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  1. Looking for recommendations of quality rgb case fans that are quiet and at the same time has good quality(i.e. rgb does not break too often) 140/120mm
  2. Hi, need recommendations for good performing quiet case fans(non-noctua, i have them at front) need one with better aesthetics, i will use them for exhaust
  3. Thank you i decided to get a black NH-D15 from US and have it shipped instead. Thank you everyone for all the suggestions!
  4. Yea not gonna lie, i got sad when it broke down. Served me a lot of hours
  5. Thanks, any quality AIOs you can recommend?
  6. They don't have black ones in tokyo yet unfortunately... I don't think im ok with the looks of the brown NH-D15
  7. Hi, Just a few hours ago, my AIO seems to be dying(i've had it for 5 years). It's a CM seidon 240mm and im really happy with it. But i think it really needs a replacement as the pump is making weird noises. Any 240mm/280mm that are really good and very durable? Should i switch to air cooling?
  8. Can anyone recommend a fairly silent mouse? I’m currently using razer deathadders but the clicks are fairly noisy; enough that i think it can be heard on the adjacent room. Preferrably with adjustable dpi
  9. Well to elaborate, why i want to check is because i had a faulty R9 290 before. Ocassionally it will crash with or without load, crash on certain games and on very random times. It does turn on just fine, but it was never stable.
  10. Hi, Wanted to test my new 1080 card for stability. I'm running my PC pretty much 24/7 and need some tips to see if the card is any way faulty or not. Thanks!
  11. @Jonshinki yea that's what i expect, around that fps. but it goes 40-60 fps not sure where to look where the problem lies.
  12. Dx 11, but should it be this low even with a 980?
  13. Hi, handed down my old parts and moved a 980 to rig with a10-7800k. for some reason, dota fps is only at 50-70fps, Is this normal?
  14. Hi, whats the best bang for the buck GPU i can buy now at 150$-200$ range? Playing world of warcraft only at 1080p