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  1. in my country I would have to prove they are mine.. if something would be shipped to me from outside of europe.. I would have to claim it's really mine and was meant for me, then I'd have to pay tax (20% from the price of an item if it is over 25$).. but IF i could keep them or at least get some money of it.. I would.. I know it's selfish to say this, but thinking of all the things I could achieve w/ those money.. I would pay my school, buy an apartment or house, help my family or eventually I could help others or pay the loan on the church in my area (which is roughly 30000$).. those money would make the difference and for the big companies it's just nothing.. and I'm sure they were insured..
  2. Could any1 tell me where did Luke get that T-shirt ? ^^ It's gorgeous :3
  3. Sweet Jesus this is amazing! My 4years old PC could use that ubgrade :3 also I had B-day a few days ago so it would be nice to win.. anyway GL every1 and BIG THX for this great giveaway ^^
  4. Oh just right now.. yay I need new PC ^^ GL every1..
  5. probably it's too late, but I just wanna share my storage configuration.. so I'm running only 1TB samsung hdd but then I bouth 4TB WD external hard drive I also use some 64gb micro sdxc from Sandisc cards (I think that they claim some lifetime warranty, but I'm not sure ) and I have also some flashes(it's only 4gigs and I use it in car or for transfering projets and stuff) Well, I'm a student so that's the reason I use a lot of external capacity also 4TB is for movies, backups and things like that, but I like just keep my files w/ me. I almost forgot to mention that I also use some cloud space like dropbox (50-60GB i think). In future I would like to buy some ssd for OS, so if u guyz have some advice for me just type it down.. I'm ready to listen! btw I really love your videos man.. u helped me not once.. 'coz of u I bought things like Logitech G700s mouse(great review) and Roccat Isku fx (I was amazed) and you're always telling us what you think about it not just some add sh*t.. P.S. sorry for my grammar I'm not that good at English