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  1. So I recently, gained back the access to my main Runescape account (It's not very high level though) after not playing for close to 5 years and I was wondering if there were some other nerds on this forum that still playing the game? If so, what mode are you playing on? If ya want you can leave your RS name
  2. He means that it's going to have close to 3 times the pixels. (If I assume correctly and he's talking about at 3440x1440 21:9 monitor it's more like 2,4 times though.
  3. I know nothing about this monitor, but as always with these kind of threads we (probably) have no clue.
  4. So I installed a copy of windows 8.1 on an old laptop and since I wasn't used to installing new OS's on laptops I didn't think about that it would be difficult to get the drivers for the PC. So long story short the laptop can't output an HDMI signal anymore and I assume it's the missing driver for the E1-1200 that is causing that. Any solutions to the problem? Maybe a download link? Or maybe has it got to do with something completely different and I'm just being even dumber than I already am? Cheers
  5. This is useless to the OP as he lives in italy and the prices in italy are higher and different. (I once made a PCpartpicker list for someone in italy and that is what he told me.)
  6. So... A guy I know came to me and asked me if I could help him speed up his oldish laptop again. Seeing how he had a shit ton of trash on it I decided that it needed a new windows installation. Then I put a copy of windows 7 Ultimate bit on some type of USB-stick without making it bootable (I thought I had already done that with the programm rufus when I put the data on my pc from a stick so I figured I didn't have to do it. Also seeing how there was already an OS on the PC I didn't even need to boot from it just put the data on the PC and used the setup. It seemed to work but in the end it wouldn't finish the installation as it seemed to be stuck at the last point of the installation for about 20 minutes. So I thought I would just restart the computer and it boots and then I get an error telling me that it can't continue the installation and then shuts done just to turn back on to do they same thing again. Help me please. I don't know what's happening.
  7. How much does Slick bench, squat and deadlift? Also when will Slick come back? #FuckLuke What ever happend to squirtle? (Slick's rig not the pokémon.) Will you be at the Gamescom in 2016? How come Linus's sister is taller than him? Why is my uncle Nicky V so hilarious? How come Dennis works for you? I mean it really doesn't seem like he's from Canada or any other english-speaking country . (No offence m8) What did y'all get for Christmas? Do you even lift?
  8. So yeah haven't had the time to catch up on tech over the last little because my life became really busy and I wasn't able to allocate the time to haning out on forums and reading up on this/ watching reviews. So I know I've missed the Skylake launch. What should I know about it? (What CPUs are a good deal, did we get a 6 core on mainstream, what board types (like z87, b85, H87) are they and which should one look at?) Also has anything else happend ? GPUs? Didn't know where to put this since this doesn't seem to fit into any category. Cheers
  9. I changed around some stuff and I now have the option of using an R9 380 4GB or an R9 280x 3GB + a better PSU. I think the second choice is better do you agree? (Didn't change the SSD.)
  10. Are you calling me a noob? I'm offended mate Been into PC hardware for years now. I know what's up. I guess it's just personally preference. But in my experience and in the experience of the 15 or so people I have built rigs for SSDs are one of the most important components for a good experience.