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  1. Im getting between 34-40 fps and it stutters alot, Idk why because a few days ago I was playing fine at 75 capped
  2. most of yall are toxic af..... I would say between 2022, and 2023
  3. it might be playable in space, but in planets i dont think you´ll get playable framerates, I would say you´d get between 20-25fps in planets
  4. red dead redemption 2, the witcher 3, halo mcc, mgsv tpp, cod mw, metro exodus, the outer worlds, fallout 4 and skyrim with enbs, gta v.
  5. Hi, I wanted to ask some help here because I really want to upgrade my storage capacity but dont know what to buy or what is compatible with my laptop. As of right now I have a 1tb hdd, and a 512gb nvme, I really just want to buy another 1tb ssd but dont know if it will work. Could someone please help me out
  6. the elder scrolls blades Fallout shelter Any poker game Archero Call of duty mobile Mario Kart
  7. in the early beta you could see everyone in the map, now to reduce griefing rockstar removed the white dots (players). If they start killing their dot will become red and appear in the map.
  8. you cant unless they are "#$Q"ing arround. It was part of an update to keep griefing low
  9. unified remote is the best one ive seen, you dont need bluetooth just wifi, I bought the full version
  10. Nexus is pretty much the best site to look for mods. specially for bethesda games
  11. Yesterday I played it for 4 hours straight, first time in years ive done that. And that first big decision was amazing, cant wait to see the consequences lol
  12. probably in 2 years, best price youll get is arround 50$ in a sale
  13. I honestly lost hype when they announce there wasnt going to be third person view on foot.