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    In the US, unless I get deployed.
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    Video Games and (now) Getting in Shape (JUST DO IT)
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    Join the USAR June 2016, started Basic October 2016, finished my AIT in June 2017, currently working to become an officer through ROTC in college.
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    025B IT Speicalist in the USAR, Full-Time College Student

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  1. Always looking for New Members! Come join today!
  2. RAM555789

    Facebook pulls down over 800 pages/accounts

    Yeah Facebook at this point is a collection of memes and a ton of
  3. RAM555789

    Budget CPU for Vega 56

    I would go with the Ryzen 2600 or one of the i5 8th gen CPUs, there both pretty solid choices.
  4. RAM555789

    Laptop Overclocking

    Laptops were designed with both thermal and power limitations in mind. Certain brands of "gaming" laptops allow for some overclocking but as someone else already pointed out its usually only for GPUs, due to their larger design allows for more cooling. That's why you can pay thousands for a laptop but a PC that's costs substantially less can be more powerful since its does not have the same thermal limitations.
  5. RAM555789

    Best Hardware For An OG Titan

    Do wanna point out to the OP that he may need to do a BIOS flash in order to use the 2600 unless he gets the B450 or X470 board.
  6. RAM555789

    980 TI Refurbished

    If you go for the $400 price range, go for a used 1080, otherwise I would just stick too the 980 Ti as its still a great card.
  7. RAM555789

    Massive stuttering in and other problems

    Just google it, theirs a lot of good programs out there.
  8. RAM555789

    Massive stuttering in and other problems

    Yeah defiantly defrag, see if that fixes it then, check up on your HDDs health.
  9. RAM555789

    Massive stuttering in and other problems

    Sounds like your HDD or SSD could be going bad. I would run a disk check to make sure there both still good.
  10. Or a B450 board if you don't plan to overclock much. The 3XX boards are for first gen Ryzen, but technically could be used if you did a BIOS update.
  11. RAM555789

    1080 ti 99% load at 69c

    At 1440p I'm just a little surprised that the 1080 Ti is running at 99% TBH. What kind of frames are you seeing?
  12. RAM555789

    1080 ti 99% load at 69c

    I mean are you gaming at like 4k or something? Your defiantly getting your use of out it if its at 99%, or it could mean you have some major underlying issues causing it to throttle down somehow, but with those thermals that shouldn't be whats happening.