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  1. when set on auto negotiations it still is stuck on 100mbps
  2. i have tried using different cables. and the cable i use is about 30inches long
  3. so i got a new dual-band gigabit router from netgear(wndr3700) and hooked it up to my pc with a Maximus Vll Hero which support gigabit ethernet. i have all my drivers installed correctly yet in device manager it shows my connection as 100mbps FullDuplex and when i try changing it to 1gigabit FullDuplex it says that no cable has been connected. i am using cat6 cables. i'm getting ready to setup a storage server like linus's but at 1gigabit speeds.
  4. i will upgrade it in the future and also planning to get a quadro,so for now i am getting 650ti,plus it's the only one that fits in my budget
  5. hey guys! i'm planning to get a new rig for editing and i have listed the parts below.the problem here that it's going slightly above my budget but i want the same conifig. can you guys help me decide what to buy now and what to save for the future. Intel Core i7-4790k , ASUS Z97A , Corsair Vengeance DDR3 16GB kit(will buy another 16gb later) , Corsair VS550 , Seagate Barracuda 1TB , Corsair Carbide 300R , Cooler master Hyper 212X , ASUS Nvidia GeForce GTX 750TI OC , Dell 21.5" LED Backllit LCD monitor-E2214H(will buy one more in the future) , some generic rubber dome keyboard(will upgrade to mechanical later) , Logitech G402 , Samung 850 EVO 120 gb SSD comment below and leme know what to do
  6. try remounting, also see if there's a lot of dust clogged in the radiator
  7. you need an IDE cable and an IDE slot to go with it
  8. i wanna buy a macbook also running a pc with maximus 7 hero+4790K+ a god damned 5200rpm HDD no SSD
  9. i wanna buy a macbook also running a pc with maximus 7 hero+4790K+ a god damned 5200rpm HDD no SSD
  10. actually 5930K only supports 28 lanes not 40 lanes hence no matter what you try you will only get 8x+8x speeds unless you buy a 5960X which supports 40 lanes.
  11. it happened to me to,re-installing windows did it.you don't have to do a fresh install,just click on the upgrade button.
  12. there will always be tasks that only a desktop can perform or tasks that a desktop can and will perform better than any other device. plus with the growing technology desktops will always be the first place to implement it(for various obvious reasons like superior cooling,ample room,etc...)
  13. i will perform really well actually provided you get all the components to perform in tandem to each other in the right way else it's just gonna be money spent for bragging rights.