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    Join the USAR June 2016, started Basic October 2016, finished my AIT in June 2017, currently working to become an officer through ROTC in college.
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    025B IT Speicalist in the USAR, Full-Time College Student

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  1. No your board can support 1x16 PCIe lane, and any modern intel CPU you put in there can run it too (as in it supports PCIe 3.0). That means your good to go with a single GPU, try to add anything else though (like a sound card) and your taking away from your GPUs bandwidth. Theres a lot more too it you can check out on YouTube but that's the short and simply answer.
  2. RAM555789

    Which cpu are you using?

    Yeah that's honestly one of the most stupid things I have head. You buy the CPU you can afford and for what you need. If I'm just going to game I don't need an i9 9900k no matter how much money I have to blow. It doesn't make sense for me to get anything more than an i7 8700k or Ryzen 2700x. You go for Intel i9s when your workload actually benefits and other times you go for Ryzen threadripper whe you'll benefit more. The two architects of the chips are so different from one another that certain programs may do better or worse when comparing chips.
  3. RAM555789

    Game server

    I would avoid a Wi-Fi cards remember, if your hosting the server your going to have to port forward as people connect to your network. Your going to want to have a hard wired connection, preferably to match whatever the maximum speeds of your router are. The other big concern is do you have enough band width to share amount all those players. Hardware is only part of the server hosting, the other part is having the internet to actual connect to all those players. Personal servers with small groups of friends are great but with larger more unknown groups of players it helps to use a proper hosting website. To be honest your also don't need the newest parts either. Most older Xeon servers, corporations are no longer using will work great for light gaming servers.
  4. RAM555789

    How do I get my NAS Faster

    Just to clear something up bade of what has been said. MB/s=megabytes per second. This how file sizes are your computer are measured. When data travels over wire it get a converted to Mbp/s which is megabits per second. 1 byte = 8 bits and then you have to also remember that when a file size is exactly 1 Megabyte it's actually 1024 bytes. When internet companies advertise a 1 gigabit connection speed to make it sound super fast and all is actually 125 megabytes. That's still super fast but bits always sound way faster than they actually are.
  5. RAM555789

    Is it worth waiting?

    Ryzen 3 might come out in June/July but it could also be deylaed as late December based on what I've read so far.
  6. RAM555789

    Can integrated graphics run minecraft without

    I have found that after the 1.7 update to Minecraft where OpenGL updated and they had to change over 10,000 lines of code, that having a GPU really helped to push my fps where before it was only the CPU that mattered. In some older laptops I even found their integrated GPUs can struggle on Minecraft. When you start to throw in lots of mods you would be surprised how much RAM Minecraft can't eat up as well, but for just vanilla 1-2GB is fine.
  7. RAM555789

    Z390 + I7 New Rig No boot.

    May need to RMA the CPU and motherboard, sounds like one or both are bad, though I feel like its more likely the board than the CPU. Something also tells me your RAM is probably not bad since if the motherboard is bad the Dram light could also come on from that.
  8. RAM555789

    SLI has become useless?

    It really does have crap support, and I see it slowly being less and less supported as time goes on too a point where either Nvidia is forced to reinnovate it or remove it as a feature. The same goes for CFX.
  9. The cores didn't even get the proper resources to share between them. There's actually lawsuits over this processor line up going on right now.
  10. I guess all those FX processors should be super fast too....
  11. RAM555789

    2200G Dedicated streaming PC?

    I suggest you check LTT's video on having a gaming PC and streaming PC. I would link it if I was on my PC but not sure how to get it from my phone app.
  12. RAM555789

    Should I get 660 ti sli?

    I believe that having only a DVIportbhelped cut down cost, and with the price range they were aiming for it wouldn't be a surprised if people were still using anolog connections.
  13. RAM555789

    Geforce Card Confusion

    I've bought used GPU in the past without issue.
  14. Pretty much any AM4 socket board will do if you don't plan to overclock. If you only have 2 RAM slots you will want to get 1x8GB stick so you can upgrade later or 2x8GB sticks rigth then. I would take a look at the Ryzen 1700 first, see if there's any good combo deals out there, then start shipping Ryzen 2. After that the best upgrade is going to be your GPU. I've gamed enough on the FX 8350 to tell you that it can be a major bottleneck, though I tend to play a lot of CPU games.