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  1. In the real world, from what I've found, the title on your degree means absolutely dick. Your experience, knowledge, and work ethic trump all. At least it is at any company I would want to work for. If they hire only based on where you got your degree from, or what's wrote on that piece of paper, beware. Take either it won't matter for the most part. Make sure you know your shit and work hard. Take every opportunity to learn something new that presents itself.
  2. Actually, crumple zones increase the time over which the deceleration happens reducing g-force on the occupants body. So yes, they do work, accelerometers don't lie. Yes they cause the vehicle to be totalled easier, that's the point, the car is supposed to absorb the energy of the impact, not the occupants. Think of it this way, would you rather run as fast as you can into a brick wall or a wall of foam? Yeah, the brick wall is stronger and can withstand impact better than the padded wall without being damaged. So why don't you choose the brick wall?
  3. Remember guys, even at 60 mph, we're traveling 88 feet per second. That's approximately 4 car lengths per second. It takes approximately a quarter second just to get your foot from the gas to the brake, plus reaction time to realize that you need to take that action. So yeah...1 car length per 10 mph is probably a better rule of thumb.
  4. Learn from your mistake. If you are close enough that the car in front of you taking evasive maneuvers(including maximum braking) causes you to hit them, you are entirely too close in the first place. 16 is not too young to drive. I was racing cars and motorcycles earlier than that. The training for drivers in the US is abysmal. It's basically, here's the gas, there's the brake, turn this thing to steer.....ok you're good to go.
  5. Working 80 hours a week hardly means you're working hard. Also, working hard doesn't necessarily mean physical labor. I'm saying that in America, if you want to get an education and better yourself, you can. There's nothing stopping you and TONS of services, charities, and government programs to help you. All one has to do is go out and put their mind to it. If all one wants to do is flip burgers the rest of their life, then they can work for what they're worth. They're not worth $15/hour because there are thousands upon thousands of others qualified to do that same job that will do it for minimum wage. Supply and demand. There's only so many fast food jobs, and billions of people qualified to do that job. Want better pay? Get qualified to do a job that not many people can do. That doesn't take money or a degree. That takes drive and a want to be worth more, handing someone money won't help them get ahead in life.
  6. Got any data to back up your claims? Don't require it unless you provide it.
  7. Oh brother.....I'll just leave you to your ignorance. You're taking a very VERY narrow view at the market and how it works.
  8. What NEEDS to stop is artificial pull on the free market. Stop making companies pay more than people are worth, stop fixing prices, stop adding taxes to certain things and supplementing others, stop giving bail outs, stop all government involvement in the free market. That will help immensely.
  9. Obviously you didn't learn much. Your first post says 'everyone should get paid more'. Yet...obviously, that will increase the price of everything....sooooo.....where do you think that will get us? It's a 0 gain.
  10. The distribution of wealth in this country is directly related to the distribution of work ethic and drive to produce. Those who want to make it, do. Those who want to do nothing, do. The difference is, the ones that do nothing are jealous of those that make money and feel like they should be handed money for doing nothing. Sorry. Not the way it works.
  11. lmfao....some(most) of you need an economics class bad......REALLY BAD.
  12. These two statements are completely contradictory.