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  1. Just to help you. We use a hardwood jig that we put insulation around that way it doesn't ruin the jig. When finished lay the flat surface on an oven glove or something similar and slowly let it cool down. Hope this helps.
  2. Leave this with me and ill look into it on the new site we are building from the ground up. And thank you for your input. Mick
  3. Ah Its cannot just be mixed with water. What we are doing is removing atoms from the side of the graphine product and replacing them with some thing else. If we just mixed in water it would fall out instantly. If we use chemicals to suspend it, it would impede its performance. I cannot go into detail again about how we are doing it or what we are doing but its pretty amazing when you see it happening. One of the biggest problems is making sure its none conductive and this opened up a whole realm of issues! but again we have fixed that (in simple terms). This fluid could be used in direct electronics cooling in a closed loop system.... PC cooling is not the only sector we are aiming at with this new product.
  4. Hi For Science! You are correct in saying our doc are not 100% accurate and the ratio in ETG (just my nick name for it) is less than stated and is a mix of more than 2 chemicals in total. The ratio is diffrent than stated how ever it all comes under a single classification when all merged together (due to atom bonding it is 1 named chemical due to there is no other name for it). Some chemicals we use such as a deformers = 1 drop (0.2ml) to 125 ltrs of Concentrate, hence again not stated This is just an example. The pure mixture of ETG is not made in Mayhems due to its toxicity when raw and has to be processed very accurately with the other chemicals at an external factory (large scale). When it comes to us we then process it further and refine the product to our own specification and colour as required. This makes us what is known as a downstream user and this is where the law changes. https://echa.europa.eu/regulations/reach/downstream-users/about-downstream-users/who-is-a-downstream-user Like large scale companies we have very strict guidelines we have to follow and if we deviate from these we could fall foul of the law. Mayhems is pushing for some thing called ISO 9001 (http://asq.org/learn-about-quality/iso-9000/iso-9001-2015/), We are not there yet! but pretty close and we have to be able to prove and show all process and products we make or buy in, We also have to show we can trace all products from source (this is the hard bit) and more. If we get ISO-9001 we will be one of the only companies in the PC water cooling market to get it, just like we have the REACH Gold certification. At Mayhems (my beloved hobby) we are changing the way users see us and the way we do business. Our testing methods top all other companies and our R&D work, even on other companies products is well above and beyond any other company out there. If we get the blame for some thing (Alphacool is a prime example) we will buy in all there products, test them and find the issue and if its not our fault, i'm pretty much open about it and will fight it to the best of my ability. We even created the blitz kit cleaning system because there rads were so badly cleaned and they simply do not care! we had to do some thing about it. We ship world wide and in some countries we have to prove beyond doubt our products do what they say and our SDS sheets are correct. This includes literally adding a book with all the information about the process and the R&D in the shipment. Shipping chemicals in the world today is nightmare and you have to be on top of your game to be able to do it. I could spend all day chatting how i hate how we have been asked to remove some details on our labels as we gave to much information to the public and German government body's do not like it. You world think it was good to give loads of info but apparently no its bad :/. There is so much wrong in this world and i would love to be able to correct it. Every time we do i ether get called some thing i am not or i am forced to change some thing. Not good. I do feel you pain and i do understand your reasoning. The law is a corrupt system there to help big companies and to hide as much information from the public as possible. Mick (excuse any spelling mistakes or grammar i have dyslexia and try my best). Google only fixes so much.
  5. Hello For Science! "REACH" Regulations state we do not have to say the full chemical mix up for what we use in our products , if and only if there is less than 1% of it. E.g Zinc uses 0.02% per 100ml in concentrate. Because we use less than 0.02% also it is regarded as safe but we would prefer users to get rid off it in a better manner than throwing down the drain. We also do not mention some products due to the commercial sensitiveness related to them! all again with in REACH regulations. We no longer make EK coolants and having nothing to do with there docs. Ref our ethylene glycol, it is none toxic and uses an additive that stops it from being metabolically ingested, there for non toxic (studies and tests have been carried out). Patent can be found here -> https://www.google.com/patents/EP1303573A4?cl=en . Again its less than 1% again with in reach Regulations with in the European union. Mayhems is the "only" Gold REACH standard company in the liquid cooling world and all our documents have to be verified by the REACH compliance agency here in the UK. Hope this helps. P.s i do not visit these forums and i am mainly on OCN if you need any direct support or please visit our site www.mayhems.net.
  6. Hello All. Yes we have been working with CPI for a very long time so the message starter on OCN is a little deceiving and ill correct that. We have worked with CPI in the past to make several coolants more stable and the knowledge we have gained from that is allowing us to produce a new coolant from the ground up. The new coolant is a Graphene based type product (cannot go into much detail about it). What are its advantages so far and why make it? 1) Its is Chemically inert to PH imbalances. 2) Uses a very limited amount of chemicals. 3) Possibly up to 20 to 30% better cooling than water alone (tested in lab environment not real world as of yet). 4) 1 nm thick (pastel is 40nm and aurora 40 to 100nm) 5) Completely new tech never been done before. 6) Uses tech that lubricates pumps and o-rings on the fly with out wetting them. 7) Will prolong the life of your equipment. 8) Should out last the life of your PC. (TBC) 9) Initially will cost a little more to start with but should come down in price as and if we do go into full production, Why do it ... why not :). Initially it will not be coloured as this effects its raw performance. Mick
  7. Well actually people get a lot of help from us -> http://www.overclock.net/t/1286896/mayhems-users-club/0_20 There is 173+ pages worth of help and support. you can also hit up www.overclockers.co.uk forums for help. There is also direct contact via email to either me or steve which you can do via our site. If op wasn't happy then fair enough you cannot please all the people all the time. If op doesn't like our face book fair enough there are a few thousand who enjoy it. As for ST we have extremely close working relationship with them and have done for many years never once have they had an issue with us or in fact me for that matter. ST have never needed to talk to us over any thing esp with the op so there speculation is much incorrect. Mayhems Support to the community as a whole is very good in comparison to many other companies. How ever there is a old saying if you do not like some thing do not buy it. "Simples" And if you don't like me .... well i personally do not care i have 3 kids who love me and a wife. Have fun trolling as for Coolermister aka Paul Edwards ROTFLMAO Ask him who does he rep for isnt it "XSPC" the company i told to take a walk ...... The company who tried to sell me a failing company that they destroyed, the company who didn't like it because i let the previous thermochill owner go into partnership with me and they tried to threaten us .. hahah Give me a brake esp on OC3D.