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  1. KarathKasun

    Do I Need A 1000W PSU?

    Not with 80+ cert. They tend to be just as efficient at 50% as they are at 80%.
  2. KarathKasun

    FX 8350 Black Screen

    Could be a cracked solder joint then, bleh. Wouldnt surprise me, MSI stuff from that era was of questionable quality.
  3. KarathKasun

    FX 8350 Black Screen

    PGA CPUs are not immune to needing to be re-seated.
  4. KarathKasun

    How to test "new" used SSD?

    SMART reporting will show how many GB have been written to the drives. 250GB drives live to ~1PB of writes before dying. 1tb drives SHOULD be able to handle ~3x that.
  5. KarathKasun

    LiPo battery pack destroyed?

    The batteries are likely internally open circuited by a protection mechanism or by failure inside the cells. Dead shorts destroy LiPo's VERY quickly.
  6. KarathKasun

    GTX titan question

    Probs not going to work, at least not properly.
  7. KarathKasun

    r3 200g budget gaming CPU?

    Integrated graphics. 8gb - 2gb is 6gb, which is the situation the OP will be in.
  8. KarathKasun

    GTX titan question

    those are caps, not resistors.
  9. KarathKasun

    Regarding PCIE lanes

    Any of the following with 44 PCIe lanes and fits your budget... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Core_i9_microprocessors Or any Threadripper that fits your budget... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_Ryzen_microprocessors
  10. Unmount CPU cooler, re-seat CPU, reattach cooler. The PCIe connections also go through the CPU socket.
  11. KarathKasun

    Question regarding multiple graphics cards (Not SLI)

    The GPU load in W10 is mainly due to the FB DMA last I checked, not actual rendering. AFAIK, this render/copy procedure is done to get around some of the requirements of HDCP. As you push resolution up GPU load on the primary and secondary GPUs rises disproportionately, the same way it does with NV Optimus laptops with an external display.
  12. KarathKasun

    Regarding PCIE lanes

    Chipset has 4x connection to CPU and I think 8x for devices. Anything connected to it performs like an x4 device or worse. Up to 25% difference depending on the load... https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3366-nvlink-benchmark-rtx-2080-ti-pcie-bandwidth-x16-vs-x8
  13. KarathKasun

    Regarding PCIE lanes

    2080 Ti breaks from this, and does see a performance reduction.
  14. KarathKasun

    Regarding PCIE lanes

    2080 Ti SLI sees a performance drop when going form X16/X16 to X8/X8. 2080 is about as far as you can push on an x8/x8 setup without losing performance. You need an HEDT setup (Threadripper or i9 X series) with appropriate CPU and MB to get more than 32 lanes.
  15. KarathKasun

    Question regarding multiple graphics cards (Not SLI)

    Wrong. In Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 the desktop is rendered on the primary GPU. The image buffer is then copied to the secondary GPU. In Windows 2000 Pro and XP you could literally have two games running with each game on its own GPU, without having to do any render device shenanigans. I know because I was multiboxing EVE clients around the time that 7 started to take over (two clients on an HD 2900 XT and two on a 9800 GT, in the same PC). This is a major reason XP lasted so long in the multiboxing community. SLI/CF also worked on anything W2k Pro or above (except Fury MAXX, which was W98/ME only), and 3DFX SLI worked in DOS and W98 (all three rendered a single game with multiple cards). Check GPU utilization in 10 when you have a windowed game running on a secondary display. GPU activity is only really present on the primary GPU. And due to the framebuffer transfer between GPUs, performance will be a bit lower. The last thing you mentioned, it is in ONE game. Ashes of the Benchmark.