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  1. i got a new maximus vii hero motherboard which comes with supremeFX 2 sound card. i've been looking and looking but i cannot find the drivers to enable sonic sound stage and all them features,all i can find is the realtek drivers which do not have sonic sound stage and all them features.the driver in no included in the dvd nor in the website. can somebody assis me with it?
  2. I'm still using an i3-543 on an asus h55mlx board. It'll be lovely if I can win it finally to come out of my bottleneck zone.
  3. i'd really like the unboxing video style to come back,not regularly but occasionally for like amazing mother boards or unique cases etc... etc.... this does not include retro unboxings.
  4. proud to be one of the first 50,000 subscribers of the main LTT channel, never missed a video since. been about 4-4.5 years since i've been following them. P.S: i dont use addblock
  5. what kind of question is this? this side obviously runs on LTT fanboys and they obviously will like and watch all the videos for a long time to come.
  6. If you have someone you know in India you can just transfer the money to their bank account
  7. Unfortunately no, but you can find someone to buy it from here and ship it there but there might be some problems with customs
  8. It's an Indian brand, locally made, the build quality us pretty shit but works like a charm, just go onto Flipkart.com ans search for the Bharat gold
  9. a single gpu will always perform better than dual gpu reson being not all games are properly optimised for dual gpu
  10. didn't expect THIS from PC mag, i thought they were the guys who were actually techies.
  11. hey guys! i'm making this android app and i've taken care of all the coding and everything but i'm facing a little problem with designing the UI. the problem is that i don't know how do i make one and how do i link them together. help much appreciated.