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  1. I picked it up! Does anyone know if there's a mount on the market for GPU's that works with this cooler?
  2. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted...but I just want to share my video entry for Ultra Wide Festival! Also I didn't realize top 50 was based on shares and likes so with about 1 day left please share and like it if you think I could win! Thanks *YT video removed*
  3. So, I'm trying to figure out what university I would want to go to. Looking to Major in Film/VFX work but maybe also taking some engineering stuff. EDIT: So I've done a little research and have found a few, horror stories I guess. Not that they might scare me away but I really want to understand every aspect of studying abroad and to really know what I'm getting myself into. I've seen that Berlin is tourist central but the local economy is broken, where as Munich has great schools but more of a housing and job issue. Also saw some articles about terrible execution of education being very stressful for students but these are only personal experiences and not many different schools. Obviously not all of this is a complete turn down but I really want to make sure I make the right decision the first time..... I also need to consider what's best for me and my girlfriend whom I'll be traveling with and would rather not have to be stuck in separate homes/dorms Please help
  4. Star Citizen Name: NerdNInja Star Citizen Handle: NNinja LinusTechTips Name: Nerd Ninja Preferred Squadron: Katana Squadron Ships, Listed in Order of Use: - Gladius - - - - Intended Role in the Navy, Check all that Apply [X ] Scout [X ] Escort [ ] Bomber [X ] Dogfighter [ ] Electronic Warfare [X ] Gunner [X ] Co-Pilot [X ] Crew Member [X ] Marine [ ] Special Operations [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ [ ] Other: ________________ P.S. Could someone fix the main post for Dark theme users? Thanks!
  5. About what I had at home once. After we had dial up. Internet speed ain't too important, it doesn't have to be fast. Just unlimited and moderately quick.
  6. Ok. Not much different then what I get payed now. I think There's a lot to take into account, but in the time I'm still here I think I can save up enough money to last me a month or so, maybe more
  7. Yikes! But I guess that makes sense. I'll probably look for Universities with dorms then. Like out of High school. No higher education type stuff, I'm pretty experienced in the restaurant business but like, what's minimum wage there? and how easy is it to find a job?
  8. Mostly about living expenses and jobs. At least for the average, uneducated individual. I read online that average cost of living is ~800 Euros /month? Haha When does google get it right?
  9. Hallo! In ein paar Jahren plane ich nach Deutschland zu gehen. Ich hoffte, mit einigen Eingeborenen sprechen, um eine Vorstellung von Leben zu bekommen. Meistens in Bezug auf die Ausgaben. ~ Dies geschah mit Google Translate, weil mein Deutsch ist einfach. original Hello! In a few years I plan on going to Germany for University. I was hoping to talk with some natives to get an idea of living. Mostly in terms of expenses. ~This was done with Google Translate because my German is basic.
  10. Hey guys! So, as of right now I'm going to school in America, but it's just a tech school. However in a little over a year I plan to head overseas to Germany to study in a university. I was hoping that any Germans here on LTT would be willing to chat! Mostly just to get a better idea of things like culture, living expenses, jobs and things like that! ~NN
  11. lol nice pic there! Ah, that's 3PM for me. I might be able to if I can get out of cleaning at 11 at my job Unlikely except for holidays but we'll see!
  12. Ah darn, I work all day saturday's But I joined the discord, so I'll keep watch Thanks!
  13. Hmmm, noted. I still have a ton to figure out about most of the game. I've been out of the development loop for a while and I don't know much
  14. Hey that'd be awesome! I'm willing to give it a try I'll probably spend a lot of time doing vandal and free flight before doing anything with the PU
  15. Ah but still, I think trying to learn it from the start will be better than trying to switch later on. Plus my mouse is the Corsair M95! All those buttons will come in handy!
  16. Has anyone tried this? https://www.systemsunitednavy.com/threads/joystick-or-mouse-why-not-both.4486/ Looks like an awesome way to fly! I'm gonna order a T16000M and give it a try!
  17. Upgraded my 300i to a Gladius today! Now I just need to learn how to fly.......
  18. Quote thing is bugged....uhm, sorry Scheer didn't meant to quote you 1 reason I've seen for food safe materials is eggs. You don't bag the eggs when cooking sous vide. And I get what your saying. This definitely isn't the easiest way to accomplish this task. And if all I wanted was a simple cut and dry method I wouldn't have made this post. I mean just look at what I said before. And there's also the learning part, and I think it's fun to try to do all this. Plus trying to fit it in a elegant design will be a challenge that I am more than willing to accept.
  19. Well, I'm not sure what the app is like for that one, and the Joule one just looks cool. I'm just trying to get control from my phone. For my use case, I'd be using the cooker the most when I'm miles from home. And I want something to be cooked and ready when I get back. I'd like to be able to check up on my unit for any potential mishaps, start it when I'm not around, and get notified when the meal is finished for say when I'm working on something elsewhere in the house but don't want to have to set a timer on my phone.
  20. Can the Arduino still interface with the web to both send data and be controlled remotely? Like say I want to turn it on after I've set everything up, but I'm not near the device. And I still have no idea what I'm doing with the programming. I've seen bits of code that can do one thing or another but I don't know how to combine them My thought right now about the parts is the following: Pump: little 5V motor I have lying around, wouldn't be submerged. I'd have a impeller that goes down and constantly mixes the water Heating element: I'm really hoping this would work. It has the wattage and it's food save but I'm worried about the shape, I want the impeller to be under the unit and the shaft would have to pass through the heating element. Casing: not too sure. In order to make it fit in the form factor I want I imagine I'd want to use PVC pipe. If not I'll make something that hangs outside of the container. Food safe and cleaning aren't really a big issue. But I will keep them in mind, but the food never touches the water or elements due to the nature of Sous Vide. Look above, I got the parts pretty much figured out. Just need help with the wiring.... But for the both of you, let's say I build this guy: https://learn.adafruit.com/sous-vide-powered-by-arduino-the-sous-viduino/sous-vide Step for step and just plug in the before mentioned heating element and pump instead of a crock pot. How would I go about enabling it with WAN control and monitoring??
  21. Hello guys, After @Slick did the awesome video on the Joule, I decided I wanted one! Now 200 USD isn't that bad of a price, especially considering what one will spend on PC parts But to a 18 year old in college, with a average paid job as a cook, It's just...not as appealing But the concept is pretty simple! There's got to be someone who's made one right? Well, yeah! I've found a bunch of well documented build logs where people have made the same thing for less than 75 USD! But all of the solutions I've found still lack what IMO makes the Joule so appealing! And that's the ability to control from the app on your phone! Now, I've found a few builds where a web interface for monitoring was made, but I also want to be able to control my cooker remotely! What I'm looking for, isn't difficult. But I have no experience with either a Pi, or and Arduino What I want to do is combine this tutorial I found. But add some features. Like using a heating element instead of a crock pot to make the unit portable and usable in different containers. Adding a circulation Pump. And linking up a Pi to be used as a web interface that will allow monitoring and control of the temperature from a remote location or just adding code and a WiFi enabled board to the Arduino. Basically a BrewPi I guess, but I want to be able to build it in a elegant looking container like the Joule. But, I don't know where to start I would like someone who knows the in's and out's of these control boards to help me out! Or maybe we can get Luke and Linus to take their best shot at it for our entertainment! Hopefully I can find help here! ~NerdNinja TL;DR I need help making a feature rich DIY Sous Vide Cooker with Arduino and/or Rasberry Pi
  22. Hmm, alrighty. I was thinking of selling my card to a friend and getting a 480, I also want to mid my case to fit atx and get a better CPU.