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  • Birthday 1995-10-03

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    BURRITOS also some other Mexican food, BUT MOSTLY BURRITOS
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    I'm a huge fan of burritos, I try to have at least three to four a week. Although I like to keep them semi healthy by using fish sometimes or not adding rice, also using low carb tortilla shells. Still IM A HUGE FAN OF BURRITOS!!!!!
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    I decorate cakes, but I'm going to go study animation


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    Intel i7 -4790k
  • Motherboard
    MSI LGA 1150
  • RAM
    Crucial 16gb 1866
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960
  • Case
    Thermaltake V3
  • Storage
    Seagate 1 tb Samsung 850 Evo
  • PSU
    Corsair 750 watt
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64bit

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  1. BirdyBlue007

    Your FAVORITE Video Game Franchises?

    Elders Scrolls is easily my favorite series, I've been playing since Morrowind. Although I played the latest Uncharted game and loved it so much I'm gonna purchase the rest. So here's hoping thats a good series!!!
  2. BirdyBlue007

    Melancholic/depressive songs and bands

    I think Aimee Mann entire album Lost in Space is pretty depressing, it's like good late night, raining and stuck at a traffic light music. Devendra Banharts entire album Mala holds a place in my heart, it's depressing ideas hidden in the song, but its a really peaceful jams that I HIGHLY SUGGEST!!!!!
  3. Just had the most delicious chicken sriracha burrito, 10/10 would recommend people to make it!!!

  4. BirdyBlue007

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    @BashZeStampeedo plastic memories if you like Clannad or Angel Beats because it's got a sad but romantic story line. Beyond the Boundary is just really cute and funny with a decent story line. Those where just the top two that came to suggestion. I can't recommend a lot of anime cause I mostly read manga, but if you have any really good anime I should watch let me know!!!
  5. yeah @terrytek it'll probably be a lot of work, but i've got a lot of family who are down to help, I'll post a picture when I can! It's in pretty good condition body wise! It wasn't left in the elements which is good at least...
  6. BirdyBlue007

    Off topic chit chat

    A SUH
  7. I'm gonna get a picture of it as soon as I can, but recently I purchased a 1965 OLDSMOBILE cutlass convertible!!! It's my new baby, It needs a lot of repairs since it has been sitting in a garage since 1969... Nothing body wise, just that an engine sitting for that long is bound to need repairs!
  8. BirdyBlue007

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Okay so I just wanna highly suggest plastic memories and Beyond the Boundary!!!
  9. The world would be a better place if every meal was in BURRITO format.... 

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    2. BirdyBlue007


      Have you heard the new theme song? They added a new character which Timmy has to share his fairies with..

    3. BirdyBlue007
    4. Tech_Dreamer
  10. Any news about iMac for 2017?

  11. BirdyBlue007

    What's Your current Tech Hardware Priority?

    I wanna change out my graphics card cause I have the a 960, but I'm pretty sure any graphics card I get will mean I have to upgrade my power source...
  12. BirdyBlue007

    Anyone into sneakers or clothing?

    I mostly just wear globes, converse, or some Oxfords I bought online from some random company
  13. BirdyBlue007

    Who here wants drone delivered burritos?!?!?!

    Lets just make a forum where we share BURRITO recipes, I think thats what everyone NEEDS!!!!
  14. BirdyBlue007

    Who here wants drone delivered burritos?!?!?!

    I will not let any of you down, I will inform all of the greatness of THE BURRITO!!!! ALL PRAISE THE MAJESTY OF THE BURRITO!!!!!!!
  15. BirdyBlue007

    Who here wants drone delivered burritos?!?!?!

    I will always appear when the topics about BURRITOS!!!