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  1. You could test the problem by plugging the monitor into any other devices you may have available like a laptop, but you can also easily diagnose if it is windows by using a linux distro (you can just run it live off a USB) Does unplugging and plugging the cable back in wake it up? You can make sure that windows does not go to sleep and unplug the cable, wait for the monitor to go to sleep and then plug the cable back in to see if that wakes it up. Edit: I would also try using both the Display port and HDMI connector to see if that makes any difference.
  2. I didn't think I would actually be able to find the original board, now I feel a bit silly for not thinking to look for that, I think that would be the best option, thank you very much for the help
  3. Thank you very much, I will look into getting a 4K one as it should be better then a 1080p one and I assume would have more features which I hope would be compatible with my monitor I do believe it is just a 8bit panel and would not support HDR but it would be amazing if it could. and if it doesn't work I can then use driver board for when I finally get around to and can afford getting a 4K panel. Edit: I am also pretty sure the panel is fine as I am actually using the monitor right now, it just doesn't turn on sometimes which I am sure is a problem with the driver board.
  4. I have recently watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mFUTpvetjM about making your own Monitor I have a BenQ EW2740 https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/066572f It is an older monitor but I want to at least save the panel, it has 100% sRGB color space, 3000:1 static contrast, wide viewing angles and low input lag My problem is that the monitor is beginning to fail. it has a touch button to turn on the display and I am having issues like described here https://www.justanswer.com/electronics/4i9nm-samsung-syncmaster-2494hd-monitor-touch-buttons.html & http://www.fixya.com/support/t17504357-lg_monitor_will_not_turn Basically it just doesn't turn on or do anything when I touch the button to turn it on. So my issue is probably bad capacitors. I can get the monitor to turn on with more success after I leave it unplugged, allowing it to discharge the capacitors and turning it on quickly after I plug it in again. I took the monitor apart and looked at the back of the panel, there is a box very much like the one Linus used when making his Monitor in the video (didn't take photos unfortunately but I will do it again) What I wanted to know is if I could replace that box myself with a generic one, would I lose anything by not using the official BenQ component? would I need to re calibrate the color? I am fairly sure it's not the external power adapter as I bought a new one and the issue still happens It just does not turn on when touching the button, but it does sometimes turn on after I leave it unplugged Replacing the capacitors myself seems too dangerous, difficult and not worth while. I would love any assistance or advice anyone can give in regards to using the panel from my BenQ monitor with a new adapter / controller.
  5. I feel I should just delete this at this point. So because I can't delete it I will just remove the content.