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About Greenlink74

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  • CPU
    Pentium 4 3.2GHz
  • Motherboard
    Intel Dq57tm
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Geforce 5 FX
  • Case
    On the floor
  • Storage
    360GB WD Blue
  • PSU
    480W John Cena Annilator
  • Display(s)
    640x480 CRT 80Hz
  • Cooling
    a fan
  • Operating System
    Windows Vista

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  1. yess, with Physical Address Extension..
  2. hey, this isnt a 6300, it was an i7 2700K
  3. cause, it was on its side and I knocked it off my desk mistakenly..
  4. I DID HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW?? WHEN I REBOOT I GOTTA MOVE IT AND REEJECT THE TRAY The time I was talking about 2 weeks ago my P Cwas on its side and I knocked ot off my desk
  5. Core i7 2700K, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, and Windows 10 32 Bit
  6. That black box in the corner is my VHS player, forgot to crop it out
  7. I have a PC with an older i7 2700K as shown in the photo, and I poured Coca Cola on it the 2nd week it was built. It has been a month and it is randomly rebooting. The motherboard is sticky, but when I had the accident, I let the PC to dry for 48 hours. Is the restarting due to the coke or is it something else?? I also have a GTX 970, 16GB of RAM, and Windows 10 32 Bit.
  8. Can't simple Java website code breach and take control of SP1 though??
  9. How dangerous is it to plug a fresh install of Windows XP SP1 into the Internet and use it as a daily driver??
  10. Are you still active? I just got my hands on a Pentium G4560..
  11. Then the GTX 970 will be just fine for years to come, even by its self. Have you ever tried Overclocking??
  12. Nvidia has a GTX 1070, it's their latest generation of graphics cards.