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  1. Wish granted! NVIDIA sells you a base card for one dollar, and asks you to pay $1 per CUDA core to unlock
  2. I would really like a collab with Modern Vintage Gamer on the history of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo security and homebrew.
  3. Create a tutorial of how to build a good network - how to effectively use a router, distribute access points, maybe create a SAN or NAS
  4. As a student, it doesn't help that in many cases, I am required to use the Chromebook rather than a personal computer.
  5. Explore alternative uses of old computers, such as turning them into routers, HTPCs, or file servers. Also explore lightweight Linux distros, which can turn an old laptop from 2007 into a very usable web browsing machine.
  6. I'd try to get an i7-3770 and make sure the RAM is at least 8GB. If you can't afford that, get an i5-3470 or i5-3570K. It should help your performance immensely. It probably has an HDD too, you should get an SSD. Links I found: i7-3770 ($75) 8GB DDR3 DIMM ($20) 240GB SSD ($40)
  7. I'm listening to ResurrectionFern's stream on Twitch, she's quite good, I must say!
  8. Resurrection Fern's cover of "See The Fire in Your Eyes" She's quite the vocalist!
  9. I would like to see a video on integrated graphics through the years, for both AMD and Intel on their respective flagship desktop platforms.
  10. Sources: THE REPORT ITSELF - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xyxDZIGztWDqGQGae4Oakkt0VAYB21-OcXgNKYrPzcw/edit LIST OF YOUTUBERS BY P-SCORE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/130CDsPSjg2BzzlA476AxjZQDdGiHGejhwV_F1H99RMs/edit#gid=0 https://ffwd.medium.com/creators-think-theyve-reverse-engineered-the-p-score-youtube-s-monetization-algorithm-ce64c95a4510 https://www.tubefilter.com/2019/10/30/youtube-p-score-rating-investigation-how-youtube-decides-p-score/
  11. https://snew.notabug.io/r/PrivateInternetAccess/comments/ckbuei/revealing_the_privateinternetaccess_truth/ I am not sure whether this is legitimate or not - I just saw it on Reddit. Edit: most likely complete nonsense: http://archive.is/Lmjgy
  12. Please save up for a good SSD. That will improve performance much more than the SD card. Also, someone correct me if I am wrong, but aren't SD cards slower than HDDs?
  13. This is truly one of the best displays of the glorious Star Wars music that there is.
  14. I use Windows 8.1 on my desktop, and I love it. It works well, never crashes, updates are predictable(usually patch Tuesday), and it has the kernel efficiency of 10.
  15. If you are in school, you qualify for MS Imagine, where you can get a free license of Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro.
  16. I don't recommend GPU encoding. It doesn't output quality as good as CPU based encoding.
  17. I browse Reddit in my free time, and I have been mostly on tech related subreddits, but I have also been to changemyview and AskReddit. I have seen how other people think with these tools. I have also talked with my friends and family on politics, and while the discussion heats up, it gives insight on the way that they perceive the world. You no doubt do. If you have ever taken school(which you have), you have studied maths and read books which you will never apply to the real world I couldn't agree more. https://www.amazon.com/Case-against-Education-System-Waste/dp/0691174652
  18. Just be yourself. Also, look at the world sometimes through the view of another person. The internet is a great place for this.