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  1. Corsair K70RGB, Finalmouse 2015, and a Steelseries QCK.
  2. Problem solved! So I opened the case to see what the problem was as Godlygamer23 suggested to touch the drive... The problem was in fact the latches the Corsair Carbide 500r uses in the expansion bays. What was happening was the tip of that was jumping up and down so fast it was creating that loud noise you heard in the recording, a few pieces of paper sorted the problem right out! Thanks for the replies!
  3. Note: This sound doesn't happen all the time usually upon bootup and then the odd time after that.
  4. As in like in the case? Yes, I even screwed it to the drive mount.
  5. I've been dealing with this really loud noise in my PC since I've bought it, my primary driver other than my SSD makes this unbearable sound when writing in particular I think. I've recorded the sound do you guys think it's time to claim warranty? http://vocaroo.com/i/s0uzpPSlWkv1
  6. With the new release of the 980 I'm looking at a bit of an upgrade in the future. My question being, should I sell my 770 (Works perfectly fine very good condition) and upgrade to a 780ti/980, OR get a second 770 and run SLI?
  7. I found Linus while searching through the most popular on youtube in the old app on iOS (Before they stopped supporting them with the pre-instal). I took a look at his channel and took it as an opportunity to better my knowledge in the PC world, since then I have built my own PC, upgraded an old one, and began starting university in a career in Networking and IT Security! I'm indebted to Linus Tech Tips for their help in bringing me to this point and if it's not already clear, I don't plan on leaving!
  8. About $550 or a little bit more. He's chosen the GTX660 for his GPU.
  9. He's looking to get the best processor he can get for his computer build, he's been looking at the i5 haswell CPU's but they fail to fall under his budget. I mentioned to him the G3258 Anniversary Unlocked processor that he can overclock and get decent performance. Is it worth looking into i3 processors instead, get the G3258, or break a little bit in the budget and get the i5? He's building this exclusively for gaming so your help is appreciated!
  10. I was under the impression that running a 50W above the PSU limit (Even though I'm well aware that a lot of PSU's are under rated in terms of wattage) could be cause damage to the PC or cause it to not start up when powering on. Would it just be wise to undervolt the GPU instead?
  11. Hello all, I have a friend who I am going to show this post. He doesn't believe what I am saying is true I don't think and that what he's about to do is going to work guaranteed. He's just purchased a used Nvidia GTX 275 online somewhere, and he's currently running a 500W PSU, on the Geforce website it specifically says that the minimum PSU requirements are a 550W PSU, making him 50 watts over his rated limit. I'm trying to explain to him the dangers to his system if it even lets his PC power up, yet he thinks this is still a good idea. Please LTT forum I'm going to link him to this post, I would like to see your opinions on such a task. PSU: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817438012
  12. When I was installing the CPU drivers I saw APU in installation process so I just assumed at that point, especially when it started installing AMD FX. Must have just been a general driver for many CPU's.
  13. I'm literally face-palming right now... I can't believe I didn't check his processor... I appreciate you spotting my stupid mistake.
  14. I tried the CMOS method and it didn't work, I think he may have had the PSU on, not sure. I'll repeat those steps and see if it works again.