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  1. Yes you are correct. methyl hydrate is the active ingredient
  2. Here is a lil video of an i7 8700k running dat cinebench at 5.8Ghz. The CPU cooler is homemade.... Hope you enjoy!
  3. Aluminum Radiator. Secret sauce is the windshield wiper fluid, been using it for 3 years in other loops. It doesn't corrode or create any unwanted mold/ bio film. Its only downside is at normal ambient temps the washer fluid has poor thermal exchange (worse than tap water)
  4. Hello LTT peoples of the internetz, Just wanted to share my new cooling setup and show some results on 7600k + 8700k. This is pretty much "proof of concept". I do need some refinements. Hope you enjoy. Parts 1x 2005 radiator from dodge dakota 2x 1080mm US robotics fan banks 48V DC 1x Swiftech block, pump, reservoir All plumbing is mostly 3/8" tubing used for hot tubs with some fancy reduction to tie into rad Hope you enjoy
  5. dry ice in a closed loop + water = Bomb ( dont do dis) there's no benefit from super cooling your mainstream computer parts for general daily use. I upgrade my cooler
  6. Hello, do you people do overclocking? What is a good z370 board for overclockers....you know for those memories and things. I cant afford that maximus apex
  7. b150 supports 7th gen you will have to make sure your board has the latest \ compatible bios flashed before you install the 7th gen chip.
  8. mine is not delided. i usually use a razor but these pcb soo fragile i kinda wish i had that fancy delid tool and jumpy never visits me if the stock tim freezes when we go sub zeros im gonna have to take the lid off
  9. good call. that microcode tweak just might do the trick....hmm even on z170...now im curious george pumped for ryzen...we may actually have a market back i think the new amd 8 core will retail for 400-500 usd...any thoughts. wish it came in at 300-350 usd
  10. im guessing any non "k " chip will be locked right down i wonder if the old z170 bios's will oc 7th gen locked skus...prolly not tho...microcode issues
  11. eventually. that 7350k is $250cad ffs...thats too much. I paid $220.00 cad for 4670k at launch need to gather 58 quid to get jumpy a cele
  12. Got this lil gem last night. this is what skylake should have been 1.35V at room temp +23c. Gonna drop the rads out the window this weekend
  13. i dont think you will hit 125 strap. you will be limited to 105.5-107.9 on air maybe 108-110 on cold. nice dual 1366 setup :). love dem coolers.
  14. your chip is decent. most 8400 and 8500 have 1.2-1.28V stock vid you seem to have got one that does sub 1.10V
  15. well done sir harry. us old guys will have to retire someday. nice to know all the things are in good hands I admire your perseverance
  16. first step is to clear cmos or load sytem defaults nest step is to run intel processor diagnostic tool https://downloadcenter.intel.com/downloads/eula/19792/Intel-Processor-Diagnostic-Tool?httpDown=https%3A%2F%2Fdownloadmirror.intel.com%2F19792%2Feng%2FIPDT_Installer_3.0.0.23.W_x86_3.0.0.23.W.MP_x64.exe if it doesnt pass the test at stock settings and your cooling solution is stable. RMA. if it fails the test try to disable one core at a time and run the test each time, as a way to diagnose a faulty core yourself.
  17. check my youtube channel there is a video on gigabyte z97 and how to set adaptive voltage. its towards the end of the video