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  1. balzer45

    Elgato HD 60 s with type c to type c?

    Well damn that’s annoying, so just stick with the cable in the box if I can is what you’re saying?
  2. I just purchased an Elgato he 60s capture card and was wondering if I would benefit from using a type c to type c cable over the type c to type A that comes with the card, thanks!
  3. balzer45

    Toshiba Fire enabled tv help

    For some reason i’m unable to change my backlight on my tv, when I go into picture settings, backlight appears but when I go to select it the cursor just skips over it, there is also no slider bar underneath it anymore I used to be able to but I can’t anymore, it’s stuck very dim so this is very annoying to me. Any advice would be helpful model is TOSHIBA_43LF621U19 uploaded a video of the issue, I’ve tried resetting picture settings and going into advanced settings for this but nothing has fixed it so far, all I can think of is a factory reset but i’d rather not do that if possible CDC6D4A4-1093-406F-BD81-675AAC15A930.MOV
  4. 265W is definitely not enough for a 1050ti let alone any desktop (biggest money saving technique for manufactures is getting the lowest wattage power supply for the build possible). I'd go for at least a 500W power supply and recommend a 650W. EVGA tends to be 'the best' for Nvidia cards in my opinion, though you'd probably be okay with either not sure on the dimensions of the asus one anyway. And yes no external power will be needed for those cards though i'd recommend finding a card that needs external power for that motherboard. Shouldn't be any issues with adding the ram as long as there are slots available and it's clocked at the same speed!
  5. balzer45

    Is this build okay?

    https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-GeForce-Windforce-GDDR5-Graphics/dp/B01KQUDE2Y/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1548627692&sr=1-2&keywords=gtx+1060 better card for the money, go a step down on the processor and switch the ssd and HDD out for something like a hybrid drive? just a thought so you don't break the bank on a better card. other than that looks good!
  6. balzer45


    You could probably watch videos at 1440p lol, I'f you're thinking of gaming though I'd be sure the monitor you're getting has really good upscaling because you'll be running most if not all your games at 1080p if you want to get 60fps
  7. balzer45

    Should I sell my Ps4 to build this pc?

    Oof how did we both miss the fact that its an APU, also yeah if you don't play kingdom hearts you should be good, by the way be sure you're able to transfer your windows 10 key over to a different motherboard if you want to have it activated
  8. balzer45

    Please help me pick a laptop

    I think you'd be able to run this on an external monitor that uses G Sync in the future as well, If you were interested in that, that way you'd still be able to game at home with buttery smooth Gsync. I could be wrong though, I'd look into that If you were interested
  9. balzer45

    Ryzen 5 2600 Temps

    Glad we could help! Enjoy your safe temp gaming!
  10. balzer45

    Should I sell my Ps4 to build this pc?

    Inner me answering: No because Kingdom Hearts 3 Logical me answering: If you want to! You won't be able to run too many games without a dedicated gpu but CSGO should be able to run okay on low settings! Also building computers is super fun and rewarding! Don't forget to factor in windows in your cost as well
  11. balzer45

    Dell G7 7588 1060 Max q problems/Bios Downgrade

    Correction, dell tech support isn't THAT bad... if you spend an extra 400 dollars on the laptop for their highest warranty lol, got on site service for a dead pixel on my xps 15 and got a sticky keyboard replaced. I see what you're saying though... wish the people over the phone were a little more technically inclined and didn't have to follow so many protocols to fix one simple problem... That's generally the problem with the tech support industry as a whole though. P.S. Let us know when/how you fix the problem! I'm sure it would be helpful in the future and save people from a lot of trouble
  12. balzer45

    Please help me pick a laptop

    P65 Creator 8RF (White Limited Edition) This laptop allows for an additional m.2 storage upgrade as well, I might pick it up and grab a 2TB NVME SSD (NO CLUNKY HARD DRIVE YAY!!!) for around 500$, that puts you at 32 GB ram, 2.5 TB of SSD Storage, GTX 1070 8GB only thing missing in this laptop is G sync... that puts you right at 2500$ If G Sync is a big thing for you then don't go with this one. By the way, Keyboard and battery life is pretty good on this laptop too, it's also not ultra gamered out so you can use it in public without getting too many funny looks
  13. balzer45

    No monitor signal

    Its possible that it's a ram issue as well, if you've got multiple sticks of ram try switching the configurations around (running with one stick in each slot until it boots) to check for dead slots on the motherboard or sticks of ram itself, double and triple check to be sure they're seated correctly, also check for any bent pins on the processor just to be safe (do this as a lat resort obviously just because its annoying to take out). Keep in mind this stuff happens to me all the time when I build pc's so I feel your pain, best of luck to you both.
  14. balzer45

    Dell G7 7588 1060 Max q problems/Bios Downgrade

    Perhaps this page might help with the issue? https://www.lifewire.com/43-errors-explained-2619238 sorry if you've already tried these fixes
  15. balzer45

    No monitor signal

    I'm sure you did this, but if the power supply is modular, check to be sure it's plugged in on both ends? I'm 90% sure that it's a CPU power issue though as that restart occurs if the computer boots and is unable to make it past certain point in the boot process. Also check to be sure that your motherboard isn't showing any diagnostic codes on it or via beeps. Can you post the parts of your system?