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  1. LovesLaus

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    @Falconevo - yea i understand that it prosumers, which I don't mind, as I will need to eventually need to understand as well. Router right now - eth0 - was - this was the original port i used to connect and setup the router eth1 - WAN port eth 2-4 - connecting to my devices i remoted to my router and changed the eth0 port to to ( which was not used by any device, and then the router dropped my network connection to the computer i was connecting to. so i just like to for the future to connect directly to my router in case something like this happens, at least this way i maybe able to resolve the issue instead of waiting to get home from work going to eventually setup a VLan for all my networked devices as well
  2. LovesLaus

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    @Falconevo - i dont think i have anything setup. all i done so far on the router, was the initial wan setup, and changing the ip address of eth00. that was when i got knocked off the router when i was remoting in. which i am also confused about, since the computer i was connected with was on a different ip address all together. all these new settings are exciting and confusing all the same time.
  3. LovesLaus

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    @Falconevo - Yea I saw that post, probably should of posted there as well. I tried to follow those steps, but I still wasn't able to get it to work
  4. LovesLaus

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    @wojtepanik - isnt the clould key only for the Unifi stuff??? I have a cloud controller setup already on a computer that Is connected to the router. but i am not able to connect to the controller software, and everything after the router has lost network, and i am unable to see any devices. vpn - do you know how to set that up direct only to the router???
  5. LovesLaus

    EdgeRouterX remote manage

    I am rather new to the EdgeRouterX for Unquiti ( new to all these enterprise like settings and gear). Just tired of the commercial networking equipment. What I wanted to ask if there is a way to remote connect directly to the router? What I am doing so far is remoting to a computer that is on the network, and then managing the router from there. But I did a change before and I lost connect to my entire network, also means that I have no way to monitor my security camera. I will be away for a few days. Previously I was able to connect to my Linksys 3200 ACM via the linksys account to make changes. So if anyone can provide any assistant that will be great.
  6. LovesLaus

    Network Randomly Disconnects

    its been 3 days since the router change, and things seems to be working fingers crossed. Though now i have to figure out some way to remotely mange the router like how i was able to with the linksys router.
  7. LovesLaus

    Network Randomly Disconnects

    @rcmaehl - i think it my router, since it decided to self rest 3 times this past Sunday. Bought a Ubiquiti EdgeRouterX. Hopfully its no longer an issue. @Donut417 - it cable, though i am thinking of changing over to that sweet GB fiber
  8. LovesLaus

    Network Randomly Disconnects

    @rcmaehl i was using the wifi, i will have to test again with the Ethernet cord tonight, since that probably would have been better then wifi.
  9. LovesLaus

    Network Randomly Disconnects

    @rcmaehl - from the ping test only the top 3 disconnect.
  10. LovesLaus

    Network Randomly Disconnects

    @rcmaehl I will trying that out once I get home later @natzilllla most the ISP cabling is above ground, and a new cable was ran between my house and the main line. From what I check last time, it look good.
  11. LovesLaus

    Network Randomly Disconnects

    I would get disconnect intermittently randomly form internet. I have changed out my router twice now, i am using linksys wrt 3200asm with Unbiquiti AC Pro for the AP. the ISP has changed their modem 3 times. from their testing everything is fine. but of course when they are there and testing, everything is find and working. Its not just the wifi that drops, the entire network would all drop at the same time. they says it my router and AP, but i don't see how that can be possible. since i am still getting disconnected even if i am hardwired to the ISP modem. I also checked with the ISP, and the modem that I have will auto go into the bridge mode once i plug in my own router. the up time of the router was at 1440 minutes, but I have changed it to 100,000 minutes. I have hard reset all of my devices several times. At this point I have ran out of ideas on how to resolve this issue.
  12. LovesLaus

    Windows 10 super slow bootup

    Hi, I did it as just an upgrade, so i am unsure what windows did with the installation. I did about 6 updates for windows 10 on the laptops that I have here, 3 of which are the same asus model, and this is the only 1 that is taking 10 mins to boot up. cordially, Alan Lau
  13. Hi, I installed windows 10 on my Asus Ultrabook, and now the boot up time takes around 10 mins. When I was on windows 8.1 the bootup time did not take 10 mins; on 8.1 it took less then 2 mins. Its running with intel 4200u, 4Gb ram, HGST hard drive with a 24Gb sandisk cashe. Model Asus : UX302L I not sure what the problem is i have already try restarting a few times, fast boot has also been enabled. There are not alot of things that are starting up when booting up. Thanks for the help. Cordially, Alan Lau
  14. LovesLaus

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    my favorite thing would have to be the screen size and resolution.
  15. LovesLaus

    Lenovo Y50?

    hi, After a little bit a digging, the GTX 860m, seems to be around the same performance as the gtx 755 sli. http://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=2143&gid2=2017&compare=geforce-gtx-860m-2gb-vs-geforce-gt-755m-sli. For the best value i think the Lenovo Y50 has it in the department.