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  1. Keithybub

    Obs Studio not working

    Yes we did select it
  2. Keithybub

    Obs Studio not working

    Yes they are...
  3. Keithybub

    Obs Studio not working

    Hi guys my brother recently had this happen to his obs he goes to click record nothing Works can anyone pls help...
  4. Keithybub

    PC Crashing

    AMD 10-6700 APU 3.70ghz 8.00gb of DDR3 AMD 1600mhz ram MSI Gtx750ti Power suppy is high end i dont the name its fine tho 1 ssd and 4 or 5 harddrives its not overclocked graphics card isnt overclcocked system is running windows 10 if i have any more issues i will let you know
  5. Keithybub

    PC Crashing

    Hello i have a custom built pc however it just started today ive been having random shutdowns drivers crashing programs freezing its really pissing me off i want to play planet coaster anyone might have a solution thanks
  6. Dear linus tech tips fourm Im am looking for someone for my new youtube series im going to be testing Old and Modern OSES its a series were we review any os really so first come first served i will need you Everyday if possible Thanks
  7. Keithybub

    Dell Inspiron 537

    I think its the psu when i plug in the power cord the psu light is green but the power supply makes no noise when being plugged in it
  8. Keithybub

    Dell Inspiron 537

    Already did that
  9. Hello linustechtips forum a freind gave me a Dell Inspiron 537 and she said it worked and then the green light on the psu turns on the system wont turn on either thanks
  10. Keithybub

    Sades 3.5mm Gaming Headset Surround Stereo

    Btw these are a really nice bang for the buck headset ive used i like them better than turtle beach sound perfectly fine i just need a driver for them
  11. Keithybub

    BSOD Posting Instructions - Please Read!

    Huh all i can say is boot into safe mode and try to fix it in safemode
  12. Keithybub

    Looking for programmers

    Yeah nevermind you guys just dont want me to do this
  13. Keithybub

    Stuttering in games

    It might be you need more vram
  14. Keithybub

    BSOD Posting Instructions - Please Read!

    Take a picture of the bsod with your phone and post here i might be able to help if fixed blue screens before
  15. Keithybub

    SSD vanishes after first boot

    Know that i think if it if windows is booting for ever it sounds like an os issue