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  1. I've been running my unRAID server for about 6 months now with 2x2tb drives (1 green and 1 red) and a 6 tb green drive. I recently got notified that my green 2tb drive was failing and has multiple SMART errors and bad sectors. I, fortunately, found a 2TB purple drive lying around and decided to replace the green drive with the purple drive. I have no Parity setup on the server yet. 


    Is there a way to remove all the info from the green drive named (sdb) to the new drive named (sdd) without having to set up a parity disk. the failing driver and the new drive both are 2TB each.


    the new 2TB purple driver has been precleared and awaiting mounting. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, brob said:

    Very strange, the web page I looked at showed just a single M.2. In fact https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Motherboards/ROG-ZENITH-EXTREME/specifications/ is the page.


    Examining the motherboard pictures makes things clear. The spec page I get is wrong. The motherboard supports two M.2 drives on a DIMM.2 card. The card plugs into a DIM slot in front of the memory. The card is included in the list of accessories on both web pages.


    there is a heat shield near the source bridge covering 2 M.2 slots ( seen it in some youtube video Jayztwocents or OC3D dont remember)

  3. 6 hours ago, brob said:

    If the plan is to add additional gpu, keep the 1600W psu. Otherwise something around 1200W should be enough.


    Did you consider going with hybrid gpu. This would improve cooling so there would be less chance of throttling.


    The motherboard has a single M.2 connector. What is the plan for the other two M.2 drives?


    Instead of the 2TB M.2 drives, you might consider a single 4TB ssd. While the bandwidth is lower, unless the software is doing large writes, (as opposed to frequent small writes), the performance loss should be marginal. Samsung MZ-75E4T0B would cut costs significantly.


    Enermax has two aio designed specifically for the larger Threadripper cpu, Enermax - LiqTech TR4 240 102.2 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (ELC-LTTR240-TBP) and Enermax - LiqTech TR4 360 102.2 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler (ELC-LTTR360-TBP). If either is available to you, they would be better choices.


    i've checked and the mother board supports 3 M.2 SSDs, 2+1 config. don't know why 2+1 and not 3 but yeah. 



    check here https://www.asus.com/in/Motherboards/ROG-ZENITH-EXTREME/specifications/

  4. 1 minute ago, NumLock21 said:

    Can those 1080Ti even do deep learning? Deep learning for Nvidia is on their Tesla P100 or the newer upcoming V100 based on the Volta architecture. The system cost around $150,000

    lol unfortunately i don't have 150k. i've been using my 650ti for over 3 years and they've been performing great (obviously not amazingly great) with an i5 2600K. i make use of CUDA processing so that shouldn't be a problem. along with big data.

  5. 1 minute ago, Froody129 said:

    You don't really need that beefy of a PSU even with those components, so you can save some money there. Also wouldn't it be better to cut down your SSD storage to save some money? Not sure how important it is for machine learning though

    it's a good idea to cut down on the PSU. i would require all that SSD storage as i would be handling tera bytes of data require rapid access. in the end most is offloaded to a NAS for long term storage. 

  6. Hi,


    I've been been working in the field of Machine Learning for over 7 years now and have been recently handed over a significant chunk of funding to aid my adventures. I require a work horse machine capable of handling immense work loads with lots of computing. i value the suggestion of the LTT community and would like to put my plan forward for your review and criticism. 


    my max budget is about 7K$ ( is flexible) and I've come up with a PC part picker list. i of course will have to find a source to buy/ ship it to India my base of operations. unfortunately it's coming 1k over budget and i would your suggestions in come cost cutting. 


    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xLLDPs here is the list. 


    the mains here lots of RAM, beefy GPU and enough cores to last a long time with 24x7 operation handling hundreds of gigabytes of workload.  

  7. 3 hours ago, BubblyCharizard said:

    What if you try using a VPN to get around throttling?


    some ISPs shape incoming videos and streams from known video hosts, 


    Make sure that you report the issue in the playback issues form, and Luke can get the team to look into it


    @CatBoiler might also be able to suggest ideas on a resolution


    lots of people have reported issues with your ISP and youtube in the past, so this *could* be related

    well my ISP is good in that way, there no throttling what so ever, i can stream 2 4K streams simultaneously no problem.

  8. Hi,


    I am not sure if this is the right place to put it but i feel the 'report an issue' option on floatplane isn't doing much good. anyways i've been trying to watch videos for over a week but am unable to. while trying to download the videos my speeds don't go over 24kbps and buffering is the same story. i have 100 UP 100 DOWN connection here so the internet connectivity isn't an issue at all. streaming was perfectly fine until a week ago but ever since then it's been horrendously slow. i put the videos to download on my way to work every morning and by the time i'm back in the evening they're almost done unless the download gets cut in between which usually happens. 


    Has anyone else been facing this issue? i've been reporting it for over a week but i feel like my words aren't being heard. has anyone got any solutions to this? this problem has been going on all the videos not just one.


    I've tried both the downloading methods and all resolutions. i've attached screen shots below for reference. 



  9. 7 minutes ago, CA8OOS3 said:

    Something about this picture throws me off. but I do like it. 8/10


    Here is a picture I took with my Nexus 6 after my son was released from the hospital after his surgery. Its a perfect moment I think.



    i know, i feel it too. i think it (my photo) lacks the sharpness it needs. and that is one cute little photo you got there!

  10. 3 hours ago, hal4253 said:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Pixel5 that a Synology NAS or two is the way to go.  It is small enough to live on a desk or even in a closet and very reliable.  Slap in a couple of hard drives designed specifically for NAS and mirror them to make sure your data is backed up.   For additional backup, use a 4TB external USB 3.0 drive.


    I did a quick pricing wish list on Newegg and the Synology DS716+II with two 4TB Seagate IronWolf NAS hard drives came up to $708.98 US.  I chose the Synology DS716+II with the Celeron and 2GB of RAM to address your concerns about multiple files in use at once.  It would still cost much less than a FreeNAS server. 


    The reason I like Synology NAS systems so much is because I have an 8-bay Synology NAS with 4TB enterprise drives in RAID 5 for my house.  I bought it in early 2014 and have never had any problems with it.    It can handle streaming files to four different computers, as well as have multiple other files open all at once.

    i guess along with all that a simple no fuss RAID solution in the NAS itself will hit the sweet spot just right

  11. 1 minute ago, Jarsky said:


    unRAID uses XFS, only the cache drives used for CoW are currently using BTRFS.

    I'm not a fan of the way unRAID handles raid like a span, theres a lot of advantages to distributing across multiple spindles as far as performance.

    I'm also not a fan of their drive limitations with licensing. If i was going to go for a solution like this, i'd rather use FlexRAID. (Currently I use hardware RAID for my primary NAS storage)



    sounds good, i've been using FreeNAS for over a yer and recently shifted to unRAID as freenas had become absolutely unstable and a pain in the butt. and i've quiet likes unraid's approach to plug in and forget, plug in 20 drives 2 parity and you're good to go. and regarding the drive limit, i hardy think i'm ever gonna cross the 6 drive limit let. 


    got a link to your NAS setup i can look at and learn from?

  12. 2 minutes ago, Jarsky said:

    Out of those unix file systems, if I could afford the upfront cost of all my drives and didn't really plan to expand it - then i'd go for ZFS on BSD. 

    It has excellent protection, a robust filesystem that protects against bitrot, and lots of features like the levels of cache. 


    If i wanted flexibility to grow the array then i'd go EXT4 with MDADM in Linux due to its maturity and robustness. Theres a lot of support for it as well. 


    XFS is a mature file system as well, but I don't like the way its implemented in unRAID - especially for multi-honed use. 


    BTRFS is basically the Linux version of ZFS (rather than just ZFS ported to Linux), but it still needs work around RAID. 

    so how would you rate linus's use of unraid and btrfs for his servers and the 2 drive parity he runs on them? and if you would change it then why?

  13. 1 minute ago, themctipers said:

    i honestly have no idea, all i know is that i did try to run a NAS on my secondary PC and i couldn't get ZFS to work, so i tried BTRFS and I couldn't get it to work (stupidity on my part) and so that was the end of my NAS fun (because fuck it) 

    don't expect details from me :( wikipedia is better at that


    basically BTRFS and REFS are competitors to ZFS, FreeNAS uses it and thats why I used it. 

    aah ok.

  14. 1 minute ago, themctipers said:

    ZFS because redundancy, something something no corruption, something something good performance, and because its designed for NAS (or something like that)


    i wouldn't put EXT4 because none of what i said above, and BTRFS isn't as stable as ZFS

    okay! so what is btrfs was as stable as zfs, what then? and maybe a bit more in detail if possible. cheers!