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    Join the USAR June 2016, started Basic October 2016, finished my AIT in June 2017, currently working to become an officer through ROTC in college.
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    025B IT Speicalist in the USAR, Full-Time College Student

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  1. They sell cables up to 200ft. I have a 50ft and 75ft ones myself.
  2. Nope, after the 600 series they started to get a separate chip for encoding which is separate from the part that renders. OBS now just uses the same GPU that is rendering to also do the encoding without any performance loss. This is alsp why 2 GPU builds are dying out. (That and GPUs are expensive af)
  3. I wouldn't be concerned. Prime95 is designed to stress your CPU to the max and it's very rare to see real world applications, much less gaming put similar stress on a CPU.
  4. Don't need a program. Just check out what your stable overclock speed is and compare it to others using google. You could use something like Cinebench if you actually wanna benchmark it against other CPUs.
  5. Theres war more to a server than just the CPU. You have to take into account RAM, its speeds, storage options, internet connections, ect.
  6. It really is impressive that we have made it down to the 7nm scale. The closer and closer CPUs get to the size of an atom, the more issues we will have with quantum tunneling.
  7. I believe im hitting or am very close too 144fps on COD MW, with a 1070, but I also have a i7 8700 with 16GB of RAM.
  8. Its kinda of like RAM. You can have enough RAM that's its not loaded fully, but that doesn't mean its processing it as fast.
  9. I would get a new CPU as well. A GTX 1660 TI and Ryzen 2600 fit your budget.
  10. No, the CPU is not an unlocked K processor nor would that motherboard be capable of overclocking.
  11. Usually you get some really good deals on Newegg and all. Theres no telling what the deals will be so you just need to check the deals everyday from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, and make sure to look on BOTH your PC and your phone as mobile usually has different or exclusive offers from normal PC.
  12. I've used some of their earlier versions of the software and I remember it being pretty easy to allocate the resources between the physical and virtual machine. You'll just need a second monitor, keyboard, mouse, ect. for your second person to use the VMware.