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    Professionally Unknown

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    Somewhere exploring the Milky Way Galaxy
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    In search of the unknown!
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    Anonymous for 5 years and counting.
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    Staying anonymous


  • CPU
    Intel Core I5 2500
  • Motherboard
    Q67 Express MOBO made by FOXXCONN for HP
  • RAM
    32 GB
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1050 LP
  • Case
    HP Compaq elite 8200 SFF
  • Storage
    1TB WD Blue 7200 RPM + 120GB Team L5 Lite 3D (TLC) SSD
  • PSU
    240 Watt
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    Acer G206HQL 19.5", 1600X900, 75hz, 250 nit, LED monitor
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    2 3400 RPM 120mm fans (yes they can get loud but are near silent until you decide that it's time to encode or render all the things)
  • Keyboard
    Rii RK300
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    ATH-M20X headphones, Logitech Z205 USB mobile speaker, or internal speaker
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    2014 HP 14" Chromebook with Nvidia Tegra K processor

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  1. (running in Opera GX with RAM limiter turned on and 100+ tabs open but cleared due to turning on and off 1GB RAM hard limit) Alright my system (I5 2500 + GTX 1050 for more detail check my profile) was idling at ~10% CPU usage on all cores and 1-3% GPU usage. At normal speed my system jumped up to a CPU usage of 30% on all cores and the GPU was at ~20% usage at 2x speed my CPU jumped to ~50% on all cores and GPU usage of ~40%.
  2. Currently attempting to setup a server with Lancache/generic on windows 10 with Ubuntu installed through the Win 10 store (because the system has win10 home installed), at the moment Docker Daemon is throwing errors with OCI runtime complaining that container_linux.go:346 is failing.
  3. *Update* I have been running Furmark for 40 minutes now and the card has stabilized at 83C (with the previous fans it would hit the temp limit at 85C when they were turned to 100%) unfortunately it appears my MOBO will not let me tie the fan speeds to the GPU temp, on the other hand the base RPM is quieter than the previous fans and fast enough to keep my GPU under the temp limit, I think that I am going to call this a success, although I wish that I could get the fan speeds down to a lower RPM when the GPU is not under load....
  4. Truth be told the GPU uses a proprietary connector, with only 2 wires 5v and ground. It would be a total mess and probably a waste of time to deal with (I am NEVER buying another MSI product) I could not successfully google it, but I remembered an old video where the YouTuber just forced some replacement fans onto the header and it worked. (and I confirmed that it is 12 volts) Trust me it took longer than a half an hour Yeah those were my first thoughts.
  5. I was thinking about that, but I am a bit hesitant as the computer came with 3200RPM fans, who knows Foxxconn could have totally tossed in a higher voltage or amperage fan header for those fans, thereby I would like to get a solid opinion on the matter before I risk cooking two new Noctua A6's.
  6. It's in my HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF. The chipset is a Q67 Express, (compatible with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors)
  7. Honestly all that really matter is that the speed of the new memory, (like 1333mhz) as long as the rated speed of the memory is greater than the minimum speed that your MOBO supports (that being 1066mhz) then you will be fine, or to answer your quesion most likely yes. (P.S. for future note whether the RAM is ECC also matters but that kit of RAM is definitely not ECC so that is not a concern here.
  8. I just purchased some new fans for my 1050 as the ones MSI shipped with the card are trash, (and I don't want to have to deal with their tech support again) anyhow I just finished strapping two fans to my 1050 LP (model of fans in tags) and when I went to plug them in I discovered that the plastic guard on CHFAN2 (image pending as soon as my phone charges to the point I can take photos with flash) was larger than the rails on the fan splitter that came with my fans. Is there a reason for this or is it just HP trying to force me to use proprietary fans in my computer? (P.S. for those who are curious I plant to use Speedfan to control the fans with the GPU's temperature.)
  9. Fair enough I will keep that in mind.
  10. That (hopefully) should be good enough. Better than the 8 year old 200 to 240 Watt Optiplex PSU that they have been trying to run it off of.
  11. While that relative does live in the US, at the moment I am aiming for the 450 watt model as my budget is rather tight at the moment (I am aiming for about ~$40 USD)_ The person I intend to give this to has a I5 2400 and a 1060 3GB in their build.
  12. Where is the EVGA BR? I am considering purchasing one for a family member for Christmas.