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  1. Yeah, I heard. Of all the videos he could have made it had to be that one.
  2. As pointed out, "audio science review" is dubiously named. So in the future, I would suggest you try to verify the quality of measurements before recommending them, to prevent a situation like this from happening again.
  3. Then we'll just have to agree to disagree. One thing that should be clear, though, is that your authority on this subject is not anywhere near where you act like it is.
  4. So... what is the problem with ordering directly from Schiit?
  5. What "random" fee? The fuck? Why do fuckers on this forum have so much difficulty with basic communication?
  6. What is your motherboard?
  7. "Better" for what? What are your priorities?
  8. It's not a matter of opinion. Either the headphone produces more detail or it doesn't. And in this case it doesn't; the sense of "detail" is just from the elevated treble. "Detail" as a descriptor really doesn't mean much anyway. Too vague.
  9. The DT 880 is not more detailed.
  10. This is the HD 6x0 chassis with the HD 700 driver dropped in. No confirmation yet on what if any tuning has been done to the driver to get it to play nice with the change in enclosure. Either way, I am skeptical that this will be an upgrade to the HD 650 or even HD 600 across the board given the issues with the HD 700 in both measured and sonic performance. According to the project page, it comes with the same cable as the HD 650, that is 1/4" with a 1/4" to 1/8" dongle adapter.
  11. The monitor output appears to be stereo TRS just like a normal headphone jack - although worth noting that the signal sent to this output vs the headphone output is not the same. Line 2 appears to be a mono input, so the correct way to consume a stereo signal would be split it to lines 1 and 2. I expect that you can use TRS cables here, but you just need to be mindful of the number of channels that are on that cable.
  12. All else being equal, the difference would be negligible. And for all else to be equal, we would need to assume that the original source material recorded to the DVD was recorded and processed with at least that much bitrate.
  13. Can you explain what the fuck the device is or is that a state secret? Kind of hard to make a recommendation if we don't at least know whether the signal is mono or stereo.
  14. Going from 128kbps to anything better should be pretty obvious. Unfortunately, the Sennheiser HD 400 series headphones are not that resolving or transparent, so this may be part of the problem. The E10K is not exactly going to blow the doors off of resolution either. Sorry to rain on your parade after you've already put money down, but it is what it is.
  15. Usual suspects. Schiit stuff - Fulla 2, Modi 2 + Magni 3, etc. Modi 2 and used Valhalla 2 would be spicy.
  16. The O2 will be the bottleneck in this device. I would get a Fulla 2 instead. Magni 3 + Modi 2 is also a very compelling value right now. Give or take $50, take your pick.
  17. SSL

    Schiit did some stuff

    Let me qualify that statement: it IS making a real difference in the sound, so in that sense it is not on the level of magic rocks of whatever. However, and this is just my opinion, the MP has been overhyped. I remain skeptical whether someone would notice a difference after prolonged listening, once the novelty has worn off, and in the absence of side-by-side comparison. We'll have to wait until it is available for first-hand impressions. My main issue is probably that this concept is way different (inferior) from actually performing a piece of music with a different pitch reference or temperament.
  18. Have you ever heard of a concept called performance per dollar? Can you imagine how it might apply in this situation? The real answer is that not necessarily anything makes the Magni 3 better if you like the sound of "300$ Solid State" more. Of course, that is a hard question to answer if you don't specify which "Solid State" you're talking about.
  19. Valhalla 2 for the HD 650. Best synergy.
  20. SSL

    Schiit did some stuff

    Except that appears to literally be all it does, at least on the software side. I assume the need for a programmer was to develop an algorithm presumably to detect and adjust the pitch of the source material on the fly. What did you want to talk about? Seems like it will be the go-to standalone entry-level amp recommendation from here on out. Hopefully some people will get ears on it soon so that we can know what it sounds like. Also, there is a post about it in Jason's Schiit Happened series on head-fi.