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    AMD Threadripper 1920X
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    ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 ATX TR4 Motherboard
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    Kingston HyperX Predator RGB 32 GB (4x8GB) DDR4
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    EVGA GTX1080ti FTW3
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    Tannoy Reveal 802 | M-Audio M-Track 2x2
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  1. I guess I'm holding onto my 1920x until my next platform switch - which will take place in about 5 years or so.
  2. Neat, however I still don't see myself switching to Linux due to productivity software.
  3. Not surprised. Uyghurs have been used as a destabilizing factor in China through terrorists activities they've been conducting. Not so much in recent years though.
  4. Good question. I experienced crashes with NordVPN service on Windows while it was working on mobile and MacBook. Now it makes more sense I guess. Or maybe it's just a localized problem unrelated to Windows. Didn't have time to investigate.
  5. Well, if you put it black and white - better steal designs from some filthy rich companies than using military power to steal resources from other countries and killing civilians while doing it, like US and their NATO allies are doing.
  6. 5-6 years with GPU and usually some storage upgrades halfway through. I recently built a new one. Need to update my sig. Specs are in my profile.
  7. They introduced competition. That's it. Also 'these superpower countries'. Which one do you mean? The only superpower that banned Huawei is US. All the rest that participated in banning are not superpowers.
  8. Hope that's not the guy who approved 'the fixer' videos. Who were they targeting with those? 12 years olds?
  9. My current setup is Malwarebytes Premium (lifetime license) and Kaspersky free antivirus. Works like a charm so far.
  10. Wait a minute - 600GBP for 24' display? That's like 780USD. What kind of 24' display you are after? For that money you can have a nice 34 ultrawide screen. Go at least with 27' 1440p high refresh (if you're into that sort of thing).
  11. I was referring to functionalities though. I believe we don't know for sure Tencent has a ties to Chinese government and, like I said, even if they do - who cares? You see it as a bad thing. Cool. Does not mean it's necessarily bad. Different people will have different opinion. I can say that I disagree with companies that have ties to NATO member states since NATO is responsible for 11 million civilian deaths in the last 20 years, and 37 million since World War 2. There's no good and bad in this world only. It's not a movie.
  12. Well, first of all Epic is not the only gaming company that has connections with this company and second - so what? like really. If there's a law in China stating government needs to own a portion of the company then so be it. It's a law in their country. If you are paranoid about it, don't use their service. It's cool.
  13. What about Tencent? Isn't Tencent owning or partially owning few of big names in the gaming industry?
  14. I get you, but Epic recently opened their platform to other publishers so they need time. I guess people forgot how Steam was in early days.
  15. Never understood why it is a problem to have multiple launchers. Back in the day my games were on CDs, DVDs and my HDD. Didn't have a unified platform to keep them all tidy and auto updated and kids now days are like: ehrmagawd I want all my games on Steam.