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  1. I have 16 gb of memory, and my paging file is set to 49152 MB (I haven't changed it since I built this pc)
  2. Here's my situation. As of a few days ago, my computer was working perfectly normally and was completely fine. For the past few weeks, I have been running this Minecraft server for my friends and I to play on. A few days ago, all of a sudden, my chrome browser begins to have issues while my server is running. It gives me the "aw snap" message and crashes. I thought that this might have been a temporary issue, and decided to shut down the server for the day and restart my computer. Upon restarting, everything seemed to work fine when I was running chrome with a few tabs between my monitors. I decided to play a game and watch a video at the same time and discovered more problems. The game would either crash after a while or chrome would give the error message again and crash itself. Fast forward to today, and the problem has just amplified. Games won't load up on their own without crashing or bugging out, and I can barely even keep one tab of chrome up without it crashing. I am making sure to copy this post every few seconds just in case chrome crashes while I am writing it. I tested to see what would happen if I booted up my server again, and was prompted with the message "Error occurred during initialization of VM, Could not reserve enough space for object heap". Also, sometimes chrome said it could not reserve enough memory for the page. Yet despite all of this, my memory usage was still only around 35%. I can hardly launch anything now and it's really frustrating because I build it a month ago. A quick note is that I had this same problem on my old pc when I ran a server, but only figured that it was just my computer finally biting the dust after 5 years. Now I think it's a problem with the server but have found no reports on a similar issue anywhere else. I am posting this here to ask if anyone has had a similar problem with their memory or computer. Thanks for the help in advance, Earn
  3. Earn

    Best 140mm Intake fan?

    I am shopping on amazon or newegg, located in the U.S. I would prefer to have an rgb cpu cooler, but am still open to other options that are good for cooling.
  4. Earn

    Best 140mm Intake fan?

    I have the hd598's and I believe both of our headphones are open back. Seeing as you have open back headphones, and my computer is under my desk, I don't think only 2 of those fans shouldn't be a problem for me. Thanks for the help.
  5. Earn

    Best 140mm Intake fan?

    I have a phanteks p350x case with a 2700x and 16gb (8x2) tridentx 3200mhz ram. I'm shopping on amazon, and I do plan to replace my cpu cooler eventually. I'm asking about the fans because I am still only using the 1 included intake fan with the case and want to improve the airflow. I was wondering about the noise because when I do replace my cpu cooler with something quieter, I want the total noise to be relatively low (combination of new fans and cpu cooler). I was looking at the Cooler Master Master Air MA410M. My budget is probably like less than $80 for a cpu cooler and like $30 per fan. I'm pretty sure im getting the previously mentioned noctua fans, but if you have any other recommendations for different fans or a cpu cooler I'd be happy to hear.
  6. Earn

    Best 140mm Intake fan?

    Hey sorry for the later reply, but I currently have the prism cooler for my CPU, and that goes up to around 44 dB. I see that the Noctua fan goes to around 31.5. I feel like that's a big difference. I have my computer positioned under my desk and can hear the cpu fan quite loudly. How well can you hear the Noctua fan? I'm not super picky on the noise, but If I can hear them loudly with open back headphones on from my computer under my desk, I may not go for them.
  7. Earn

    Best 140mm Intake fan?

    Hey everybody, I'm looking to add some new fans in my case, because I currently have only one stock intake fan that came with my Phanteks p350x. Currently, I am deciding between the Be Quiet! silent wings 3, and the Corsair Ml140's. I am wondering what the better of the two is for intake cooling options. I keep finding conflicting opinions about these fans. I know there are many other good intake fans, and if there are any that you feel passionate about, go ahead and tell me about them, I am open to any opinions about your favorite fans. I am mostly looking for a fan that isn't noisy, has pretty good static pressure for intake airflow, and looks decent (not Noctua brown, just like a solid black or something). Hopefully, yall can help me figure this one out. Thanks, -Earn
  8. Hey Guys, So I routed a long ethernet cord into my room a while back, but am looking to hook up multiple devices to ethernet within this space. I was looking into buying an ethernet switch but forgot that I had an extra router sitting around. My current modem is one of those 2 in 1's that are able to function to provide wifi, so that's where my ethernet is currently connected. I'm not interested in setting up a new wifi hotspot in my room, and just want to use the router to split my ethernet connections, is this possible? If not, I would probably just buy an ethernet switch, but I hear that you need to plug it into a router and not the modem. If my modem functions as both a modem and a router, will it work if I connect my switch to it? Thanks, -Earn
  9. I just downloaded HWMonitor, and it is reporting an idle temperature to be around 41.6 Celcius, which can be better once I buy some more case fans. But, I think it is fine for now. Thank you for the software recommendation, I think speccy was just completely reading my system incorrectly.
  10. Hello Everybody, I just set up my new pc and have been messing around with it and downloading all of my programs and such. I decided to download speccy to check out the temps on my 2700x while I was using its stock cooler. The idle temps seemed to range anywhere between 90-110 degrees Celsius and I got pretty confused. I looked it up, and apparently speccy and some other programs do not read ryzen cpu temps correctly, and that It is likely wrong. I downloaded amd overdrive in order to check on these, but ended up with a blue screen, likely because I hadn't actually installed my amd chipset drivers. After restoring my pc, I have also found out that overdrive is not meant for ryzen cpu's, is this correct? If so, what program should I install to monitor temps accurately? And, if this persists, what could be the source of the problem? and how should I go about fixing it? -Earn
  11. Alright, thank you! That helps a lot. Just for clarification, if I'm installing windows on the new SSD using the same product key as the old HDD, Should I deactivate it on my HDD first?
  12. Hello, So, I have been meaning to build a new computer for a while now. I have all the parts except for a new graphics card. I want to do a fresh install of windows 10 on the new ssd I have bought, but already have it on another drive. I heard that I could deactivate windows on the old boot drive and activate it on the new ssd. Is this possible? If so, if I want to access all the old files from that drive, could I put it in my new computer as a non-boot drive and access all the files from there? I would like to transfer some files into the new ssd before wiping it as a new storage drive. Will the installation of a non-activated windows account interfere with the old drive being recognized as extra storage? If this method of installing a new os with the same registration key is not possible, I would like some help figuring out how to go about doing so. Another thing to note is that I have a separate hard drive that I use for game storage, but have backed up a few files I wouldn't want to lose on there. I can back up some files there if the solution requires it. Thanks, Earn
  13. Earn

    Steam problems with programs

    I already have done that
  14. So, recently, I decided to try and reinstall steam. To save my games by moving my steamapps folder onto my desktop. After I realized how long that would take, I decided to hit cancel on the transfer. In the short moment I did that, it looked like the cancel crashed rather than canceling the transfer (short white fade out like a not responding screen). I checked the file and it gave me a message that said something along the lines of "this file is not here now, it's somewhere else". I found the steam apps folder on my desktop (and it seems to be 405 gigs), so I think I might be able to replace my current steamapps folder instead of re-downloading all my games. Every time I move it, it says it's opened in another program(I did exit out of steam completely). Also, when I hit properties on it, the listed disk space has to count up to get to the 405 gig display. It just starts at 1 gig and starts counting up. Also my hdd says that I have about 100 gigs left, but ever since the little incident its display shows an almost full blue bar, but still says I have 100 gigs. The number shows what I would have if the steamapps on my desktop took up space, and the bar shows how much I would have if it didn't exist. I don't know if the steam apps folder is corrupt or something. I might be able to drag each game folder to my new steamapps folder from my old one, but I don't want to try that unless I know what will happen. As a side note, I went to check my programs and I uninstalled all of the games I lost because they had lost their icons (Looks like this). This was before I encountered the folder on my desktop as well.