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  1. that would've been my first option but unfortunately i cannot predict when the thing will hang up on me again. and to connect the drives onto my windows machine, windows does not natively support zfs and i doubt it will detect the Z-pools either. thank you!
  2. So here's the deal and before you tell me anything i know the risk i took while picking out this configuration but the money was tight. i have a FreeNAS box wiht 4TB of storage (2x 2TB ZFS pools) with it's primary function of being a PLEX server. i'm running it on an i3-4150, gigabyte H81M-S mitx motherboard and 16Gb(2x8gb) of DDR3 (corsair vengeance) RAM. since about 5-6 months there was an issue where the NAS box woulg just freeze! go off the network grid, unresponsive, if there are any transfers going on would stop mid way yet the drives would still be spinning and all the lights and stuff would be acting normal. times comes and i buy a 6TB WD red hoping to move all the data onto this and run the 2Tb drives on raid 1 to finally get some redundancy game on. I mount the HDD onto my windows machine, boot my nas box up after a week of down time fearing another "crash" about 20GB down it's freezes up again. i was hoping to get all data out and reinstall everything hoping it would all be fixed. now it's not feasible to get 20gb out, wait for 24hrs for it to start responding again ( no turning it off and on again does not help, you HAVE to give it a good 24 hrs irrespective of the number of restarts for it to respond) and get another 20gb out. it would take me years before i can get it all out. Is there anyways i can mount the drives on my windows machine it self (the 2 2Tb pools) and get the data out and safe? I'M DESPERATE!!! and not the forget DUMB for taking this risk.
  3. I feel the new amazon echo show could've been a much more sleeker and beautiful device then a box with large bezels and a chunky body. if the product is going to be show cased in your homes of 2017 it atleast looks like it's from 2017. your thoughts below.
  4. You also need supported content to not have black vars
  5. My gpu, everything else runs on high octane
  6. nvidia does not support sli for a reason. with a 1070 it's just not worth it to go sli. you could've gone for a 1080. and unless you running 4k i doubt that a single 1070 will be insufficient
  7. i suggest get an extra buck and got for a samsung 850evo or a 950evo
  8. as long the gpu runs on pci-e slot (99.99999999999999999999999999% of gpus do) and as long as your motherboard has a pci-e slot ( which it does as you were running a 970 in it) you're all good
  9. it should work just fine plus i doubt you'll ever use that cup holder of yours (cd/dvd drive)
  10. driver update should do. just in case to be sure, have you tried a different cable?
  11. any sort of cooling solution apart from air or water comes under the exotic cooling category and there aren't many options in that area as most of them have be explored and 99% of them aren't feasible. so yeah. you stuck with not a lot
  12. new update and this might be it. i got a new psu (cooler master v650 fully modular) and just hooked it up. tried playing a little tomclancy rainbow six siege and also tha kombustor prime95 combo and....... it didnot go boom (fingers crossed it won't). either ways i'll test it for a day or so and if the problem seems to be gone i shall mark it solved.
  13. main purpose is also to act as a plex media server.
  14. this is going to be my primary backup location for time being (99% media but still in terabytes)
  15. alright that is all i wanted to know. the problem will zfs and ecc is left unsolved though, i can't find an exact answer to it anywhere. see if you can. ty
  16. what if i find a way to house the data and once the pool has been made and i've transfered the data into the pool will i be able to add a 3rd drive without wiping the other 2 (expanding storage i mean) (you get the idea right?)
  17. i understand your concern but this is my first nas of many to come. the only reason i'm sticking to old parts for now is due to financial restrictions. another question: how to i move all my data from my existing 2tb green to my storage pool in my nas without moving data around. keep in mind i have to use that drive in my nas aswell.
  18. Hello! Although i haven't built it yet and i'm on my way to go buy few parts i would like the community to rate and comment on my freeNAS build before i finish it. if there is anything that you feel is wiered or out of place or just plain won't work do let me know. I am planning to run freenas on it and another issue i have is my hardware does not support ECC memory and zfs at raidz does not handle non ECC memory well. if i hit a problem how long will it take to hit and how bad will it be? (running out of a 32gb pendrive) FYI this is my first ever NAS box that i'm building from old used and new parts. upgrades are imminent. Comments below and please let me know if any. ty Mobo: Asus P7H55-mlx (used) CPU: intel core i5-650 (used) RAM: 8gb kingston hyperx fury (new) PSU: corsait gs700 (used) HDD: 1x 2tb wd green (used) 1x 2tb wd green/red (new) NIC: intel proo/1000 MT dual port gigabit nic (new) COOLER: intel stock cooler (used)
  19. alright! it's been almost a day but the pc seems to be stable without the gpu in. but it still keeps crashing when i run prime95 and kombustor at once. might change the powersupply and try again. thankyou! will keep you posted.
  20. MSI kombustor was set at 1080p with 4x anti aliasing and prime95 was set at smal FFTs. it did not crash at 720p 4x anti aliasing
  21. also i'm running dual monitor setup (1 HDMI, 1 DP) if that helps at all
  22. interesting update. with the GPU off the rig, i tried running msi kombuster and prime 95 to artificially induce a gaming environment and BAM! crashed. just found out a friend of mine with same specs different gpu is also having the same issue. could it be the power supply as mine had gone through 5-10 power cuts a day for a year and it's a 4 year old power supply and my friend has frequent voltage fluctuations.