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  1. Video ports do not mean the board has integrated graphics. They are just there because G series CPUs have integrated graphics and need those ports to use that feature. Any CPU that is not a 2200G/2400G/3200G/3400G will require a dedicated GPU.
  2. You disable XMP anyway and manually set your memory speed and timings.
  3. Pretty much any modern 4c/8t should be fine for that GPU.
  4. If memory serves, you should expect ~4.8 ghz @ ~1.3v.
  5. Overclocking was simpler when there was only a multiplier.
  6. The chip is so small that you cant get the heat out of it efficiently (the main problem with smaller process nodes). The silicon itself is a thermal insulator at those power densities. The 3600 has more "dark" silicon, thus a lower power density.
  7. Get a 4770/4770k and an RX 5500/GTX 1650. The T versions of those CPUs have massively lower clocks, going to a vanilla chip or K series chip will boost clocks a ton and the extra threads will help performance as well. You could, in theory go for up to a GTX 1660 and not really suffer from sub optimal CPU performance much if you had a 4770/4790k.
  8. 6700k is the best CPU that will absolutely work with the board you have. 7700k may or may not work depending on weather or not the manufacturer decided to add support in the BIOS for it.
  9. Not worth it and none are on the market as new. Any H61/H67/Z67 or B75/B77/Z77 board will work to be honest. I would spend as little money as possible, seeing that the CPU is worth maybe $20.
  10. Also, you dont need a 550w PSU for RX 5500. They over-estimate the PSU to reduce tech support calls and liability. You can run an RX 5700 on a 550w PSU and it pulls double the power.
  11. if you are saying that the PSU fan being on the bottom blocks airflow to it, just flip the PSU over. Two of the screw holes will still line up.
  12. That is not going to work very well. The rails are divided in a way taht makes it about like a 450w PSU + an extra 130w for an additional CPU. If you find the CPU2 connector and replace the plug on it with a PCIe 6 pin connector, it might do the job. Also, those PSUs are old enough that they are dying due to cap aging. I have had 3 fail from that workstations big brother, the XW8600. Its better to just spend the extra 10 dollars to get an EVGA 500B.
  13. FSAA does not work on Assasins Creed games in any appreciable way, the engine does not really support it very well.
  14. TOSLINK is dissapearing because it lacks support for high bitrate audio. Most soundbars and home audio equipment uses HDMI ARC to get audio and control inputs from the TV.
  15. i5 8600k Z390 motherboard 32gb of DDR4 ~3600 Why do you even have 32gb of ram anyway?
  16. CPU only. Get a new i5 and OC it to ~5ghz. WoW is extremely CPU bound in most cases, thus it is the only thing I would upgrade.
  17. Doesnt matter, it will run at SPD timings. 2400 CL 15 in your case. CPU temps are only increased when going over something like 3200 on the 3000 series Ryzen chips AFAIK. With stock cooler, expect ~80c when using a torture test like Prime 95. 5-10c lower for other "normal" full load situations.
  18. Stock cooler is fine if you dont OC. 2400mhz RAM is not going to kill your performance, and if you put some time into it you can generally hit at least 2933 with pretty much any modern DDR4 memory. Timings will not be optimal, but that isnt what is really important with Ryzen, getting the fabric clock up is primarily what boosts performance.
  19. 940M is about the same performance as integrated graphics to begin with. Install GPU drivers from the manufacturers website. With Optimus, you will get intel GPU settings and NV GPU settings. Check device manager to see if both display adapters are present and no devices are experiencing problems.
  20. Its not worth the effort to do this if you are buying a laptop. Find an older laptop with dedicated GPU already, like a GT 950m.
  21. Most "office" monitors are 1080p 60-75hz VA or TN panels, maybe an IPS panel if you are lucky. You can get them new for something like $80.
  22. OC genie tends to push clocks too high for the marketing points. Its rarely ever actually useful. My R5 1600 for example only makes it to 3.6ghz before the voltage requirement jumps from 1.25v to 1.4v. Many people overstate the stability of their overclocks as well, most of the claims of 4ghz stable on 1st gen Ryzen were out and out lies. We had a thread at Overclock.net where we gathered Prime 95 stable results from the Ryzen crowd, 3.8ghz was where like 90% of systems landed before blackscreening and whatnot. Even though 3.8ghz was what you could reasonably expect, most "auto OC" options went straight to 4ghz.
  23. Something like this maybe, if its just entry level gaming you are looking for. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16834271206R?Item=N82E16834271206R
  24. Cheap 1TB 2.5" SATA SSD for sure. Battery life difference is real, in the 10%-20% range for the difference. 2.5" HDDs have horrible performance for what they cost now.