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  1. Slow motion for sure, I have it on my Galaxy S6!
  2. Well I think I'm getting close to hitting 10years with my Logitech G5, wouldn't want to replace it. Sadly since a few weeks my scroll wheel doesn't seem to function that well anymore. F M L... Maybe the FinalMouse is the new thing. To many mice to choose from these days...
  3. Well I must say, lucky you! Got my XPS 13 first week of feb and 2 weeks later the thing would not boot. Opened it up disconnected the battery and got it booting again, 1 week later same problem. Disconnecting the battery this time didn't have any effect. Power led lighted up for a second and then that was it. Must say support was great. Called on monday and next business day we had a Getronics guy repair (replace) the motherboard & powerjack. All is fine now.
  4. Would be an awesome HTPC! /fingerscrossed
  5. 2gig for €15 euro pre-paid / month (+- $20) -> This is my formula or 2gig for €12 euro pre-paid (data only) / month (+- $16) Operator: Mobile Vikings
  6. No idea if its allowed to post an apk, but saw this article on my twitter time line: Android planet PS: its in dutch but I guess you can find the "hier te downloaden" button ;-)
  7. @GamerDude Yes, fresh install. Today it seems to be working fine again. What did I do: Uninstalled Sapphire Trix Uninstalled 14.1 with DDU Cleaned all temp files using ccleaner Installed 13.x driver No mantle but at least I can play games... So maybe its the 14.1 driver or maybe its the Sapphire Software, I have no idea...
  8. Yeah idd, temps are ok. When my card was working yesterday I could play all games on ultra at +- 76 - 77° C I wonder how Linus and Slick would troubleshoot a problem like this. EDIT: I down clocked the memory from 1300 to 1000 no luck...
  9. Hi Guys I keep getting black screen's when I'm opening games (BF4, Hitman Absolution). Other stuff works fine (ASUS PC Diagnostics stress gpu test, AIDA64 benchmark,...) I'm running the following specifcations: Mobo: Asus sabertooth z87 CPU: Intel i5 4670k CPU Cooler: H90 PSU: RM 750 RAM: 16gig Corsair Vengeance Pro OS: Win7 x64 CCC: 14.1, used DDU to install the older ones but same problem. Now back on 14.1 Bellow you can find the AIDA64 GPGPU Benchmark I also have artefacts on my dekstop when using the render test from GPU-Z. They look like this: and this Worst part is: same problem happened 2 days ago, installed 14.1 again and the I could game all night & day. Today after powering up my machine the black screens are back again... Is this a driver error or a hardware issue? (Bad Card) Tried the following things: Other drivers Removed CPU overclock & RAM overclock Switched power cables (used two pci-e (2x 6+2pin) type 3 cables instead of one) Updated DX (BF set to using Mantle) Loaded optimal BIOS defaults. Changed the switch on the R9 290 from left to right and back to original settings.
  10. Yesterday all went fine, today crashes all day, all night... wtf
  11. what GPU are you running, I'm having the same problems with my brand new Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC...
  12. No, Linus and 2 others of his team are college drop-outs.
  13. Just bought the Sapphire R9 290 Tri-OC and when I start up BF4 I can walk around for about 1min and then I get a Black-screen and a totally unresponsive system. Will try a few things first, reinstall drivers, change the "BIOS" mode on the card it self, downclock my "stock OC card from Sapphire", give it more power,... I will you guys know how things go...
  14. I have the Sapphire Tri-X and that one also does NOT have a backplate. I would love a backplate but paying premium for a metal plate to improve sturdiness, no thx
  15. @dkevelx Yes, I used the PCI-E cable. (Labled PCI-E on the PSU pluginside, Type-3 on the other side). I guessed I was right only using 1 PCI-E cable (8 to 2x 6+2), since I could start up my system and even start up games (Hitman Absolution, BF4,...) But when I clicked benchmark (in Hitman Absolution) on high or ultra my system would just crash (Blackscreen) so maybe I thought should this could be a power problem? Still if someone can give me some inside details on the "2cables in 1 socket"... And another thing I don't really get (No electrical back-ground): If you start with 8pins then go to 6+2pin and those go to another pair of 6+2pins, can you draw enough power utilizing a cable like that? I would say 8pin = 100%, first 6+2pins = 50% and then next 6+2 = another 50%. Maybe @WoodenMarker or someone else can help clear up some things. After searching on the corsair site I finally found a picture and like you said it seems "1 socket-less pin is normal"