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  1. NVIDIA plans that mobile Kepler support, to be discontinued by April this year. Do note, that this is mobile, not desktop. So, if you have a desktop Kepler graphics card, not to worry. I checked Steam Hardware survey, and that's not a whole lot of Kepler on the first 20 cards, in fact, the GTX 960/50M and GT 940M are on top of the GT 720M. NVIDIA is shifting focus on bug fixes and improvements on Maxwell cards, and newer. However, critical security updates will end next of April 2020. Moving to Nvidia 3D Vision, it will also receives the same fate. Support for Nvidia 3D Vision will no longer be available this April 2019, however, critical security updates will end next of April 2020. To be real honest, 3D Vision was expensive back in 2008-2010, even into Fermi era--in terms of the gears and performance. Not only that, support (games) for it was rather limited. You can check the list of mobile Kepler over at Nvidia's Knowledge Base Source: Hardwarezone TheInquirer Nvidia (1)(2)
  2. AlfaProto

    Asrock Unveils Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII 16G

    As far as I know, AMD were never aiming any of their cards for compute, except the RX Flop series, which can't even beat the Titan Xp/V/RTX.
  3. Swap that AIO cooler for H212, or something beefier heatsink, but with a single fan like the H212. My rig has 6 fans (include CPU and GPU). - 1x200mm intake - H212X single fan - 3x140mm Thermaltake Riing (exhaust, and set to very low speeds) - 1x1070 FE The case is the Source 530. 1. Thermals? It's a tropical country, so a 80C on the GPU is not bad. 2. Noise? +62% fan speed of the 1070 FE. But it rigged (via Afterburner) it that 70-75C it hits 60-70% fan speed.
  4. AlfaProto

    New build. Mediocre Performance

    1. Check if integrated graphics is enabled by default via your UEFI. 2. Uninstall the previous chipset drivers used by your previous motherboard *1 3. Use DDU to uninstall your previous graphics drivers. *2 *1 - I was upgrading from an old Z68/77 to Z270, it was causing some performance issues, and BSOD when underload. After removing the old chipset drivers, everything worked fine. *2 - Upgraded a 900 series to the 10 series without any driver installation, but it was recognised by the Nvidia Control Panel, and Device Manager. Thought, there was some performance issue on certain games (some high FPS games, the perf. loss wasn't that noticeable.
  5. AlfaProto

    Asrock Unveils Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII 16G

    If there's anything, it's probably be in the 90C (OCed), but not above 91C.
  6. AlfaProto

    Asrock Unveils Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII 16G

    Actually, the retail actually marked up the price of the cards, well basically, anything, if there's shortage.
  7. Asrock unveils the Radeon VII (R7) card ahead of the official launch (it's Jan 30th, 2019, and it's like almost 8-9 days). This is likely a stock edition, and I believe also stock PCB layout. It does support the newer AMD FreeSync 2, meanwhile, there's no mention of ray tracing support like Nvidia's RTX counterparts. Source: https://asrock.com/Graphics-Card/AMD/Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII 16G/#Overview https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-asrock-jumps-gun-unveil-its-phantom-gaming-x-radeon-vii-16g-graphics-card?fbclid=IwAR1RzEWHtAa1wB0rZYmZArBS4cTnRc03x8ist4MySI88Q6ihtmH2qbMy-Bw
  8. AlfaProto

    GPU as decorative, but with a twist

    Usually there's a 'fix' fan profile, it will probably stay 30% fan speed.
  9. I know for a fact that, there are some people who used their retired graphics card as a decorative item in their room. Hell, some just buy the OG GTX Titan, or GTX 690 and just put it up on a display shelf--probably inside a case to reduce oxidation. Seeing Kyle's The memory kit NO ONE deserves, the RAM display box, kind of made me wonder---has anyone actually make a GPU display box, but it is powered, allowing the fans to spin as well as if there's light going. The ingredient list is rather simple: 1. Retired graphics card 2. A miner riser card (preferable molex or SATA as power input) 3. A USB to 4-pin molex/SATA power cable 4. A case to hide the rise card, and probably a transparent acrylic to reduce dust 5. A small battery bank Sounds simple right? Here's the issue that one will run into: 1. It may need the full 12V, instead of the typical USB 3.3-5V. 2. Linking to point one, some cards may not even power on at all. 3. GPU with external power requirement, a missing external power input, the card may not power on at all. I know this is just a random thought to post. This is just going way over the top with using your retired card as a decor, but powered. I mean, I have a GTX 570 TF2, despite it kaput (artifacting), I want to see like 'alive'. Similar thing would happen in the future, when I retire my 1070 for good--which is a Founder's Edition, I wouldn't mind seeing the fan spin, and the bold, uppercase GEFORCE GTX logo glow.
  10. AlfaProto

    Cost of RT and Tensor Cores

    Just going to share the cost of the RT and Tensor Cores on the GeForce 20 series, removing the traditional cores, ROPs, TMUs. Do note that the price are based on MSRP, and not the FE pricing, unless otherwise stated with 'FE'. PRICE-TO-PRICE RTX 2080 Ti ($999) - Titan X Pascal/p (FE $1200) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $201 RTX 2080 ($699) - 1080 Ti ($699) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $0 RTX 2070 ($499) - 1080 ($549) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $51 RTX 2060 (FE $349) - 1070 Ti ($449) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $100 RTX 2060 (FE $349) - 1070 ($379) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $30 If we removed the RT/T Cores, and adjusts its pricing we have this: RTX 2080 Ti - $799 RTX 2080 - $699 RTX 2070 - $449 RTX 2060 - FE $319 Now, I really can't get all the benchmarks in the world, but it's up to you to do the math, perf-per-dollar, and decide whether you are paying more or less for the new GeForce 20 series without the RT/T Cores. Generally, I see 10-15% improvement when compared the 20 series against the 10 series, except the RTX 2080 Ti, which can run at 4K90 in certain titles. Let's move to the tier-to-tier comparison. Titan RTX (FE $2499) - Titan X Pascal/p (FE $1200) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $1299 RTX 2080 Ti ($999) - 1080 Ti ($699) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $300 RTX 2080 ($699) - 1080 ($549) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $150 RTX 2070 ($499) - 1070 Ti ($449) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $50 RTX 2070 ($499) - 1070 ($379) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $120 RTX 2060 (FE $349) - 1060 6GB ($249) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $100 RTX 2060 (FE $349) - 1060 3GB ($199) - Cost of RT/T Cores: $150 There's nothing to remove on the RTX series cards, at all, but this is the cost if RT/T cores are added to their respective previous generation cards. I haven't seen, or found a reputable BF V benchmark with ray tracing capabilities tested on the Pascal line-up. Even if we go with the Ray Tracing performance, there's no RT benchmark for the Pascal line-up at all, the tech doesn't exist for those line-up. Plus, we can't go simply with RT performance, because, it doesn't account for other factors like deep learning AI stuff, use case scenario: DLSS, the tensor cores are used, but not the RT cores. Maybe the Volta architecture could, since it does have tensor cores, but not RT cores. In conclusion, this discussion is just to show how much you actually pay for the RTX cards, without its RT/T cores, and its performance loss/gains. There's limited to no data on BF V ray tracing benchmarks on Pascal line-up, but if you find the data I've shown useful if you performed a benchmark of BF V ray tracing on a Pascal line-up, and do the perf-per-dollar.
  11. AlfaProto

    Red Alert Remastered

    Brought a tear to my eyes... Source Opps, realised that there's a tech news about it.
  12. AlfaProto

    RTX 2080 Ti Failing Too Early

    I could remember the R9 300 fiasco. Users reporting that Windows Update downloads the R9 200 series, in some instances, causing their Windows to brick entirely, or difficult to boot. This is because the R9 300 cards were basically rebadged. I remember one tech youtuber complaining that the R9 390/X were essentially R9 290/X and he wasted time on just debugging. He downloaded drivers from AMD website, still doesn't work, but when he used the driver from the disc, it works!
  13. AlfaProto

    RTX 2080 Ti Failing Too Early

    It's difficult to point whether this is a failure rate, or Nvidia rushed the model into the market. Not really, there are other users reporting 2080Ti failure at other forums, and RMA'ing it.
  14. AlfaProto

    RTX 2070 Ti?

    AMD also made a dick move of not including price cuts worldwide, only US and Canada. My Ryzen 2xxx CPU pricing remains the same, and is 20% more expensive than Ryzen 1xxx, and the performance clock-to-clock is 0-10%
  15. AlfaProto

    RTX 2080 Ti Failing Too Early

    Source is coming from: It's difficult to get a quote on which part of the RTX 2080 Ti died, however, users claim to have failing RTX 2080 Ti, even running at stock This affects AIB 2080Ti too: However, it should be noted that users reporting RMA are mostly the RTX 2080 Ti: In my opinion, I think this is just another luck with the bath tub curve model. Early model/revision are quite buggy, defective, and/or prone to fault. I would like to add that this is the first time where a x80 Ti was released alongside with the x80 and x70, instead of after a Titan series. What do you guys think? This is an unlucky struck or Nvidia just rushing their cards out into the market, despite game developers are working on implementing DXR into their games? Please, I would appreciate that you remain civilised in commenting this news. UPDATE on October 31, 2018 DigitalTrend brings attention to the RTX 2080 Ti dying prematurely. Source. While the RTX 2080 is also affected, it seems that there are more reports on the RTX 2080 Ti than the 2080. People are reporting this issue on Reddit threads.