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  • Birthday 2000-01-15

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    Metro-Detroit, Michigan
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    Computers, Games, and the series of tubes we call the internet.
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    Full Time Student


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    R5 1600
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    B350m pro4
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    16gb ddr4 2666mhz
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    Gtx 1070
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    NZXT h630
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    120gb Adata SSD + 2Tb WD Blue HDD + 1Tb WD Green HDD
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    Corsair cx 750W
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    27" 144hz + 27" 60hz
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    NZXT Kraken x61
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    Steel Series Rival
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    hyperX cloud ii
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    Win 10

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  1. My house only has one plan from comcast available. What myth are you refering to.?
  2. I'll second. That game is great whem you can find a decent squad/outfit.
  3. In terms of performance what is the difference between this and an rx version?
  4. EminentSun


    No, but just google a term and background and most will be 1080p
  5. Along with that you could try to work as a security consultant. Not sure how you would go about that, but its a thought.
  6. If you know alot about fraud a youtube channel/twitch podcast about cyber security and crime could find a niche.
  7. I need to know if a 280mm radiator will fit at the front of an Air 240. I understand that it will not line up with the mounting holes, I just need to know that it isn't too short or thin. I am hopefully optimistic from photos, I just need to be sure. So if someone happens to own both the help would be much appreciated.
  8. Vice/notherboard did a video of a guy hacking into and controlling a car awhile ago. I believe its on YouTube.
  9. You can do literally the same thing as long as you don't call it scrap yard wars you won't infringe on any copyright.