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  1. You will also likely need a pre-amp.
  2. I would get the 5700 for $510 as long as its not a blower type card.
  3. You could get a hot air station and try re-flowing the chips, but you will likely need to replace the chips.
  4. They will be fine, but you may have to reduce memory speed or loosen timings a bit. More load on the memory bus means its more difficult to run fastrer speeds/timings.
  5. Yeah, Ryzen 2000 and above is pretty good at maximizing performance on its own.
  6. Its not really worth the hassle to OC Ryzen 2000+ chips IMHO, unless you are chasing a few extra points on benchmark leaderboards.
  7. Hyper 212 would be a good balance of price/performance for a R5 1600.
  8. Eh, I find them easier to use than the DS4s and xbox pads.
  9. Ive got a DS3 and I use the SCP toolkit to re-map it to an xinput pad, mainly so I can use it without the hassle of doing mouse mapping.
  10. The problem I find with Destiny 2 is that it is so voracious in its quest for CPU cycles that it interferes with things like xinput for control pads.
  11. You can simulate the performance of a C2Q by using an AMD FX4100 (very close per core & per clock performance). Performance is so bad that a RX 560 or GTX 670 are bottlenecked by the CPU significantly, even up to ~5ghz. The R7 265 needs clocks well into the 4ghz range to be mostly not CPU limited, but there will always be a situation where the poor CPU performance will limit its performance.
  12. Slower than that, 800mhz with the cpu turned off 75% of the time due to clock modulation is more like it. so 200hmz or lower.
  13. Put thermal paste on your CPU. You are thermal throttling like mad, which is why your general CPU temps are not excessive. There are other sensors on die that can trip thermal throttling, but you can never see.
  14. You can do it DIY, you just need more skill and/or information... lots of research. Its not something you just type into Google and out pops a solution.
  15. Quad Channel FB-DDR2, the memory bandwidth wasnt a problem, I have/had a DDR3 C2Q to compare against. The general ineptitude of Croe 2 Duo/Quad generation cores was the problem. Per-core and per-clock they are 20% behind 1st gen Core CPUs (i3/i5/i7), and their clocks are generally lower. Compared to Sandy Bridge, they are 50% slower at the same clock. In games like Fallout 4, FPS swings wildly in outdoor areas... swings from 20 to 80 and back are pretty common. In GTA 5 you can expect 20-40 FPS unless you set lots of things to low. In both cases the GPU is generally capable of a steady 60 FPS if the CPU wasnt in the way.
  16. Not all CPUs are the same, some need more voltage for a given speed, while others need less. Stress testing for 10-15m with Prime 95/smal FFTs should be plenty for finding if you are stable with an air cooler, more than that is a waste unless you are pushing OCs on RAM. 30m-1h would be the longest I would run a stress test for, and only if I was using a water cooler, because water cooling takes longer to reach max temp.
  17. Reduce core/memory clocks by ~10%, test again.
  18. OP may mean that they used the pre-applied paste on the HSF.
  19. Err, this does that. It is printing with what appear to be epoxy/elastomer based materials. Meaning the "inks" will range from soft rubbers to rigid plastics when cured.
  20. RUFUS can write any bootable iso to a usb flash drive and make it bootable.
  21. Yes, it will. Up to 50% in some games. I had two of those CPUs in a dual socket with that exact GPU.
  22. E-Sports titles run at ~200fps with a dual core. Almost all of them are on ancient engines with simple graphics. Destiny 2 is a prime example of a game that swings from 30 to 100 fps on a core limited system. It can see 80+ averages with minimums of ~30. Same with Elite, you can average 90fps and still bottom out in the 30s or 40s.
  23. Not as much as using another card. With another card the 1660 is still drawing the 2nd monitor, but it is also copying that data over the PCIe bus.