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  1. You mean several offsite backups. Just incase same thing happens to one of you offsites, all your data isn't lost.
  2. You should worry because your system can be compromised and become part of a botnet for nefarious activities such as DDOS attacks and such.
  3. @PCGuy_5960 Sometime I think to myself "Damn I'm such a hacker."


  4. Ha I'd love for him to slap that 4790k cooler on a xeon equivalent and let it try to cool the xeon while it does it's usual tasks. There's a reason server sit in air conditioned rooms. Even with those high rpm fans they'll throttle faster than a consumer chip when they get bitch slapped with a sustained load.
  5. Meh, I try not to pirate stuff but the whole my country getting lumped with latin america kinda pisses me off since the official language of my country is english and 9/10 streaming sites only give me spanish as an option unless I use a vpn. My second language is french ffs q.q
  6. I said the same thing at first too til I made it full screen and saw a 0% and same low usage on cores/threads
  7. You gotta look a little closer than that. had less threads used than hence the clock disparity but higher frames
  8. Let's not forget we can cram more of these in a server than we can HDDs AND we can also chuck them in a shopping cart and take them across the parking lot to the new building without data loss lol
  9. @DrMacintosh Hey do you know of any good adapters to convert this mac drive for regular pc use?

    No photo description available.

  10. I don't think she liked the price I told her recovery would start at as a minimum ($300 USD)
  11. Had an instance this week where the lady just unplugged her 3tb external drive in the middle of copying files then was badgering me about recovering her data
  12. Me telling the manager at my first job not to order any modern day system with less than 8gb of RAM and showed him how much of the 16gb of RAM my system used with the same applications the client had running on their systems. He looks at me and saying because I have double the RAM I recommended that it was a rubbish comparison and still bought the 4gb system. You know the client still complained about the same memory issue they were running into
  13. Took LG about a year to put out the nougat update for the V10 and by the time that came out it was time for Oreo and the V30 so I just bought a pixel 2 XL
  14. This is me using any of the laptops at work compared to using my desktop at home.
  15. Well hot diggity damn

  16. Though I have like 2 pairs of wireless headphones, I still kinda miss having a headphone jack cause I can't walk around and listen to music while at work and my headphones are charging. My only problem with wireless headphones is that I often forget my phone on the table and walk far away from my phone and only remember it's not in my pocket when the music stops.
  17. Slowest bulkiest POS I've ever had the misfortune to work with
  18. Know I've been staring at this ram kit for the last 30 mins trying to figure out if it's Dual Rank or Single Rank xD lol 

  19. What the fuck is this vcore from cpu-z ????? 


    1. Levent


      well, you are using a version of CPU-Z that was released in 2015. Get the latest one.

    2. XenosTech


      Installed that a few weeks ago from their website with the rog theme

  20. I'm only getting a new system cause my friend can't afford to buy a new one so I'm selling him this with my 1080 and another kit of ram on the cheap
  21. Based on reviews.... All of the 3rd gen ryzen cpu's are an upgrade to my 7700k even for gaming.... Question is what do I buy