanks
  13. Ok, so If I just wanted the one AP + about 10 LAN ports, I would need just the AP and a normal switch? I think i would need a router (like Unifi security gateway) or not?
  14. Thanks for the comprehensive list, I do think that one well place and high quality AP can power this whole house for wifi. The Belkin almost can, and it is in a pretty bad spot due to need for access to the LAN ports on the back, only one room has now bad reception and it's on the completely opposite side and floor. So if I want to go ubiquiti I need AP AND a cloud key (or run SDN running elsewhere?)