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  1. The i9 9900K is out of stock because they sold it for 440$ (damn) just found it now >< won´t be again at that price. Well let me see, price difference from i7 9700K with a BeQuite Dark Rock 4 Pro vs a i7 8700 with a NZXT M22 will have a difference price by 80$ I guess... is it worth?
  2. Btw he can lock the CPU to 4.4GHz using that BCLK thing right? Well sadly he could go to a i7 9700K but I don´t think its worth or is it?
  3. So in this case o prevent that he should go with a i7 8700? Since its 6c/12t? I saw that review but thats the only one that shows that! https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/amd_ryzen_5_3600_review,23.html https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-5-3600/15.html At techpowerup things are very clear at Intel So what can we trust this days?! He has already a 200€ mobo so no way he can go to AMD now.
  4. Well Im not sure in what country u are living but in mine Ryzen is more expensive. Intel i5 9600K = 230€ AMD Ryzen 3600X = 289€ Intel i7 8700 (non K) = 240€ Intel i7 9700K = 290€ AMD Ryzen 3700X 369€ Note: I tested a i5 9400F that costs 134€ vs the Ryzen 3600 (non X) what costs 209€ and I got 12 of 16 games better Frames (7 to 12 AVG). So its strange that u are saying "wipe the floor" or if u are saying "more then gaming" then sure, AMD wipes Intel off! Benchmarks gives the Intel in most games a clear advantage, even if they are stock. Saw some article in Germany from this weak giving the 3 top best CPU for games to Intel and then to AMD. But again, maybe in the states or any other country prices are better for AMD. Intel dropped alote prices, even the i9 9900K costs about 450€ vs Ryzen 9 3900X that costs 499€. There is no point going for AMD if u are a gamer and even streamer. We all know the king of games/cpu is i7 9700K not putting "price" in question. But as u said well, the price vs performance is a very importante factor! BTW it wasn´t me, I own already a system I´m asking in behave of my friend, he can´t even speak English was strange in fact but his stupid decisions anyways, I believe it has to do with some promo 30% off!
  5. what if the i7 9700k is in place, should he consider it? its 50€ more!
  6. Why if he has already the motherboard? And even so, Ryzen has poor performance. Intel domains gaming at this moment. Would u recommend to go to a i7 9700K for 50€ more?!
  7. Hello I have a question for a friend of mine, he has a build (RTX 2080 with 32GB DDR4 and a MSI Z390) He hasn´t any CPU so, he asks me what CPU would be better. - i5 9600K costs about 230€ (had to buy a Dark Rock 4 Pro more 80€) - i7 8700 (non K) costs about 250€ (has a Kraken M22 as offer) Its only gaming and maybe record the games... Some say the 1% low in i7 even 8 gen is better, no shutter blabla but others says the i5 OC beats any CPU. Don´t know what is the best for him!
  8. Thanks for ur reply. Good point. Ye I have 1 fan for the case that it fits but yes, in therms of cooling It doesn´t pay off going to AIO right? 2 intakes come from above and 1 intake from front but as u said well, the hot air tend to be in the top, sadly the case hasn´t but its a sexy new case Ur case was one of my buy "list" but they are out of stock. Any suggestion besides that? I mean, what would u do with the cooling?
  9. So guys, I did do my final build but I do have some issues and questions of "cooling" the system. Does the cooler fit the "Motherboard"? The case is now available in my country "finally" Any case, suggestion are welcome! - Case Mini-ITX Lian Li TU150 - Corsair SF 600W SFX 80+ Gold - Intel Core i5 9600K 6-Core (3.7GHz-4.6GHz) - Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 (Cooler) - MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC - G.Skill 16GB DDR4 3600MHz CL18 - ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Twin Fan - SSD Kingston A2000 1TB M.2 NVMe 2280 In addition, 3x Be quiet! Shadow Wings High-Speed for bottom and front air cooling /I guess rear doesn´t matter having since the cooler is big, or does it? I could choose the i7 9700K or i7 8700 but would I benefit from it much? Hugs!
  10. But its not intended to be a promo or any advert. Its a example of helping others. I get what u are saying LOL but I don´t care the views or whatever, I don´t earn anything from that. Its not about what is asked but to give my opinion based on data gived by a friend, just another test/bench from someone else in this case me, valid or not, thats a argument that depends from each other. Point here is: Just helping. Nothing else. Even if ppl don´t agree with the data.
  11. Don´t care about incomes, I don´t have it even active or any ads so no, no promo! Nope. Was given by a friend that works in germany. His results, but I had the work to tablet it. Nonsense there! It was used a RTX 2080Ti. What I know from the results are with the recent update. Intel i9 is pointless for gaming. Its CPU demand sure but a overkill for gaming for sure. These are the results, feel free to not belive them Well those channels can´t be trusted as much as mine (not that Im creating one for that because its just a random charts) but anyways I never trust 80% of the reviews to be honest. I did not copy anything but was given from a friend that works in this things. No website copy LOL, don´t care about that. Why waste time copy? Just helping others. U can´t or can prove anything besides testing urself as I should do, but I can´t. Number was given in excel and I elaborated it. Simple. U dont have to belive in anything! BTW Hardware Unboxed copys alote too so anyways, even what I tried myself at home with my setup was so diferente in benchs compared to them. But hey, Im no one to say whatever, just put my graphs based on my friends work, anyways Well thats the results. Was tested, but who I´m to say they aren´t correct? This are the values...
  12. Benchmark (AMD Ryzen 5/7/9 3xxx vs Intel i5/i7/i9 9xxx) Test bench was based on the motherboards X570 for AMD and for Intel the chipset Z390. Both are MSI High End motherboards, there is no OC applied in any of the CPUs It comes with 32 (2x16GB) DDR4 at 3000MHz and a PSU Corsair RMx1000W. GPU its a RTX 2080Ti FE (Founder Edition). Video: Enjoy
  13. System used was besides the CPU/GPU: - PSU Corsair RM750x - G.SKILL Trident Z 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3600MHz CL16 - Motherboard Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Both cards was provided by ASUS. Not sure what model but they aren´t reference models, they are OC I guess. Not sure what cooling was used or how exactly was benched but he is pretty good, works alote with notebookcheck. Its a nice guy, he only gave me his data and I had to select it from, wasn´t easy since I had to select, create it. It also had 1% Low score but well, that would give me alote more work. The funny thing is that AMD suffers alote more from 1% in the i7 that in the i5 series, anyways, as u said, its pretty what expected, AMD games will run AMD better, but I call this draw in terms of performance, all depends what games ppl play! A side note, its funny how CPU can handle at 160€ price diference pretty close to each other. Gona try to compare with AMD. Alote works awaits me But if I had to choose I would get a i5 9600K but if money is a thing, I belive the AMD 3600 or i5 9400F wouldn´t bottleneck the RTX 2070 Super or Rx 5700 XT. I do belive that the AMD cards are getting better, he used the lastest drivers, he made some tweaks on the AMD side since he noticed some problems on the drivers. Overall with OC on the GPUs u get 5 to 10 FPS more, depending on what card.
  14. Hello, Here is my share from a friend that does alote benchmarks for some german magazine, he kindly gave me his excel of 16 games with alote CPUs, since I´m building a new PC, I selected only 8 games and 3 CPUs with a combo of 1 Nvidia and 1 AMD. Its a comon combo for a CPU range price in 140 to 320€ (not sure how much is in $). System was testes in professional way, trust me. I had the work to select and creat with excel this graph table. Hope u enjoy! 1080p on Ultra = BLUE 1440p on Ultra = Orange
  15. Thanks for ur help. Its always a welcome since in our countrys forum are most ppl just fanboys of something and can´t give any clear answer! The case is gona be the other version Raijintek Ophion Evo instante of the regular one!. BTW is the i7 8700 (non K) over i5 9600K worth it? Anyways im kinda affraid of the reviews of the AMD side, is it worth over the RTX 2070 Super? And last question is : Seasonic Modular M12II 620W Evo Edition 80+ Bronze worth it? its almost 35€ less.