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  1. Jasun

    Can't remove gpu

    I don't know what GPU you have but for I had a GT 630 (730? don't remember lol) once and the little notch was actually on the motherboard of the GPU and you just had to move it around a bit. What I would recommend is to check the nooks and crannies of GPU itself and you'll eventually find a way to release the beast.
  2. Jasun

    Mouse sensor

    Probably not but the easiest way to find out would be to test the mouse.
  3. Jasun

    First build complete!

    That color scheme isn't one of the normal ones people prefer but it still looks hella sick with that RTX 2070
  4. Jasun

    Experiencing packet loss, could this be the cause?

    Typically, if there were an issue with my internet, I would just restart my router/modem. (I'm guessing you've don'e this hundreds of times so I'm just gonna skip over that) How old is your hardware? What speed are you paying for? What speeds are you getting? (speedtest.net cause google's is somewhat weird? idk I'm just used to the Mbps instead of literal MBps)
  5. Jasun

    Experiencing packet loss, could this be the cause?

    Are you on Ethernet or WiFi?
  6. Jasun

    What temps should i start worrying at?

    That's completely okay! GPUs are actually better at handling heat when compared to CPUs. I think the general limit for GPUs can go as high as 80-90 degrees Celsius.
  7. 5ce8f95000449de919f6da31c1924047.mp4 ^^Demonstration on how to position your monitor perfectly. In my situation, my main monitor (1) is on a stand so that's why I have to position my other monitor (2) lower but when i move my mouse to my other monitor, it lines up well enough for it not to annoy me. (I also have a dual monitor setup without the same monitor sizes.)
  8. Jasun

    Looking for Opinions on a headset

    Since I don't actually own any of those headsets, I can only influence your decision marginally so please consider... I currently have the older version of the Logitech G430 (I own the G230) and aren't that bad for the price. Since they were discontinued (I think?), you can buy refurbished ones of pretty cheap (~26 USD ) on Amazon. The only complaint with these headphones are that my ears would begin to hurt after 4+ hours of usage so for long gaming sessions or whatever, it would not be optimal. The pain isn't too great or anything but it's just a minor annoyance. It isn't as bad as a minor headache but are pretty annoying if you cannot deal with pain. The sound quality aren't going to be amazing but if you're going to play esports' titles then these should do. So from that list, I would cross out the Logitech G430 because I would expect the other ones to have higher quality ear cups, and probably better quality audio.
  9. Jasun

    Windows Explorer Lag

    Nope, even reset CMOS but nothing.
  10. Jasun

    Windows Explorer Lag

    I've tried restarting but I'll try it again right now.
  11. Jasun

    Windows Explorer Lag

    The problem is only in explorer but I did change some settings in regedit but all the changes were reverted back so I have no idea why this popped up...
  12. Jasun

    Windows Explorer Lag

    That was one of the first things that I checked when this problem occurred but nothing out of the ordinary is affecting the CPU. Secondly, I am not running any sort of stress test in the background.
  13. Jasun

    Windows Explorer Lag

    I have no idea why this happens but my explorer is lagging all of sudden. I have attached a video that shows how there's lag when trying to select folders but this is only one example. Opening folders also lags and takes time. Images and videos also take a bit longer than usual to show the thumbnails. I know that it isn't only one of my hard drives because both of my drives in my system have the same issue. I just need to this to be solved because it's kinda annoying me... Desktop 2018.12.25 -
  14. United States, budget... I have enough but I'd really want something ~1000 dollars but nothing is that thin and that powerful. Usage; gaming (csgo, so high refresh rate will be nice) and anything else that's related to school (word processing, youtube videos, etc.). I would like a it to last for ~5 hours and the weight to be no more than 5 pounds. I'm not that picky when it comes to specific specs but the looks, I don't want anything that is too outstanding. For example, many MSI laptops are literally meant to look like a gaming laptop; they are literal bricks and have crazy red accents and LEDS.
  15. Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/msi-gs65-stealth-thin-047-gs65047-gaming-laptop/93fvpv09rx3n?activetab=pivot:techspecstab I recently found out about this really nice laptop and I was thinking if the price currently is good enough to buy since it's Cyber Monday. What do y'all think? Should I buy it right now or should I wait for the price to drop? (Is the price going to drop anything below the $1599 it's at right now? I'll need a new laptop in the next year so is the price going to drop considerably below that price before the end of 2020?) I know that you can't accurately predict the price but maybe someone knows more about the trends of these high-end laptops and can give me some insight on this topic.