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    Computers and cars!
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    i5 3470
  • Motherboard
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    8GB Kingston Something
  • GPU
    Gigabyte HD 6950 950/1400 OC
  • Case
    Thermaltake Versa H17
  • Storage
    250 GB WD Blue 3.5", 500GB WD Blue 2.5", 120GB Sandisk SSD
  • PSU
    Cougar STE500
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    2x HP Compaq LA1905wg
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    CoolerMaster i70C
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    Shintaro EBay
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Snotrap

    Missing Tables......

    Hey all! My brother wants me to host him an open source Sarahah thing right. Issue is. TONNE of missing tables because it uses MySQL etc but doesnt have an install script. I can ask him to send me the link to the GitHub if need be BUT. My question is would I be able to create my own install script just by sifting through the code? I've never worked with MySQL before so any help is appreciates
  2. Snotrap

    Self Hosted VPN

    Hello fellow tech heads, I am curious as to the easiest route to setup a VPN connection to my home network. I have tried VPN server but no bueno. Any help is appreciated
  3. Snotrap


    Click on the advanced tab on your left
  4. Snotrap


    Advanced Add me on Discord and we can do it ASAP Parton | 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮.𝓭#8122
  5. Hey all! I've got a few projects which I develop on the go but I have a few issues; 1) When I want to work on the project I have to copy it over from my host machine onto a usb/my laptop and then re upload when I am done. 2) Can't make immediate changes to my project etc. When I am at home I can just open the network drive in studio code and when saving it, the changes are immediate. Is there any way that I can access my network drive via a VPN to my home network somehow? So if I am, for example, at school I can connect to my VPN and code as usual? Any input is appreciated!
  6. Snotrap


    unfortunately I have already done this...Valve isn't helping much either
  7. Snotrap


    Please help! CS:GO will NOT launch and I have tried all the "fixes". Just gives me a black screen.
  8. Snotrap

    PSU being help captive...

    I will most likely do this, thanks
  9. Snotrap

    PSU being help captive...

    If you read the linked post you will understand.
  10. Hey! So a while back I posted this. Basically my PSU was supposed to be repaired but I haven't seen it for 6 weeks and I'm not sure what the next step is. A short summary: 31/12/2018 - Dropped it off 02/01/2019 - Called them asking how long it would take because I was not told clearly on the day, I was told 2-4 weeks. 24/01/2019 - Called them, answer 1 week 31/01/2019 - Called them, answer 1 week 07/02/2019 - Called them, was told I will receive a call back regarding it's whereabouts, got a phone call saying it could possibly be in the following Wednesday and said he will call me, if he didn't I was to call. 13/02/2019 - Didn't receive a phone call so I called them (15:03), I barely understood the guy on the phone because he was mumbling so much, I did understand however that they were going to call the warranty department and call me back. A hour and a half later (15:37) I received a call saying they will call the warranty department tomorrow. It has been 6 weeks since they received the power supply. How the fuck do I get my power supply back?! Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  11. Hey! I have a discord bot(TrumpBot: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=525169646677131264&scope=bot&permissions=8) and I run it off of one pc that doesnt have any peripherals so I code from my main pc. When I update my code I have to file transfer it via teamviewer which is frustrating, is there a way to have 1 single copy in a 'location' that I can edit the code from and have it running from too? Thanks in advance.
  12. Snotrap

    Code folder thing help lol

    Hey! I own a Discord bot that I code in my spare time after school or whenever I'm bored. I have a machine running the server without any peripherals so I code from my gaming pc. Only issue with it is I either have to usb it to the pc or teamviewer it. Is there a way that I can save the bot files to a location and run and code it from that location? Thanks in advance.
  13. Snotrap

    P106 conflicted information...?

    Nah yeah i get you
  14. Snotrap

    P106 conflicted information...?

    So an i5-3470 wouldn't matter lmao
  15. Snotrap

    P106 conflicted information...?

    Yeah but was he running a cpu form the blue or red guys? I cant remember lol