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  1. It is kind of a race, they have a bet going on. I believe the loser has to wear the merch of the other I can't remember the full details but I recon it was said in a WAN show
  2. I'm from England and am partially interested in the opportunity. (I'm not gonna lie, to be part of a team which gets to do so many amazing self-projects like linustechtips does is a dream come true). I'm not sure what their stance is on foreign applicants (for this job) or the fact that I don't have any nodejs experience, not even sure if I would want to move to Canada... But I've been coding since I was 10 and I'm in my last year of university finishing up my degree, I have briefly used javascript and have worked with javascript (using a language which compiles to it). To be honest whilst typing this I'm mostly interested in your little code challenge! Could you guys send me the challenge? Even if I can't apply I would love to give it a try! Thanks, hope you guys find a suitable candidate!