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  1. It's a silly question but my cat likes to bite mouse wire for some reason,so is it ok to plug-unplug usb mouse every day before go sleep so it can be safe at night? (I would have to do that for the next 20 days until i move pc in other room) Mouse is razer deathadder 2013
  2. Laptop is 5 years old so no worries about warranty. But if i change whole mobo/cpu/gpu?
  3. (I don't know where to post this so mods feel free to direct my post where it belongs) It's Intel dual core mobile t1700 1.6ghz + intel graphics family chipset(which is probably the worst card(hd acceleratior) ever) I can't even run cs 1.6 and get 30+ constant on 800x600 lowest settings which is both sad and funny Is there any way to replace cpu/gpu in my laptop? I mean for example if i go in computer shop and replace mine with similar second hand cpu + hd 2000/3000(which would be a bit better)
  4. Hmm then i think the best think to do is to get 1366x768 monitor..Games still look great at that res though. If i get only 1gb vram for 900p i think,especially on the start of new generation,i would have problems with new relases like watchdogs,witcher 3 and would have to lower res to 720p EVENTUALLY.So maybe getting 720p monitor and play on native res would be better choice. Would hd7790 1gb be sufficent for 1-2 year? thx
  5. if i change to hd7790 (also 1gb vram) would that be enough for next 1-2 year on 1600x900? (r7 260x is like 30%more expensive here)
  6. Like title says.Hd 7770 1gb vram,for about next 1-2 year,is it going to be enough for new games?
  7. To be precisely i'm talking about hd 7790.I will be playing on 1366x760 res. Should 1gb vram card do the job for next 1-2 year? (high settings+a bit of AA)
  8. I'm choosing between 720p(1366x768) and 1600x900 monitor for R7 260x. 1080p moitor is probably out of the questions as i want to play at minimum 40+fps(bf4) Also i want to play at NATIVE RESOLUTION(i tried non native while ago and it sucks big time). Is 720p a safe bet? I will pair r7 260x with fx6300(non OC) + 8gb ram,don't know if gpu has enough power for next gen games for next 2 years? Am i missing much(graphically) playing at 720p instead of 1600x900? (i'm really not a "graphics whore", i would take any day 720p/45+ fps over 1600x900/30fps)
  9. It's 19.5 inch monitor.Yeah i totally forgot about PPI. I'm a fucking idiot,instead of buying console i could have build a 400$ pc and play bf3 with 64 players at 720p. I never thought pc 720p would look so much better than on console,i just assumed both pc and tv are 720p so there's no differences.Boy was i wrong.(i can't even imagine how 1080p looks like lol)
  10. I've done most of my gaming on console. So my friend has borrowed me his PC for a week along with his 1366x768(720p) monitor. I don't get it,when i play pc games on 720p monitor games look much better/crispier than playing console games on my 720p 32"tv. Granted i played high settings/AA but still even with no AA lower res games do look better on monitor.
  11. Like tittle says,it there any bottleneck gaming wise?Note that i will NOT overclock. Also if i go with fx8320 stock would i lose much fps compared to fx8350? (yes i know there is fx8350 but i would like to spend less on cpu if that's possible and even if i had to choose i would rather have i5 4570 over 8350 because i'm not OC)