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    Professionally Unknown

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    Somewhere exploring the Milky Way Galaxy
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    In search of the unknown!
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    Anonymous for 3 years and counting.
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    Staying anonymous


  • CPU
    Intel Core I5 2500
  • RAM
    32 GB
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1050
  • Case
    HP Compaq elite 8200
  • Storage
  • PSU
    240 Watt
  • Display(s)
    1600 x 900 acer 17"
  • Cooling
    2 standard 120mm fans
  • Keyboard
    Rii RK300
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    Windows 10

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  1. Wh0_Am_1

    Which GPU vendor should I go with, based off my motherboard?

    Both will work just fine with your setup, take a look at the coolers though as both companies have multiple models running with different cooler, some good, and some bad, also take a look at the condition of the card, and preferably go with the one that has the least amount of discoloration on the rear of the card (behind the backplate if there is one), as discoloration is a reliable sign of use.
  2. Wh0_Am_1

    Projector/TV for living room

    How large is the wall? Is the chair going to be against another wall? Is their a window in the room? Do you prefer the picture quality of a decent TV or the flexibility of a projector? Stuff like that
  3. Wh0_Am_1

    Projector/TV for living room

    This is difficult as it is completely dependent on their tastes and their room layout.
  4. Wh0_Am_1

    $180 for 1050 ti SC?

    That's about market price right now, there are some other cards for cheaper from companies such as Zotac, but they do not come with the awesome EVGA warranty
  5. Wh0_Am_1

    Upgrading 9800 GT

    Yes, if it was an option I would recommend the gtx 550 or 650, but at the moment there are many more lp GTX 750s , and 750 TIs in the wild, but do note as you are aiming for a low profile model, they do come at a price premium as there aren't usually that many available for sale.
  6. Wh0_Am_1

    Upgrading 9800 GT

    Gotcha, then that limits you to the likes of the GTX 750, 750 ti, gt 1030, 1050, 1050 ti, RX 550, and 560.
  7. Wh0_Am_1

    Looking for Good CPU cooler

    How good? What TDP processor are you trying to cool? If you want a high end one that will last a long time, I would recommend the NH-D15.
  8. Wh0_Am_1

    Upgrading 9800 GT

    Welcome to the LTT forums! If you want to go used, I would recommend a GTX 550, 650, 650ti, 650 ti boost, 660, 750, 760, or 750 ti. (Sorry AMD peoples, I have not spent enough time researching low end Radeon device) If you want to go new I would recommend the GDDR5 GT 1030, or a RX 550.
  9. Wh0_Am_1

    GPU upgrade thoughts

    lol! My mistake! XD
  10. Wh0_Am_1

    Is the rtx 2070 still worth buying?

    Okay what res monitor are we talking?
  11. Wh0_Am_1

    help GPU ISSUE

    Here it is again
  12. Wh0_Am_1

    help GPU ISSUE

    Okay good, try the bench mark site that I linked, and check how it compares to others of the same model.
  13. Wh0_Am_1

    help GPU ISSUE

    sounds right, but I recommend a benchmark that puts against other gpus of the same model. Do you have the DDR4 or GDDR5 model?
  14. Wh0_Am_1

    help GPU ISSUE

    Here is one I would try.
  15. Wh0_Am_1

    help GPU ISSUE

    probably not, try bench marking it.