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    Mechanical engineering, everything pc hardware related
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    120 ADATA SP550 M.2 SSD + 1TB Seagate
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    LG 24MT57 + 15.6 inch laptop screen
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    Logitech K270
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    Steelseries Rival 300
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Hello, Today, going to my uni I've decided that I've got enough of carrying my home Rival 300 every time i know I'll have to use CAD software on the go and checked my wallet for spare funds. I would like to buy a wireless mouse to just carry in the backpack to use whenever needed and not to have to worry about plugging the wire back and forth when coming back home. Budget is about 50-60USD and main criteria for it is to have a decent sensor (I've already had a few wireless mouses but all were just horrible when it came to lag and tracking) and be at least similar when it comes to Rival's ergonomy. Brief web search gave me close to no results so as my last lifeline I am asking you for help :) Every opinnion appreciated. Thanks, Lukas
  2. variantxoxo

    "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" Win 10, fresh SSD, MSI laptop

    I've tried reinstalling the Windows several times, cleaning the disk inbetween, nothing worked :< Always the same error. Win10 worked under this BIOS on a different drive so it doesn't seem to be BIOS related concern. Installation process was done on the laptop itself, without taking the drive out.
  3. variantxoxo

    "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" Win 10, fresh SSD, MSI laptop

    Yeah, I'm currently working on deleting the previous one since I messed up :< It was not the proper subforum to post it in the first place.
  4. variantxoxo

    Laptop overclocking

    You mean the GPU-Z, EVGA Precision or what? For the "turbines" to get a bit more silent i recommend checking the powerplan and tampering with Advanced powerplan options (picrel in native language but should give you a general overview ). In addition to that you can watch Dave2D's video about undervolting the CPU in order to let it run a bit cooler without lowering the clock (mobile CPU's have got a bit of headroom assigned when it comes to the voltage and as everyone knows, more voltage at given resistance generates more thermal energy).
  5. variantxoxo

    Laptop overclocking

    Funny thing is, I got my memory offset in EVGA Precision set to +500 but gpu-z shows only a +250mhz overclock anyway (base clock to current clock comparison).
  6. variantxoxo

    Laptop overclocking

    I've got an i7 version of the 7559. +135 Core / +300 Memory stable and cool -0.120V undervoltage on CPU giving me an 8 degrees cooler unit with all the horsepower available. It's not a monster of a laptop but why not get all you can out of it. Guess +500 on memory would work just as well but not much point in going that far since it's limited by the gpu core anyway.
  7. Hello, dear LTT forum users! I've just come home from my friends house and I can't stop thinking about a problem I encountered today. First things first: my friend got himself an MSI laptop about two years ago. He ran it with off-the-shelf Win8 for all that time. About two months ago we updated his laptop with Win10 (silly reason but Fifa 17 doesn't want to run on Win8 with mobile gpu). A week ago his SSD died. A brief overview of the specs: i7-4720hq, 860m, 16gb RAM, 1TB HDD + 128 Crucial SSD (both SATA3). I've tried a couple things but it was just dead - none of the operating systems did see him (checked under Linux to see if it's even recognized). In BIOS there was no such entry as a second drive. Since he had 3 years guarantee on this particular model, he gave it back to the shop, and today they gave it back with a new SSD. BIOS sees it, Windows let's me install on the drive, partitions show correctly, fdisk and diskpart show all drives but here the fun part begins. I've installed Win10 using Legacy mode, created a partition during installation process. It all ran smoothly, with no error. At the end the PC rebooted itseld and instantly after bootscreen, greeted us with BSOD... "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE". "What the heck?!" I thought. Few reboots later I gave up and booted Ubuntu from USB. It installed even quicker than Win10, rebooted and guess what? Started just fine, giving acces to the ssd, read, write, everything worked. "Well, let's try Windows now then, shall we?". This time Win10 installer didn't allow me to proceed with installation on the SSD, even after formating it to NTFS, saying that "It may not be able to boot from this device" (not sure how is it in english since the installer was in my native language) and asking me to check the BIOS settings to make sure that it is a bootable drive (yeah, good luck with BIOS settings on a laptop - barely few options with boot priority being the "biggest" one...). At this point i changed boot mode to UEFI, cleaned the disk, changed tables to gpt manually. Windows installed correctly, rebooted, BSOD with the same code as earlier. Unfortunately it was impossible to unplug the drive itself and check it on any other computer since we... didn't have any screwdriver around and just gave up since it was already late. What might be the cause of such a weird error? I've got a legitimate Windows license and USB stick with iso image made using Microsoft's own tool - just to be clear about that. I'd highly appreciate any help since my friend is heartbroken without his computer (the only one he has) and I have no clue how to get it working under Windows. Łukasz
  8. I am at work now and since I have a lot of spare time I found two more laptops fitting the price: MSI GL62 6QF and MSI GE62 Apache What do you think?
  9. Funny thing is, where I live it's impossible to get both Omen and the metal version of GL552. Only mid tier HP notebook available is the Pavillion gaming with it's 950m and when it comes to ASUS, the only version on Polish market is the black, plastic one All three laptops - Lenovo, DELL and ASUS cost almost the same, differing about 50 bucks or so. My concern about Lenovo is the glossy screen and overall "gaming" design. ASUS'es weakest point are the viewing angles and DELL is just plain looking, moderately equipped budget, plastic machine :c
  10. That's why I put Dell here Unfortunately I've read about some WiFi problems hurting it's overall grade. It is a tough choice since at this price point I will always have to give up something :< I only wonder what to give up first
  11. Hello My old laptop recently started to randomly shut down and I decided that it's the best moment to think about an upgrade (6 years have been a long time anyway). I game a bit (mainly CS:GO, maybe a bit of League and few other casual titles) and study at Technical University so made my mind with a budget of around 1000USD (considering Polish prices would be 800$ worth of stuff in US). I checked nearby stores, read a few reviews and finally came up with three considerably powerfull and cheap laptops. All of them with 1080p displays, 8 gigs of RAM, i7-6700HQ and GTX960M 4GB GDDR5. First one is, since Linus recommended this one strongly, Dell 7559. I love it for the desing - I don't fancy all those shiny, colourful and illuminated gaming laptops. Second one is ASUS ROG GL552VW with it's USB type-C port, DVD drive but a weaker display (I've read that ASUS equipped those with IPS panel at the beginning but due to some technical difficulties changed it for an old TN :/) Third one is the cheapest (and for me, the ugliest) here - Lenovo Y700 with glossy display, decent speakers and enjoyable keyboard. Shall I pay attention to better screen (or is really the ASUS so bad after all), more comfortable keyboard, quiet fans? I can't afford much more than this but I am still sure, that it will be more than enough for my light gaming and programming/3D CAD applications. Which one should I choose as a daily driver? Pros and cons, oppinions and reccomendations would be highly appreciated Have a nice day, Łukasz