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  1. getting another gpu or a different cable to connect to the gpu is not possible as my power supply only has 2 and i don't have any friend for miles who can lend me one. i will use it without the gpu for a few hours
  2. never mind. it crashed just as i was done posting my previous comment.
  3. everything seems to be stable even after adding the GPU. adding it did not make it crash. i don't understand.
  4. all good with ram and all drives and everything but the gpu. I don't like where this is going
  5. underclocking it to stock speeds gave out no results. the problem remains
  6. this has been by far the most useful reply yet. i shall give it a try and revert back at the latest
  7. i have and in most cases it's either a cpu problem or a powersupply problem. since the cpu is seated properly with no bent pins or anything as such it is unlikely that the cpu is causing it. more over every time it ctashes i have to cut the power from the wall for a good 5 mins.
  8. aida64 is a whole another story. i don't know what it means by stability test failed. please let me know.
  9. i am running the intel burn test as of now and the temps are fluctuating between 75 and 100dig c. but the pc didnot crash yet.
  10. so I've had this problem since 3 days and it only got worse last night. every night i play rainbow six siege for 2-3hrs. and while in game 50-60mins down the pc would shut off as if someone has pulled the plug off the wall. it would then give 00 q-code on the motherboard. i then will have to cut the power for a good 5-10 minutes to get it to post again. since last night it has gotten worse. the second the cpu gets some load, the pc shuts off and then i'll have to go through the entire process to get it to start again. PC specs below Here are the trouble shooting processes i've gone through so far: 1) run gpu stress tests (pass) 2) run prime 95 (fail) 3) monitor cpu tems ( max 75 dig C at full load) (i monitored this before the problem became worse) 4) monitor gpu temps ( max 65digs c) 5) monitor motherboard temps ( max 45digs c) 6) monitor power voltages using HWMonitor ( nothing un usual, everything where it needs to be) 7) made sure all cables were in properly 8) run memtest86 for 6hrs (pass) PC Specs: i7 4790k@ 4.8ghz, 1.39v Asus Maximus vii hero motherboard corsair H100i cpu cooler 12gb ddr3 memory gigabyte HD7870 OC GPU corsair gs700 psu 2x samsung 850evo 120gb SSD seagate 1tb HDD seagate 500gb HDD WD green 2tb HDD DVD read write drive (why not :P) i've had the overclock since day one and had never faced an issue. it's been 100% stable so i don't think it's an oc issue. my temps are way below the 'i should under clock to get them sub zero temps' feeling when running prime95 it does not even last a second. while gaming it would run a good hour before shutting off but now as soon as the game is up, it's off.
  11. This projector is a godsend for the people who'd like a nice projector/home theater setup but aren't able to do so because of all those restrictions imposed by a regular projector such as height, distance, mounting etc... Love it.
  12. Rig name: Eru-illuvatar CPU: i7-4790k@4.8ghz GPU:HD7870OC@1175mhz 3x4GB DDR3 1600mhz ram
  13. it's tiny can can easily be mounted behind the monitor. perfect for portable and stationary gaming.
  14. i've touched the radiator, felt the heat in the air, it dose not fell like 100c sorry for late response, had not internet
  15. i do use corsair link,I'll check it out and let you know
  16. i think so, it dose not make any sounds or anything. How do I check?
  17. hi guys, So I'm having this over heating problem. I'm running a 4970k at 4.8ghz with a corsair H100i. Usually my temps at max cpu usage didn't cross 55'c but lately they've been hitting straight up 100'c. I have 3 af120 fans as intake and 2 sp120 on the h100i as exhaust in my corsair carbide 400r. I've tried changing the thermal compound, clean all the dust and every thing that's written in the books yet there seems to be no effect on the cooling performance. I bought the h100i only 4 months ago and the problem has started couple of weeks ago. Even in games like dota2 when cup usage is not that high my temps reach almost 77'c which is not acceptable. Every time I try to render a video or changing video formats of large videos, scenarios where cup usage is at Matt for long durations the cpu overheats and eventually the pc shuts down. Under clocking the CPUs is not a solution because I've always been running it at 4.8ghz and the temps never crossed 55'c Please let me know.
  18. can we get back to the original issue please?
  19. all ports on the router are gigabit so that's not a problem. plus i'd like to stick to netgear's rom for now
  20. router version v4. and i downloaded the latest driver last night before making this post.