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  1. Higher resolution = less CPU demand and more GPU demand. If the CPU is good for 100fps at 1080p its good for 100fps at 8k.
  2. Also, with how Windows handles threads, you will not really ever see one core pegged at 100%. It moves threads from core to core faster than the task manager can update.
  3. USB isnt an audio interface, its a data interface with a host/client architecture. You need a USB host device (computer) to run a client device (DAC). You could, in theory, setup a Raspberry Pi to run headless and do the redirecting. But you will always have latency issues. Get a DAC with optical input if you really want to solve the issue.
  4. What of it? People had the money, the dot com bubble was still kinda going. Go back to the 80s or 90s. There were $50k workstations that any modern computing device destroys. Just think about that for a moment, there were workstations that cost ~3x a family car of the era. As for performance, the increase over time is exponential. We are at thousands of times the number of transistors now.
  5. It could just be that MS updated Windows to display the status differently recently. No, not really. You would need advanced component level / IC level knowledge and possibly firmware disassembly knowledge to change any kind of power limit... assuming its not in some kind of one shot memory that cant be altered.
  6. The charger or power management circuit is power limited for some reason. When gaming you are exceeding the power cap of that circuit causing the system to start drawing current from the battery as well. When this happens, windows displays the charge status as running on battery/disconnected. Ive had several Ultrabooks and tablets that will do this when running synthetic stress tests. Undervolt the GPU a bit, power draw will reduce by ~20% and possibly clear up this issue.
  7. The sliders moving out of sync? Thats a feature. If you adjust individual app volume settings, they retain their proportion to each other when you adjust the master.
  8. Wow, you can tell if its fixed or not without looking at it. Best scientific method, much impress, very wow.
  9. No, $400 gets you into a GPU that matches well with the CPU while $250-$300 does not. Get the better GPU now, and throw $100 at a 3600 a bit later when prices drop. Note that the OP will also likely need a decent 550w PSU anyway. RX 5700 + 550w PSU should come out to roughly $400 US.
  10. Acceptable FPS. If you already ordered it, just wait till the parts get there and see for yourself. This is the kind of question that reviews can generally answer, and you look them up before you buy.
  11. Disagree. Pump that CPU up to ~3.8ghz and it will perform fine with up to a GTX 1660Ti/Super/2060 or RX 5700. I had one, it performs fine. For games its about the same as a 1600, which I dont see people screaming about needing an upgrade at this point.
  12. Would not OC ANY CPU with more than 8 cores on that board. 3700X should be fine.
  13. I have seen tons of recent Dell laptops with random hardware level failures, like Ethernet and WiFi going AWOL. Replace the WiFi card, no joy, the slot or PCH has failed in some way. Most systems are really made in the same manufacturing plants with similar parts. The final assembly may be done somewhere else, but all the parts are generally the same quality minus actual design flaws.
  14. All of this info is generally false. 8 port SATA controller + 4 ports on the MB is sufficient. Software RAID is more flexible and easier to recover in addition to not needing fancy hardware. A larger array that is properly configured will have more hot spares and can withstand more drive failures as well. Larger SSDs use denser flash memory with more states per cell, raising the cell error rate. The network connection is the bottleneck, not the SATA interface. Swapping to M.2 gains you nothing.