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    Playing games like Starcraft2, Runescape, StarCitizen, Minecraft, Battlefield4, Callofduty.

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    Completionist gamer. Perfectionist.
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    intel i9 7900x
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    ASUS Rampage Vi Extreme
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    8+8GB Avexir red tesla ROG + 8+8GB Avexir Impact ROG. Total 32GB
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    Asus 1080ti poseidon + Asus 1050ti STRIX
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    Modded Define R4
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    3x 250gb intel optane 900p +120+240+480GB Kingston hyperx
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    Corsair AX860i
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    3x Asus RoG swift G-sync pg278q & Asus pg348q G-sync
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    7 be quiet silent wings3, dark rock 3 cpu cooler
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    (Asus Claymore) /Qpad MK-85/
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    Logitech g900 chaos
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    Qpad QH1339
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  1. i need something like this for my drinking bottle but i donno how to make ltt see it tbh, idk where else to post. I dont know how possible it is to have it insulated with a drinking straw like the pic but it would be great.
  2. I just thought i should add this here for possible info https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/variable_refresh.htm#g-sync The way i understand g sync working is that it doesnt matter if the game runs at higher fps than the refreshrate iirc reading from that link. So having to limit the games refresh doesnt really make sense and so the tearing ur getting might be from some other source i have no knowledge of. *side note that i have a pg348q 100hz gsync monitor and all my games are running at way over 100fps and i havent seen any tearing at mine, and im extremely sensitive to fps loss and tearing.
  3. (I need help choosing a monitor and understanding what some of these specs are because after doing what research i manage to do, i still cant understand a lot of this with a brain disability) So i currently run Asus pg348q (100hz 3440x1440) as my main middle monitor. Also got a couple Asus pg279q (165hz 2560x1440) as my side monitors for reference. I decided a while ago i cant handle the 100hz anymore and need a upgrade. Have mostly been waiting for ASUS PG35VQ (200hz 3440x1440) for years now but it seems to have a couple of problems im not sure if i can handle or turn off. There are also acer x34p 120hz (1200$) option but i dont feel like 1200$ is worth 20hz more but will likely be the route i go if no other options currently good enough. And there is a LG 34GN850-B 160hz (1300$) "gsync compatible" but not having properly g sync seems a dealbreaker but its on the list of possibilities. - Upgrading simply because i need 160hz+ on my ultrawide. - For mostly productivity & gaming (minor photoshop, youtube/twitch watching, webbrowser, writing text docs, games like cod, starcraft, fh4*, minecraft. - I cant/shouldnt go 4k or 1080p (stick to 1440p in various wideness but prefer 3440x1440) - i dont think i really care about hdr but it could be nice sometimes maybe? - I believe i need gsync, always had it since it came out and its been amazing. - Obviously i wanna spend as little money as possible but the only real options are 1600$ and 3000$ as far as i can tell. ASUS PG35VQ - 200hz 3440x1440 - Price: ~3000$ - Apparently asus & acer have a flickering problem according to https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/573868/x35-flickering#latest However im not sure if i understand it correctly but is the flickering issue coming from a feature called "pwm"? and can that be turned off? what happens if i turn it off? link to "pwm" https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/pulse_width_modulation.htm#side_effects - Light bleed(bloom) around bright objects due to FALD but can turn it off but lose HDR and a lot of color contrast. + Asus has a built in audio amp, i dont know how useful itll be for me but its there i guess if i wanna use it (i know very little about audio) ACER X35 & AOC AG353UCG - 200hz 3440x1440 - Price: ~3400$ - Acer doesnt have "smart control" on its built in fan which makes a really annoying fan that ramps up & down loudly so ill avoid acer i think, acer also isnt available right now for some reason so it doesnt matter? - AOC AG353UCG doesnt seem to have good availability and costs 400$ more than asus right now and i cant find much info on it so im *guessing* asus is a better option(?) *Acer and AOC are both priced at 400$ more than asus currently for me while i believe they are specced for and released at 2000$ so not worth?* Samsung Odyssey C49G95T - 240hz 5120x1440 - Price: ~1600$ - Doesnt have gsync, only "gsync compatible" which technicaly doesnt mean anything and might not even do much at all since nvidia brands good gsync monitors as "gsync certified" - Has wider than prefered resolution so some games might be played in windowed mode to avoid too much performance loss (untested?) and fullscreening anything on it takes up the whole space losing a lot of the monitor space and may be a bit difficult to use but i never tried so i dont know for sure. - According to comments in https://www.overclock3d.net/news/gpu_displays/samsung_s_odyssey_c49g95t_curved_display_is_a_49-inch_5120x1440_240hz_monster/1 this monitor cant run 240hz at 5120x1440 which i dont know how to validate if true or not? and if i cant run that spec then what do i do/how does it work? - Its possible its bordering too heavy for my ergotech freedom monitor arms but i dont know for sure yet. TLDR! - i think i wanna buy the ASUS PG35VQ monitor for higher refreshrate, but it has issues like flickering and fald lightbleed and pwm flickering which i need to know if i can get rid of without really bad consequences to be happy with it. Its also 2x the price of any other option that exists which i dislike. *or Samsung Odyssey C49G95T if non g sync module works ok and extra wide works ok for half price not dealing with fald/pwm/hdr *or LG 34GN850-B if non g sync module works but extra wide doesnt work *or Acer X34p if no other option works * maybe i could theoretically go with something like LG 38GL950G (175hz 3840x1600 2500$) but i cant tell if it has gsync v1 or v2 module (since it has higher res than i need but not too high, has gsync v2(?) module from what i can tell, is still 160hz+ and doesnt seem to have fald and flickering problems) * if you know any future monitors in the spec range of around 3440+x1440 160hz+ with gsync certification or gsync module i want to know about it
  4. thanks for confirming you have the same gpu without issues, that tells me more closely that its a card issue specific to my card and makes me more hopeful for a succesful rma after much hassle but we'll see. i tried every single graphics setting meaning rtx on or off doesnt matter as i put in original post text but yeah it doesnt make sense as for overheating, definetely not a problem. for clocks i didnt check any and dont really know how to but i tried once to use msi afterburner to change sliders around to see if it did anything but every slider made it crash still, even the simple ones that shouldnt do anything so i kinda doubt theres anything there being issues.
  5. unless theres something in windows, battlenet, geforce experience(not open but installed for driver), or cod itself causing any problems, no. i fresh install every time
  6. as text says, i tried on 3 seperate pcs with all different parts so i alredy tested for hardwar combinations also completely fresh installed windows with only cod and latest nvidia driver every time. its been a problem since a month or 2 after cod came out i forgot to put in original text
  7. Im thinking maybe i can tell the retailer that if i buy another card of the same type and the new card works fine to take that as proof that the card is bad? idk if that works i dont have enough knowledge of it. atleast doing this will tell me for sure wether cod is broken or my card is broken - also i dont understand how a game can cause the pc to comlpetely crash restart * forgot to add that im using a 980ti currently and it works fine
  8. My asus 2080ti ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING (not overclocked) crashes in cod but only cod, every other game etc i tried seems fine. I can usualy play for 1-4 minutes before it either crashes by giving me the standard modern warfare error code 6068, or just completely crash the pc where all monitors go black, the cpu and or gpu fan (?didntcheck) starts running at 100% until i manualy press the powerbutton to restart the pc. (90% chance of giving error code, 10% of crashing the pc) Have tried every single graphics setting on the game, all lowest, all highest, mixed, rtx on and off, fullscreen, borderless, windowed. I tried this card alone on multiple pcs with every part different including fresh reinstalled windows ssd's (fx8350, i7 5960x, 9900k) + different monitors: asus pg348q + asus pg278q (1 monitor connected at a time) I returned it to the retailer and they said they tested furmark and 3dmark and so said there was nothing wrong with the card and they wont refund me it for being faulty and so im basicly wondering if there is something wrong with my card or if COD just simply doesnt want to play with any 2080ti or my specific model or something. have tried googling the issue and havent found anyone else having the crash issue with 2080ti and cod that i have. (Side note, i tried to use msi afterburner to see if there could be something i could do in there to fix the issue, but changing any of the setting in there just made the pc crash/shutdown every time after starting cod 1 min into the game no matter what setting i changed, even the settings that shouldnt even do anything. did not check any other games while messing with msi afterburner though.) *edit* forgot to add... im currently using a 980ti on cod and it works perfectly stable, altho ill have to run it at min specs and get low fps so that makes me sad This has been a problem ever since a month or 2 after cod came out. so it was working fine for the first month. Update; called the retailer, they said they will take it back in for testing specifically in cod and try to find out what the issue is so that i know if i need to buy a new different card or if its actually faulty or whatever
  9. still need help to wether or not i can disable this bs
  10. Every time i hit alt to make symbols like alt+2 = @ i also hit the key next to it FN and it messes something up every time requiring a restart of armoury 2 program or pc or resetting armoury altogether - How do i disable FN key or change it to not do random shortcut bs or whatever its doing i dont even know... @asus if i wanted to change stuff i would change stuff and not with 2 keys right besides eachother so i hit them both every time... theres a reason ctrl + alt + del are far away from eachother right now symbols like @ doesnt even work anymore cos whatever it did alt doesnt do what alt does anymore
  11. fair enough guys ty for the infos. will consider for next time but for now just didnt feel like messing around with it anymore. wasnt a big refund anyway
  12. in the video you can see the cpu cooler isnt clamped on, its just loose put on it
  13. okay so, i also gave him a Amd phenom 2 x4 810 in a MSI 790FX-GD70 mobo which he says works, so assuming he used the same hardware to test that mobo/cpu i dont think hes hardware is bad i guess i can tell him to properly clamp the cpu cooler on? if it still doesnt start when its properly on i donno whats next. I woulda thought just trying to start the cpu wouldnt cause enough heat for it to be a problem to not seat it properly. have seen linus start a pc into the bios while holding his finger on the cpu to see when it becomes too hot and it took a while so idk(?) ill figure out what slot is ram slot 1 too i guess. idk what u mean by remove graphics card because there is no other way to get video to the monitor afaik? guess ill also tell him to remove sata drives stuff