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  1. I have 2 3080's on pre order, and rumor has it they could be delivered by the end of this month. My PPD will jump over 16M.
  2. A system crash to where the only activity at the boot up process is 100% fans, would indicate hardware failure. This could be a number of things. It seems that the system boots fine, into Windows, but crashes on load after a few hours. Best thing to go from is to check every cable in the system, to ensure that they're all connected correctly (And for any discolored cables). Check that the GPU/RAM/CPU are seated correctly aswell. What's the temperatures like around the CPU mosfets? Are there any BIOS codes/LED's when the system crashes to just 100% fans (Should be around the 24 pin connector)? You could use HWmonitor to check the mosfet and chipset temperatures.
  3. If your PSU was at fault, it would be evident within a few minutes of load, not after hours. What's more ,the voltages look good. The GPU temps are a little warm, but within limits. When I get random crashes, I use a tool called BSODViewer (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html) to check for any blue screens that might have occurred. You may also want to run a quick memtest. What speed is this running at? Removing a GPU without updating F@H's config will produce an error, where the F@Hcontrol will fail to connect. You can manually edit the config, found at: %appdata%\FAHClient\config.xml
  4. I did find that disabling SMT on my Ryzen did push the PPD on one of my 2060's by another 100K.. did also disable CPU folding.
  5. I do push my GPU's hard. Here's a prime example, almost competing with my 2080 super.
  6. I'm expecting my PPD to jump by at least 10M soon. Just waiting on a pre order...
  7. And so it begins. Good luck everyone! Hope someone finds that Covid cure.
  8. Just to give an update. Ironicaly, I saw your build on how to bifrucate the PCIE to 4x's, but after looking around, It came apparent that it's expensive going down the M.2 to PCIe conversion, and in some cases, hard to get a hold of the ADT adapters to do so. I had to look outside of the box to think of cheaper, reliable solutions. Even looking into enterprise stuff for inspiration. The MaxCloudOn has not failed me in the months of using, that with 24/7 use. I've not had any dropped GPU's or bandwidth issues.
  9. Whelp! My RTX 2060 just hit 1.95M ppd. Interesting to see at least. Did shove an 800 MHz overclock on the memory.
  10. And those who fold 24/7, who are ramping up for the 30x series
  11. I'll be folding with, 1 2080 Super, 2 2060's, and 2 3080's. Hope my PSU's can hold up.
  12. Not to mention, the core itself was recently updated. Nvidia GPU's can now use Cuda. This is after the update with my system.