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  1. Hello George,


    My name is Varun, and i have a corsair k95 keyboard. I am happy with the product with a slight issue. The LED on some of the keys is not reflecting proper colors. Specially white and blue. Red it can illuminate nicely but struggling with other bright colors.

    I am located in INDIA, i will be contacting the indian support IF THERE IS ANY, i have already registered a ticket with you guys number "  6792866 ". 

    The reason i am messaging you is, i really dont have faith in corsair support in INDIA, i tried contacting them with my h100i cooler they wont even reply. Only request is if you can do help me on this, honestly i am a corsair fanatic. Love the things they make, but support in india is not good. 

    Humble request if you could do something about this.




  2. Corsair George

    Corsair 780T Question

    The 780T will fit this no problem, it has more clearance than 760T and 750D due to the fan chamber above the steel structure.
  3. Corsair George

    Let's talk about Corsair's cases for a minute

    The Node 804 is about 41L in volume, the Air 240 is 33L, overall about 20% smaller. In person this is pretty significant. More importantly, the footprint of the Node 804 is 207 square inches, and Air 240 is 159 square inches. This is very noticeable on the desktop. The Node 804 and Air 240 are really designed to do completely different things. If you want or need a ton of drive capacity, the 804 is the better case.
  4. Corsair George

    Let's talk about Corsair's cases for a minute

    You have hit on it. The Air 240 was designed to be compact with high airflow. Growing a SFF case to fit a 160mm+ tall CPU cooler is not logical for us. If you want to fit a large tower cooler, there are numerous bigger SFF options like the BitFenix Prodigy or the Aerocool Dead Silence thing.
  5. Corsair George

    Why does the 650D cost more than the 750D?

    Nail on the head. The 650D was a great case for its time but it's missing some key features for modern cases. For example, the front only fits 200mm fans. And even though the case was big enough for a 360mm radiator we used the front fan mount for a hot swap bay, which is becoming much less important now that USB 3.0 flash drives and things like DropBox are easily available. The 650D was our third case ever - and we added a lot of cost where people didn't value it. The front panel alone is made with significantly thick aluminum which feels really great, but you can get the same look for a lot less money with the newer 750D process. Overall, the 750D fixes a lot of the price/performance problems that modern buyers had with the 650D - which is that it was a mid tower for $179 (very expensive for a mid tower now) that had "ugly" side release latches and couldn't fit big radiators. Problem solved. Some people do miss the latches, though. Can't win 'em all.
  6. Corsair George

    PICS 450D web page and specs

    Yep, that was kind of the point. A lot of people requested a new Obsidian Mid Tower because the 350D is Micro ATX only and the 750D is full tower and not everyone needs that much room.
  7. Corsair George

    PICS 450D web page and specs

    The numbers are supposed to make sense within their own families, and at the low end they're more tied to prices than they are to sizes, though those two things are usually relevant. For example, 250D is smaller/cheaper than 350D, all the way up to 900D. However, 300R is larger, and yet, cheaper, than 250D. But within Carbide Series, 200R is smaller/cheaper than 300R, all the way up to Air 540. Graphite Series is being expanded but right now we only have a 4 year old mid tower (600T), a smaller, cheaper mid tower (230T) and then two new full towers (730T and 760T) which we announced at CES and are en route now.
  8. Corsair George

    PICS 450D web page and specs

    Out of curiosity why did you sell the H440?
  9. Corsair George

    PICS 450D web page and specs

    Focus on 550D is silence. Focus on 350D and 750D has been watercooling expansion with decent airflow. Overall, there's a gap where you could increase performance and since the 650D had a mesh front for improved aircooling...
  10. Corsair George

    PICS 450D web page and specs

    You guys will get a lot more info on 3/25. But for those keeping score: 1 - ? 2 - 250D 3 - 350D 4 - ? 5 - 550D 6 - 650D (nearing EOL) 7 - 750D 8 - 800D (now EOL) 9 - 900D The 650D is 3 years old and very large and expensive for a mid tower. The 750D effectively replaced it, with more capabilities for less money. Sacrificing two features of the 650D (hot swap dock and side panel latches) we were able to make a REALLY good full tower for the price of a high-end mid tower. And you guys have responded, the 750D is flying off shelves. However, the #1 request for our Obsidian line (aside from Mini ITX, which we just launched) was a new mid tower to replace the 650D, because the 750D was too big for some. So we took a look around the market, gathered up some competitors' parts in the lab, did some testing, and developed something new. I think you'll like it. Though it'll be priced similarly to the H440, the focus is completely different, as that's their quiet product line, and really designed to kill the Define R4 from Fractal (and good luck to them! the R4 has been a monster for years! It'd be good to see some change.) If you like the 350D and the 750D, but want something in the middle, I think you'll be very happy on 3/25.
  11. Corsair George

    New LED versions of Corsair AF120/140 Series Fans

    That would have been me. Where did you feel I was out of touch? I try and go out of my way to answer questions I can.