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    AMD R9 3950X
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    Aorus x570 Xtreme
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    64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum CL14 3466Mhz
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    MSI RTX 2080 OG
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    Custom hardline loop: 2x360mm Bykski thick radiators, 1x360mm Bykski slim radiator, Coolermaster SF fans
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    Razer Orbweaver v2 + Corsair K70
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    Logitech G903+Powerplay
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    Sennheiser GSP 600
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hi All A friend from work helps with a charity and they're wanting a new server for their site and she wondered if I could help, they're based in the UK so parts have been selected for that region. Basically they are set to use this commerce software and the following page lists the requirements (they need Tier 4): http://webhelp.monsooncommerce.com/GAR/Monsoon/Monsoon.htm#Monsoon-Pro/System-requirements/System-requirements.htm%3FTocPath%3DAbout%20your%20system|System%20Requirements|_____0 Using the details listed on the site, (which aren't great) it seems that a 3600 is the best CPU for their requirements, but no details on RAM speed, latency, storage space etc... I came up with a build here but it would be good for people to critique it and advise on alternatives/answer my direct questions as I don't have much experience on the server side. Build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Deuteronomy/saved/#view=Q2kfvK CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 According to the monsooncommerce site's link to passmark, is going to have the best performance for the lowest cost. It apparently unofficially supports unbuffered ECC memory, however Pcpartpicker doesn't list it as being compatible. Does anyone have experience with Ryzen 3rd gen and ECC? I think it should be used for a commerce site/server. CPU Cooler - stock CPU cooler MOBO - Asus PRIME B550-PLUS Solid board that apparently also supports ECC. RAM - Kingston 16 GB (1 x 16 GB) DDR4-2666 CL19 Cheapest, reliable ECC DDR4 memory I could find. Would need 2 of these for the advised 32GB. SSD - Kingston A400 240 GB 2.5" Good, cheap SSD that should be able to handle the OS and the other system requirements and act as a cache for the HDD. They said enterprise is needed, would you suggest something else? HDD - Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Good, cheap HDD that I hope will be enough for them currently. I have no idea how much storage they require but additional ones could always be added. I would raid these together and get 2 to allow for redundancy, more if necessary with more complex raid arrays. They said enterprise is needed, would you suggest something else? GPU - Asus GeForce GT 710 2 GB Again, good and cheap. It is apparently something that is used in enterprise machines a lot and with having a passive cooler, should last a long time. The CPU doesn't have onboard memory so a cheap GPU would be needed as I don't think they will be remoting in. Case - Corsair 200R Cheap, good enough, comes with 2 fans, has a drive bay. PSU - Corsair TXM Gold 550 W 80+ Gold Cheap, good, efficient, wanted good reliability, warranty and 80+gold, I doubt the modularity is necessary. Fans - ARCTIC F12 Silent 37 CFM 120 mm I always max out my fans for cooling but also due to allowing me to keep things relatively quiet. I think having more airflow is only going to help, but also include redundancy for other fans which makes sense for a server. We've asked the guy in charge for a few more details such as budget, if they know the storage required etc but this was the cheapest but reliable one I could come up with. Let me know your thoughts! Many thanks
  2. The budget can come into question a bit, second hand things can really help for not very much. What comes to mind for me are the below, you could do any combination that works for you: Computer Get something to raise it off the floor, be it a new desk* or a side table. Longer cables for your mic and whatever else is plugged into the ports on top. Plugging these into the back will make thew setup cleaner, for the mic, this can be cable tied to the arm etc. If you have no available ports, consider a hub or a PCI expansion card. Fans I'm always an advocate of more fans are better, this way you can tune the noise level more without impacting performance as much. You have 3 fans that all look to be exhausting the air, do you have intake in that case? If not I would swap the orientation of the side fans and get 2 more to exhaust from the top. I'd play around with rear fan orientation. CPU cooler is stock, upgrading even slightly to a Hyper 212 will help and may be quieter. I use an Orbweaver, I can see you already like Razer but this is very nice to use and helps issues you have/may develop frok using computers. I haven't listed anything to do with major components, you haven't said what you have so I'm avoiding these. Someone mentioned your desktop icons, this is lowkey a good idea. I don't think many people do it much? But I took everything off my start menu and customised it into groups that worked well for me. Ultimately my desktop is clear and I have everything available to me without a program blocking it. Desk New chair (more notes on this below) I like something mesh that can breathe but also like back support. I found something good that was relatively cheap in China but had struggled to find something in the UK and Spain previously. Gaming style chairs aren't great, they don't breathe, aren't always that comfortable and are styled after bucket seats to keep you in a fixed position, not great for a desk chair. I would definitely change this, the current one looks like a nice looking piece of furniture but not suited for this. I have worked from home for years now and having a good desk that you can lay your forearms on for support is a good investment. Whilst people have said Ikea, I would agree to an extent, but again depending on how much of your budget you're willing to sink into this. I got the basic bitch Ikea kitchen worktop which was big, much sturdier than the usual desktops they have as well as cheaper. I would get this and 2 matching basic drawers or something along those lines. I'm taller so this definitely helps but I suppose for a lot of people it is a thing, find a guide online for the perfect posture including chair* then mock this up and measure the perfect height for your desk. Find the difference in height between that amount, and the amount of the desktop with the cabinet or whatever you use under it. Go online and look for furniture feet with the height you need. These are very cheap and are very simple to add to the setup to make it the perfect height and keep you comfortable. You can find ones that match the style or just paint what you find. Cable management Attach your gang socket to the underside of your desk: Screws Strong adhesive Strong velcro Cable ties will help keep this clean too. Larger mousepad, you can get big ones for cheap now, Asus and Corsair have very cheap ones available. Audio Pop filter for your mic Do you have a headset? If so where do you put it? I got a £5 holder that clamps onto my desk which is very sturdy. Walls Paint, not always the easiest thing to do if you don't own the house but does make a world of difference. Lights, I wouldn't go for this in your case but you have RGB fans, that Razer wallpaper, RGB mouse and keyboard so if its for aesthetics, that might work for you. There are lots of guides online for how to do this cheap, from purpose made products to typical strips that you can put on your setup rather than in your computer. Can't think of much else right now! Hope it helps
  3. Makes sense, in terms of NZXT, the coolers themselves will work fine as will any of the new Asetek ones. You could save some money buying the same cooler with a different pump shroud if you don't care much about the design. The issue many people find with the NZXT (myself included) is that the stock fans are loud, if that's a factor you care about then I'd advise actually going for another vendor and swapping them out.
  4. Just some feedback/questions but it looks like a decent build Did you go for 9th gen because there were discounts with it being a generation old now? Why do you need 64GB ram? I have this but due to work, 3600 is a good speed but I try to ensure the latency is low. For the HDDs, how does 5400rpm perform? I believe most people go for 7200rpm right? I don't use HDDs currently but will be when arranging the NAS in my build. The case seems like an interesting choice but not meant for aircooling. Were you planning to go with water eventually? I had (have) a scimitar and I hate it, on paper it's good but I'd used it across 3 or 4 different systems and iCue worked so poorly with it. In terms of advice, as the parts are bought it's a little difficult to advise. If you take the window off and take another picture it might help people advise with cable management. The more software running on your computer, the more it will impact performance. I imagine you have iCue, Gskill (can't remember the name, maybe TridentZ?), G Hub, Colourful likely have software and not sure if your fans are from them or use their own software in addition to these. The software will for the most part not impact overall performance too much, the processing for them has a slight impact. The issue is that they send out calls every so often which causes the impact to spike significantly which can/will cause stuttering or drops: Peripherals are often easier/cheaper to swap out than internal components and with OpenRGB, the need for separate software suites is becoming less necessary. If you do find that you have these issues, it would be worth looking into this. To confirm, I have a 16 core processor and during initial setup after the build I set core affinity for these programs to try and ensure the effect would be lessened as I have Aorus, Razer, Corsair and Logitech running. Thankfully for the most part, this seems to very rarely happen.
  5. The CPU cooler will help but populating the front with 3 fans may be better as it's not getting much air. Both case fans are exhausting currently but there's no intake from what I can see.
  6. Just looking at the build, I don't really understand your need for separate work and gaming rigs, though I don't know your work/requirement. I also use a 3950X as it was the perfect cpu for work and play. It looks like the only thing your threadripper has over the 3950x in most applications are lanes but you're not really using them, aside from this you'll have double the RAM but again you could quite easily have 64 on the 3950x rig. If I was to really need separate work/gaming setups I'd have gone for Intel with gaming as the higher clock speeds are just better than the 3950x. Could you let us know why you need the work system when the 3950x would (in most scenarios) just be far superior anyway? Just so it helps us understand the build better
  7. Sure that's fair, thanks for the help!
  8. Just an addition to this as it might help Pndude and others, specsheets are readily available online to check before you start builds, really enabling you to see what the headroom is for your build. 10700k TDP: 125W Note that this is stock and in a good environment, overclocking will change this but with 4 fans there is no issue. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/199335/intel-core-i7-10700k-processor-16m-cache-up-to-5-10-ghz.html Bequiet (I'm honestly not great with aircoolers these days as I haven't done it for years but I think it's a Dark Rock Pro 4?) TDP: 250W https://www.bequiet.com/en/cpucooler/1378 If it isn't that cooler, I still can't imagine that it would be too different in terms of heat dissipation. But it's the story as usual, look at your cost, look at what you want to achieve and headroom for tweaks/upgrades. The aircooler will last you a very long time as it will dissipate a lot of heat and the fans are good and reliable. If in the future you wanted to upgrade, I'm sure that would work fine for most builds going forwards as we're not in the days of Bulldozer/Piledriver anymore and heat isn't as much of a factor.
  9. That cooler is more than enough for the CPU, good AIOs are great but definitely not a necessity in any way, I think some people get fooled into thinking that these days. The reason the Hyper 212 is so good is because it cools very respectably (particularly for a single tower) for a very low cost. Bequiet aren't the penultimate aircooler company but they make very good products. A dual tower cooler for a upper-mid level CPU is fine.
  10. Awesome, these seem to be much cheaper in China than other areas, just under £70, much more expensive in the UK.. Just a quick question, whilst this looks perfect 2x speakers, mic+headphones, how would the sub integrate into this setup? I don't see an available port. Many thanks!
  11. Hi again So I've done a workaround for now which will work until getting another speaker and sub. I've returned the headphones to the original setup using the audio in/out, whilst the HS5 is plugged into a monitor, changed the DP for HDMI and run this into the GPU. The speaker doesn't sound as good but doesn't crackle like others have mentioned which I can live with for the time being. Taking this into consideration, what will be the best approach with my eventual setup? I suppose this has sort of evolved into a recommendation for a setup. To confirm, I don't really intend on streaming (at least for the moment) but for work calls it's very important to have good audio quality hence my interest in a dedicated mic. Speakers 2x HS5s in Stereo (yes this was always the plan!) 1x sub Microphone May go for a dedicated mic rather than the inbuilt one in my current headset Headphones If I go for a dedicated mic, I will likely retire the GSP600, using that for work when travelling I can see people are using dedicated DACs/AMPs with similar setups such as Jay here: youtube.com/watch?v=HSafxz1qBKo&t=987s If someone does suggest moving towards a new headset, dedicated mic and DAC/AMP, I'd be wanting to go for things at the same tier as my Sennheisers and the Yamaha, very entry level audiophile (if that's what you'd call it!)
  12. Will be getting 2, it's just 1 for a little bit. An update on this, I've been using headphones for a really long time now and maybe I thought things had improved. The speaker works fine, however I'm having issues switching between my headphones and the speaker. I want to plug both into the back panel (front panel isn't an option) however I just can't get it to work with using them both as separate devices and working. I've played around with various things and followed some guides online such as: Updating drivers from Realtek to Windows and then back again Switching the cables between different rear jacks Various options within the software, which has created another device called "Realtek HD Audio 2nd output" Based on what people say, I hope this is what I need however no sound will play from this device. I have seen people saying to select "Make front and rear output devices play two different audio streams simultaneously" however I don't seem to have this option within the Aorus software anywhere. To confirm, my headphones are the Sennheiser GSP600 which use 2x3.5mm jacks for input and output.
  13. Hi All Whilst paying off more bills I'm slowly working my way towards my completed PC build. The next steps are the audio, headphone wise I'm fine, but I'm getting 1 Yamaha HS5 to start with (compatible cable to 3.5mm jack comes with it) then will follow this up with another and then possibly a subwoofer afterwards. I know that people buy DACs/AMPs to use these with their setups as their onboard sound isn't enough to drive them/they get crackles. My mobo however is marketed as having very good onboard sound and I wondered if anybody knew if this was going to be enough to drive them without distortion. Here's a link to the mobo: https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/X570-AORUS-XTREME-rev-10#kf Hoping someone more knowledgeable than me may know!
  14. Picture with some RGB on to show just how much spare there is between the fan and rad.
  15. Hi All I thought I'd post some feedback on these fans in case people thought about buying them and wanted feedback, as there wasn't much information on them apart from them just being quite unique. I've been running them for 3 months now and they're pretty crap really. I have 2 very thick 360mm rads and 1 slimmer 360mm rad. The only reason I believe my temps are good is because there is so much cooling just from a bit of air being passed through the rads. The fans themselves are extremely loud, I couldn't believe it. I really like to have an HEDT with performance but silence optimised. I run these fans at pretty much the lowest possible setting at all times unless the CPU hits 75 degrees in which case I ramp them up fully due to the workload being very high at that point. One of the issues I see is that although people mentioned (it might also be in the marketing) that because they are all together, it will help static pressure, this definitely is not the case. There are large gaps between the fans and the rad which means that any static pressure is lost. The RGB on them (whilst not the most important thing to me) is pretty poor. They light up but with very few LEDs they're quite underwhelming. The fast that there are 2 cables for 3 fans instead of 6 is nice, but to conclude.. Cooling is poor Noise is loud RGB is underwhelming They were cheap (not sure about other countries) The 2 cables are nice to have Overall I really wouldn't recommend them to anyone as I can't really see much of a use for them compared to other fans. Possibly only if you really don't care about noise, want just a bit more airflow or some fans/lights for a comparatively cheap amount.