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  1. I play games to destress and unwind after a long day at work. I don't need something to keep me on edge and wind me up.
  2. Ugh. Her voice makes me want to bust someones Nico Nico Kneecaps.
  3. Thank you! I've had nothing but good experience with Mayhems Pastel fluid. I ran the same fluid in my previous rig for years before building this one. This current rig has been using the same fluid since October 2018. I think the key to longevity with any fluid is just prep. Make sure you flush everything with distilled before filling it with the dyed liquid. I saw buildup from the pastel coloring from my old rig when I took it apart but it comes off with a quick soak in distilled water.
  4. Made a few changes since the last time I posted here. DSC09286 by Bruce Han, on Flickr DSC09288 by Bruce Han, on Flickr DSC09291 by Bruce Han, on Flickr DSC09302 by Bruce Han, on Flickr The Specs
  5. I was helping my cousin buy a new gaming monitor at Micro Center. We found a great deal on one and asked a rep there to see if they had any in stock. He tells us there's one in the back and that he'll try to look for it. He comes back after a couple minutes and tells us that he could not find it. We lost hope and decided to look for a different one to no avail. I decided to just risk it for the biscuit and ask another rep to find the same monitor. He managed to find it.
  6. Honestly, I really like Riley and James. So I don't agree with you at all.
  7. Being a long time user with multiple failed Mambas under my belt, hard pass.
  8. Before you blindly jump into deciding on which mouse to buy. I would highly recommend checking out RocketJumpNinja on YouTube. He has a guide on how to pick the right mouse for the size of your hand and how you grip the mouse. This is by far more important than what brand is best.
  9. Try not to focus too much on how much time you're taking and pay more attention to how you're plugging things in. Most thing should plug in fairly easily and some require a bit of pressure to snap in (RAM, 24-pin connector). Find a good YouTube tutorial and have it on your phone and follow along as needed. When it comes to mounting things like fan controllers, use some painters tape to temporarily stick them on the case and see how things work out. Don't be afraid to take things off and move things around.
  10. I think the scientific explanation of what's going on is called "you trippin'".
  11. Save your breath. Just look at his signature; is he the type of person that is worth your time and effort? Probably not.