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  1. https://www.anandtech.com/show/10325/the-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-and-1070-founders-edition-review/31 1911 boost is stock.
  2. Well, 20-30 is better than 60, 0, 70, 0, 60.
  3. I did not say higher FPS, more stable FPS... less frame drops.
  4. Yep. In some cases a FX-8000 series CPU can give you a more stable FPS than a core/ryzen quad core. Its not worth the massive performance deficit in other cases, but it highlights just how thread heavy newer games are.
  5. This is normal. The GPU will go to max clocks under 3D load. The only time it will not is when one of two things happen, it goes above the power limit or it goes above the thermal limit. The boost clock is different than the "base" clock as well, normal boost frequency for 1070/1080 is 1800-1900mhz. If you OC'd and now it isnt going back to defaults... Remove all of the GPU drivers and OC software, reboot the system, and re-install drivers.
  6. KarathKasun

    USB C Display

    USB to HDMI is fine, it does the DP -> HDMI conversion in the adapter.
  7. 2600X, its worth the $10 extra and should OC a bit further if you want to do that. It should have the best overall stock gaming performance of the three.
  8. You generally cant do that without a custom firmware like OpenWRT. Also, generally the router needs two radios to work well as a WiFi repeater. Unless you dont mind it being slow as molasses.
  9. Torx or, if they have a post in the middle, Torx security.
  10. Disable DHCP, connect to ethernet network (using the normal ports, not the "internet" port), new WiFi hotspot wherever the router is located.
  11. Different TDP/power consumption. The cooler may not be able to cool it or the power delivery components may not be up to the task.
  12. No, Windows does not do this anymore. I can uninstall my GPU, removing the driver, and reinstall it without a reboot. This has been a thing since Vista. Linux requires a reboot for kernel and core OS updates as well, so that argument falls flat on its face. Having to reboot for a simple setting is outrageous at this point. Rebooting to change how an input is handled is like having to reboot when I change my desktop background. Not to mention the config file is in a different place depending on your distro. And if you use a different logon manager the option may not even exist.
  13. THAT is my point. This is why Linux is a shit OS to daily drive. Your solution is worse in every way, including a reboot or forcing you to kill the login manager.
  14. Power settings -> change plan settings -> Change advanced plan settings. Literally 4 clicks.
  15. Where is the option to not sleep when the screen is closed there? Oh wait, it isn't. Already went down that road, that option does not work for that case.
  16. Chrome OS is not running a fat, slow, crap DE like Gnome/KDE.
  17. On laptops they do. If you want the lid switch to just blank the screen at night while the system is still doing work or playing music for instance. There is no hacking. You go into the advanced power dialogue and it has the options right there. You can set the lid to blank the display, sleep, hibernate, or shutdown. You can set the power and sleep buttons to the same options.
  18. If you don't use either of those you do not get tools to configure the system. Also, They bring a 2015 ultrabook (i3-4030U) to its knees in some instances, like taking a few seconds to populate the apps screen. W10 looks better AND performs better. KDE/Gnome perform like fat middle aged smokers carrying boulders.
  19. Im not talking about DE options, I am talking about system configuration. Hardware, Networking, Display, Audio. The Gnome based UI's do well enough for networking and display, but have lots of cases where I have to fall back to the CLI for advanced audio settings. And even with their good display config pages, I still get errors on login with my laptop if I remove a display while it is sleeping. LXDE and XFCE are hit or miss depending on what you are doing, with much CLI twiddling needed. KDE is slow, just like Gnome, and has components that feel like they belong in Debian 5. I mean, things like re-assigning sleep/power/lid trigger functions are not simple in any of them. Defining logon behavior is not either. All of these things are maybe three clicks in Windows.
  20. VDroop is just a side effect of increased load. In any electrical system, voltage drops as you increase amperage. Primarily this is due to the innate resistance of conductors. Its not a feature. LLC should be set to minimize droop while also minimizing overshoot. I would say that LLC should be increased to the point where droop is less than 10% but not less than 5%. With 1.4v, droop should be 0.05v - 0.07v. At 1.2v it should be 0.04v to 0.06v.
  21. Fixed that for ya. Rocket.Chat is a steaming pile of refuse code wise. In Debian based environments it has to be run in a container because some of its dependencies are outdated and cause conflicts elsewhere. This is a fairly universal problem in Linux that makes it not user friendly.
  22. The GUI literally falls apart under normal usage. Let me get to work and Ill boot up the Gnome 3 based default desktop and Ill just list off where it breaks over the course of a single day. KDE and Gnome have very poor performance. They are slower than W10 on the same (well supported mind you) hardware. XFCE is on par LXDE as far as being fast and lightweight, but it has a similar lack of configuration tools.
  23. I can live with the window thing in LXDE. I use it on my laptop with a 1366x768 screen, the window snap function is useless at that low of a resolution.
  24. I run VMWare (Windows domain integration required), Notepad-qq, and Rocket.Chat (server and client). I cant plop down a general computer user and have them install these things on Linux. VMWare uses a BASH script installer, Notepad-qq and Rocket.Chat exist in containers due to versioning problems. If you use a GUI that isnt one the Gnome based ones? Better know how to edit your GUIs program menu listing or run them from a CLI. How do you install the same programs in Windows? Download the installer and click it.