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  1. I got more photos today I'll add them to the main post but they still don't have my original packaging
  2. I have photos of the GPU before packaging but not of the packaging its self. The only problem is that the photos are on my desktop and I have an i7 5820k and an ASROCK x99m killer MOBO so there is no iGPU support so it may take a while to get access to the photos as I will have to borrow one of my friends GPU's
  3. The packaging I used consisted of Bubble wrap and Foam around the card with about 6 layers I contacted ASUS once again asking for the photos of the packaging that I sent it in they said they would get back to me on monday when that sector of the RMA facility is open
  4. I'll try that and see where that takes me.
  5. SHould my next steps to contact the BBB, FTC and Attorney General?
  6. according to the post attached, they were citing it is against the Magnuson-Moss Act LOL good thing I don't use UPS
  7. Exactly what I was thinking but the box photo they sent isn't even the same I sent No Fedex
  8. On Feb 16th I sent in my ASUS GTX 1060 Strix in for RMA as I was having some extremely bad stuttering issues I had already narrowed down the problems that I was having by using another GPU on the same system and having no stuttering issues at all.After packing the GPU in over two inches of packaging material and sending it to ASUS I received an email which read that my GPU's PCB was damaged and ASUS would not cover the damage under there 3-year warranty and they wanted $130 to fix the GPU. Now here is the kicker the box in the first 2 & last 3 photos that they sent me doesn't even match the packaging I sent them and in the last photo the numbers match to the product I sent in but even LinusTechTips has a video on how to remove labels like these. Note: Only edits done to the third and fifth photo was the blacking out of the barcodes and numbers Note 2: The damages they are charging me $130 for only covers the PCB but there evidently is also damage on the PCI bracket After talking to a customer service rep for half an hour trying to explain to them that the damage done to the card isn't even possible unless something ripped through all of the packagings that I had shipped it with and then hit the card. I got the same response that I had received in the email which was that I should dispute it with the shipping company. At this point, I'm so pissed off and I don't know what my next steps should be but all I know is that there seems to be something fishy about this whole RMA thing. At the moment I am waiting for ASUS to send me my card back once I get it back I will be able to provide more details about what is going on Edit: I added more photos that ASUS has sent me but they still include photos of a box that I didn't send my GPU in but I still haven't received my GPU yet
  9. That GPU though. But I can't blame you as the prices are still a little high.
  10. I played the game for a little bit then got bored as there were a few builds that would just clobber everything the opponent put out BTW: your question is phrased in a statistically bias way so you are more likely to get positive responses.
  11. I have been using my LeEco le s3 for a while now and I have recently flashed Lineage OS 14.1 on my phone I was wondering if there was any better custom ROM that would give me better battery life but still feels just as snappy as for visual appeal I prefer stock android but I'm always for additional features. I'm fine with either Nougat or Oreo Note the LeEco le s3 uses the same ROM's as the LeEco le 2
  12. Note: this article was written in 2016 and he shows his calculations are based on 2016 values
  13. BTW Hindu is not a language it is Hindi Also, the language used for these text messages is Telugu
  14. It might be dead RAM because the DRAM light flashes 3 times I am assuming it is having a hard time finding the new RAM sticks and it most likely isn't a MOBO problem as the old RAM still works