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  1. Can i running laptop gaming with egpu

    So if your using an external GPU, once the drivers are downloaded, you just need to make sure your global settings are set to that external GPU rather than the intel GPU. I use an intel chip which has onboard graphics and a Nvidia GPU. I had to make sure that my monitor was plugged into my GPU and not my motherboard and that my Nvidia global settings were set to use my high-end GPU over my internal intel graphics as a global setting.
  2. CPU sockets pins fixed, PC turns off and on

    Last time I broke pins, I spent a long time trying to straighten them out, but its easy to end up bending more pins in the process and having the throw the whole thing out unfortunately.
  3. 8700K for 1440p 165Hz

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor ($347.00 @ Amazon) Motherboard: Gigabyte - Z370 AORUS GAMING WIFI (rev. 1.0) ATX LGA1151 Motherboard ($139.89 @ OutletPC) Total: $486.89 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2018-08-11 22:58 EDT-0400
  4. FPS Drops with CPU usage and GPU Usage

  5. Desk PC

    Most desk PC cases I've seen are DIY
  6. New Gaming/Streaming PC Build

    8th gen did kick up there core count so its not the end of the world for streaming if he sticks with the i7-8700k, hes just more likely to get longer life out of the 12 core.
  7. 1st PC Upgrade HELP

    Should be good with an intel processor. If you had the FX with the RX 580 you might not be able to handle it. That old HDD might go at some point too and you'll be surprised how fast you can fill up a 1 TB drive.
  8. University laptop choice

    I would go for the i7, its a pretty good step up, around 10% better according to benchmarking, with gaming and productivity, and around 20% better at workstation tasks.
  9. Theres the classifieds section near the bottom of the forums.
  10. What is this Worth £?

    Its hard to get people to buy a whole entire new PC, and then they also want a discount. It will probably be easier to sell the PC in parts or bundles then as a whole, however you are not guaranteed to sell every single part if no one is looking for that particular part. Your RAM and SSDs should be easy to sell as long as you go a bit below MSRP along with the i7-8700k + motherboard as a bundle. The GTX 980 TI is still a pretty sought after card but you will need to keep the price low to generate interest on it. The Cooler and Case and HDD are going to be the hardest things to sell and its hard to say if anyone will be interested. It will be best if you can get some screenshots of how the PC runs in benchmarks to show off its power, then offer out prices in the classifieds such as "Whole PC" would be this price, then offer out different bundle options, and then the price of each component individually.
  11. Is my computer bottlenecking? unusually low FPS in CSGO

    Its your processor really holding you back. The piledriver is not a great CPU lineup however an upgrade to a FX-8350 is your best bet if you can't make a whole new rig. You'll find some in the classifieds section, and major retail outlets. However unless you have a microcenter near your house, I would just buy it cheaper off Ebay then new on Newegg or Amazon.
  12. Friend Having Headset Issues

    What would cause a headset (Hyper X Cloud) to have the audio slowly leave the left side of the headset until I can only hear out of the right. Its a new headset as I replaced the old one (same model) with that problem believe it was a hardware problem. I can strangly fix it by going to "Sounds" (Windows 10) - Playback Devices - My headset - Test. The ding sound plays in my left headset and resets the problem.
  13. Upgrade from a 1050ti to...

    Well there like CPUs usually, there not too much more the lower end ones than there predecessors. It could also drive down the price of the current gen ones which could make you rethink your choices.
  14. Upgrade or buy new ?

    It would go over budget, what do you mean?
  15. Wireless Soultion Required

    Unless you have a faster than 300Mbps internet speed, then no that will work perfectly fine for you.