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    computing, rugby, technology.
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  • CPU
    Intel core i5 2320
  • Motherboard
    asus P8H61-MX
  • RAM
    8gb 1600mhz corsair xms3
  • GPU
    nvidia gtx 660
  • Case
    powercool dominator
  • Storage
    1tb seagate
  • PSU
    500w evga atx psu
  • Display(s)
    1. ASUS VS239HV 23" IPS 2. LG FLATRON M1962D 1366x768
  • Cooling
    stock intel cpu cooler
  • Keyboard
    DELL sk-1000rew (its a rubber dome keyboard, although, it feels like a light mechanical one!)
  • Mouse
    Razer Abyssus
  • Sound
    Kingston Hyper X cloud
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Sorry I was literally just updating the post.
  2. Couldn't it be classed as news? I guess its not really - probably should have gone in the general section, sorry.
  3. I have come across an RX 480 at the lowest price I have ever seen. It is listed as £151.86 Incl. Tax. Link = http://www.onestoppcshop.co.uk/asus-dual-rx480-o4g-radeon-rx-480-4gb-gddr5-90YV09I0-M0NA00.html I have ordered the 8GB version (still a really good deal at £183.72 Incl. Tax.) Link = http://www.onestoppcshop.co.uk/asus-dual-rx480-o8g-radeon-rx-480-8gb-gddr5-90YV09I2-M0NA00.html If you're not in the UK, this wont apply to you, but I thought I'd share these deals with you. UPDATE: These are no longer available at this price! They pulled these listings from the site. There were origionally 2 listings for both the 4GB and the 8GB cards, but they have pulled the cheaper ones down. An error I guess?
  4. I wouldnt want to buy it, but if i did, it'd be about £500 (this is specific to the UK tho, so if you're elsewhere, it won't be a direct conversion from £).
  5. Yeah, the example I gave wasnt suppost to be anything special, just suggesting that I think Nick should host an LTT video or two. I know they have their own channels, and watch them, but its not the same.
  6. I was just thinking, i know LTT are after some new inspiration, and I would personally like to see some 'Nicky V' (with Nick Van Berkel presenting) content on the main LTT channel, for example 'Nicky V tutorial - how to feed yourself whilst gaming' or something. Does anyone else think they would like to see this, or is it just me?
  7. I understand that this is suppost to be 'the biggest CES yet' for LTT? Where all the videos at? Are you planning to release them gradually or something?

    I need this coverage!!!:D

  8. I have a roccat LUA (one of their cheapests ones), and have had it for over a year, and its great tbh.
  9. toggleguy

    Linus Face

    "Wait! When did we finish Nerdsports?" 0_o Memes.
  10. I have a gtx 660 :'( RIP FPS . RX 480 would fix my problems :).
  11. This would be nice in one of my farm buildings, so my cows can believe they're outside . I like its compact size and look more than anything. I've seen short throw projectors in the past, however they've been big and badly implemented.
  12. My friend is having issues with his pc, in that it crashes seemingly randomly (usually when under some sort of load), and fails to post after playing a game. His specs: i5 4690 msi B85M - g43 motherboard corsair cx600 psu 2x 2 4gig memory sticks (1866mhz) evga gtx 970 He has concluded that whatever the memory configuration, the computer doesnt post after playing a game. He has had many problems with this pc before and has RMA'd every component with scan, other than the gtx 970. None of the parts have ever been overclocked. We are struggling to troubleshoot the problem and make the computer stable. Anyone got any ideas? Im feeling that its a problem with the motherboard, but not sure.
  13. http://www.pcgamer.com/closed-loop-liquid-cooler-roundup-8-coolers-reviewed/#page-2
  14. I would ho with a 6700k (i7) instead of a 6600k (i5) for a build in this price range. @TheRandomness - I would go with his list.