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  1. Cheers guys (@NZgamer), going through the install process again I noticed I hadn't partitioned a space for EFI
  2. When I have UEFI Boot enabled, my USB isn't an option to boot into
  3. So I have created a live USB with Ubuntu 19.10, it runs fine and no problem. To get it to boot on my laptop I need to disable UEFI Boot, when I do and select my USB to boot, it boots into ubuntu. But when I select the drive with windows(10) installed on it, it doesn't find the bootable windows. And I instead get this screen. (with the Ubuntu USB removed or else it boots straight into Ubuntu) If I re enable UEFI Boot in the bios then it boots into windows fine but can't find the USB as a bootable option. I can switch between the two but it is a pain, if there is a way I can have both or anyone has advice it'd be greatly appreciated.
  4. was expecting this to be the outcome but was hoping there might have been a better way
  5. Hey guys, my gf has just gotten into minecraft and we want to play modded together, she doesn't have a PC to run it. All I am wondering is if there is a way to have 2 mice and keyboards controlling 2 instances of minecraft separately from the one PC. Thanks in advance.